Book 4: Chapter 62 - Being Chased By A Girl

I immediately explained, “I’m sorry, Professor Sugan. I didn’t attend the class during these two days because I was sick.” 

He was stunned. He seemed to be embarrassed. 

I quickly added, "I will attend the class after lunch.” 

He coughed in embarrassment and said, “Then, are you feeling better now?” He looked down and suddenly saw the golden moon batch on my chest. He immediately looked surprised and said, "Golden Moon Batch.” 

I looked at my chest subconsciously and smiled. "Yes, His Highness Cang Yu gave it to me.” 

Suddenly, Professor Sugan became more polite. He nodded and said, "You can rest for another two days if you are not feeling well.” He bowed politely and walked away after he said that. 

I looked at Professor Sugan’s back blankly and looked back at the shiny golden moon on my chest. The batch that His Highness Cang Yu had given me had great power. 

I was secretly delighted. That’s great. I don’t have to be afraid of Xing Chuan anymore. It looks like His Highness Cang Yu has a higher authority than His Highness Xing Chuan. 

Would His Highness Cang Yu be the true successor of Silver Moon City? 

Before I went to the cafeteria, I sent Snowball back to my room for the robot to care for him on my behalf. 

I found out that Harry and the other guys had gone on a mission with Sharjah when I didn’t see them during lunch. 

I felt a little down after learning this. I was used to a life full of going on missions. Hence, I was disappointed as I wasn’t sent on a mission with them. 

In the end, I went for class alone in the afternoon. Of course, the other classmates were there. Everyone was surprised by my golden moon badge.

I usually attended classes with Harry, Yama and Sharjah. I rarely saw Blue Charm, Sharjah, Moon Dream and Nora as they were already in the university courses, so they weren’t with us. 

I was daydreaming on my own after the class. Suddenly, someone sat next to me and I could smell the perfume of a girl.

“Harry went for a mission,” I said lazily while I supported my head with one hand. “You can pass your love to him by yourself. I won’t accept on his behalf.” 

“I was looking for you actually.” An unusually confident and lively voice resounded. 

I turned to look subconsciously. The first thing I saw was a pair of boobs, which was completely unintentional. But they were too big to be missed. They were at least size 36. They looked even bigger than Xiao Ying’s. 

The huge boobs resting on the desk would make people think of lust, especially when the girl’s collar had popped open, exposing her deep cleavage. They were firm and fair. There was a golden shiny heart-shaped tattoo on one side which caught one’s attention even more.

I looked up at her. She had beautiful, mid-length hair. Her hair was neat and spreading out. I seemed to remember her. She was probably from the class next door. 

The boys cheered, "She’s Sophia.” It was as if they had seen something impressive.

"Sophia is eyeing Brother Bing,” they were more excited about this than I was. 

On the contrary, the girls put on a glum look and didn’t bother looking at Sophia. It was as if Sophia had snatched their men away.

Sophia was not as pretty as Moon Dream and Nora but she was sexy, seductive, and her boobs were huge.

I had been hanging out with boys long enough to tell how they would judge the beauty of this girl. 

Their faces could be ignored as long as their boobs were big enough. 

I looked at Sophia suspiciously. There was also another shimmering heart-shaped tattoo next to the corner of her right eye, just like a tear mole. Suddenly, she came closer to me and I backed off. I was leaning on the wall while she placed her hands next to my face. Her boobs were pressing against me. 

The unusually soft boobs were like two huge balloons with strong elasticity. 

“Luo Bing, I am into you.” She flipped her hair and said confidently. Her colorful lips were exceptionally seductive. 

The boys whistled. 

“Sophia, Brother Bing likes men.”

“Brother Bing’s man is Harry,” The boys started jeering. 

Suddenly, the girls were in a better mood and started laughing at Sophia. 

“Sophia, your size 36 is useless in front of Brother Bing, as he likes men.” 

“Sophia, keep your distance with Luo Bing. He doesn’t like girls touching him.” 

I suddenly understood the thinking of a fujoshi. 

Sophia turned back in disdain and rolled her eyes at them. "It’s okay. I will let him enjoy it so much that he will forget about men.” 

The boys started howling and said, "Wow! You live up to your nickname, Goddess Sophia.” 

I moved away from Sophia’s chest with great difficulty. 

She extended her arm to stop me from slipping away. "Where are you going?” 

"Sorry, I am not interested in girls.” I pushed her shoulder.

She smiled and said, "You touched the wrong part of my body.” Suddenly, she took my hand and pressed on her huge boobs. I instantly blushed. It wasn’t me who had grabbed a girl’s boobs on intention, but I was forced to grab them. It was so embarrassing.

“Howl,” The boys howled again. 

I immediately took my hands back, turned around and hopped out of the window. 

“Luo Bing, don’t try to avoid me,” Sophia shouted at the window. 

The boys started cheering and they called for more attention from the other classes. Everyone popped their heads out and looked towards me, as I was running down along the wall. 

“It’s Luo Bing.” 

“Sophia is going after Luo Bing.” 

“Sophia is really aggressive.” 

I was embarrassed to death. The girls in Silver Moon City were so daring. Not only did they tell you straightforwardly when they liked you, but they also came onto you right away. 

But I… 

I was restless again. 

I sat in the resting hall of the spaceship centre. The people on missions entered and exited from there. I touched my chest and thought, Sophia is really overwhelming. I would have run away in horror if I was really a guy. 

But her boobs were really huge, they could probably suffocate a human to death.

A dim yellow light appeared in the centre. Someone came back. 

I immediately looked at the entrance and my heart started racing. I got nervous and started to regret it. Would Harry be smug in pride and flattered if he saw me waiting for him here? 

But, we are best partners and best friends. It would only be reasonable for me to wait for him here. 

Just as I was contemplating, the nearby door opened. Harry’s gaze passed through the gap between Yama and Gale and met mine. I stood at the spot stiffly. I couldn’t escape anymore.

Yama’s body was obviously blocking both of us, but our gazes met at the first instance and locked onto each other inseparably. 

As we looked at each other the distance got closer and his smile got wider. He smiled as he looked at me and then looked down. Then, he looked up at me once again. He was grinning happily as he looked down.

“Brother Bing is here?” Gale ran over. Although Gale and Yama were in between Harry and me, they seemed to not exist in our world. 

If Gale hadn’t said a word, I wouldn’t have noticed their existence. 

I looked away in embarrassment and broke my eye contact with Harry. Harry immediately caught up and stood next to me. But he only looked at me without saying a thing. 

“Would you be here for…” Yama chuckled as he looked at the person standing next to me.  

I looked cold and said, "I am here to avoid Sophia.” 

Harry pulled my shoulder immediately and asked in panic, "Is Sophia a guy or a girl?” 

Gale shouted, "Sophia is my goddess!” He placed his hands before his chest and continued, "Oh! She is the goddess that can rescue me.” 

"Yes! You will be determined to like girls whenever you think of her. Oh… Her boobs…” Yama did the action where he was holding a pair of boobs. 

Harry’s face immediately grew glum. "Aren’t you guys embarrassed to talk about this here?” 

“Harry, you should meet Sophia. You will know why she is our goddess once you meet her.” Gale looked in awe of her, even his usual pride was nowhere to be seen. He continued, "Her pair of huge boobs are like the godly weapon that all males worship.”  

I looked at them expressionlessly and said, “The weapon is her boobs.” 

Harry immediately pulled my arm and frowned at me. “Why are you joining in their conversation? Let’s go.” 

"Harry, have you not seen a girl’s boobs before?” Yama caught up with us and held Harry’s shoulders. 

Harry looked embarrassed. He was blushing hard as he looked at me. My body stiffened as I recalled something from the past. When Harry had saved me from the rescue capsule, he hadn’t known that I was a girl. So… he had hugged me from the back and touched my… 

“Seriously?” Gale caught up with us and walked next to me. “Brother Bing, you too probably have never touched one yet, right? I think both of you should really try touching them. Then, you wouldn’t like men anymore. It’s because there are very few girls on the ground. Hence, the two of you… Er… That… Cough.” Gale became awkward.  

"Nope, I have touched them.” I lifted my hand and groped the air. 

“Lil Bing!” Harry blushed and held my arm.

“What?!” Gale and Yama reacted like they had heard a very shocking news. 

“It literally happened just some time back. Sophia let me touch them,” I said expressionlessly. “Mm, they are huge indeed.”

Harry seemed very upset and he roared, “Lil Bing!” 

"What!? Sophia let you touch her boobs?!”Gale gawked in surprise, “Sophia’s huge boobs…” Suddenly, his nose started bleeding.

I was shocked and I pointed at his nose. "Your nose is bleeding.” 

Gale quickly wiped it away and smiled in embarrassment. He looked at me and asked, "Sophia is very picky about men. She is not interested in any average guy. Brother Bing, you’re so lucky. You can have sex with Sophia now.” 

"There’s no need for that!” Harry raised his palm as though he wanted to quarantine me from everyone who wanted to have sex with me. 

“Harry, you don’t know how many guys are queuing up, waiting to be chosen by Sophia. I was in a relationship with her for a year…” Yama suddenly said bashfully, “But I wasn’t good enough.” 

"You aren’t good enough?” I immediately pointed at his lower body subconsciously. Harry quickly pressed my hand down and turned to look at me angrily, "Lil Bing, that’s enough.” 

"It wasn’t because of Yama’s size,” Gale chuckled and explained. Guys were harmless when it came to this topic. “Sophia thought he wasn’t capable enough. Sophia likes strong men. She lasted the longest with Sharjah.”

Yama said shyly, "I am still her part-time boyfriend occasionally, and she still calls me up sometimes.” 

Sophia seemed to bear a queen’s temperament. Girls with big boobs do have higher self-esteem indeed. 


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