Book 4: Chapter 61 - Golden Moon Badge

I looked at him with a confused look and asked, "Your Highness Cang Yu, is everything okay? Did I… do anything wrong?” 

He squinted his eyes but maintained his friendly smile as he replied, "There is hardly anyone your age who can identify the flower tea.” 

I was stunned. Right. There weren’t any flowers in this world, not to mention the flower tea. 

There were only chocolate flowers in Kro. But… I might have seen rose tea there as well.

But, it was weirder for a man to drink flower tea. 

People would definitely make fun of a guy who drank flower tea in the world where I came from. 

But looking at His Highness Cang Yu, I didn’t feel that he looked strange as he drank his flower tea. In fact, I actually thought he bore the carriages of an English gentleman. He actually looked even more charming then.  

“Kro has them,” I replied casually without blushing or panting. “There were more roses, but Jasmine was rare.” We smiled at each other as I said this. He continued to read his book with a warm smile. "Noah City has changed drastically because of you. Luo Bing, you will bring changes into this world,” his tone was calm as always.

I looked down bashfully, "I am not as good as your praise. I only can enter the high radiation area.”

“But you killed nineteen metahumans without using any superpower.” I actually felt a knife pierce into my heart as he spoke with his calm voice. He continued, "That is not what a normal human can do…” His voice started sounding further and further away and my hands started trembling in his buzzing voice. The liquid in my tea cup started rippling too. 

It wasn’t His Highness Cang Yu’s fault but it was my own issue. 

It turned out that I wasn’t actually fine like I was claiming to be. It was merely because no one had brought it up and my brain had buried it deep down to not let myself remember it. I realized that I still couldn’t face it. 

His Highness Cang Yu seemed a little shocked and asked, "Are you okay?” He stood up and walked to stand in front of me. He took the teacup away from my hand. 

Suddenly, he hugged me gently and pressed my head onto his chest, "Luo Bing, it’s okay. More innocent people would have continued to die if you wouldn’t have killed those demons. Think of how the Ghost Eclipsers ate people and children, and also how they kept the women alive. You took revenge for them. You lifted the sword of justice…” His tone was soft, calm and steady. It had the mysterious magical power to easily remove the demon in one’s heart.

It had always bothered me when strangers would touch me. But somehow, I couldn’t push His Highness Cang Yu away from giving  me the comforting hug.

He let go of me softly and half squatted in front of me. He stroked my arm gently and asked, "Was it your first time?”

I nodded as I clenched my fist. “Excuse me. This is so embarrassing.”

He continued to focus on me just like how he focused when he was reading. “I didn’t pay attention. You were brave. Why not, let’s talk about it. You will be able to let it go completely after letting it out. It will only bother your heart if you try to avoid it.” He looked at me warmly and touched my arm gently and gave me an encouraging gaze. 

I looked at him uneasily. He smiled and placed a chair opposite to mine. He held my hand and said, "Why not… We will start from when you dressed up as a bride. Why did you dress up as a bride?” 

I felt better and I let out a heavy sigh, "Because I wanted to be close to the enemy.” 

“It takes time for a metahuman to release superpowers. So, you could only win in the split of a second, right?” He continued to ask calmly, just like the psychologists on the TV shows. 

“Yes, my superpower has nothing to do with fighting. Hence, I could only use that instance to win the lead. The chance of us winning was higher after wiping out most of the metahumans. And to capture the thief, we had to capture the king first. They were frightened and shocked after we killed the king first. They weren’t able to react and it gave us more time.” 

He murmured softly, "To capture the thief, we had to capture the king first.” He continued, “So, you dressed up as the bride because only the bride could be the closest to the king?” 

I nodded. 

"Luo Bing, what you used… was called a  war tactic, wasn’t it?” His Highness Cang Yu held my shoulder gently. 

I nodded again and replied, "Yes, it can be considered as a war tactic.” 

He held my shoulder softly and looked at me, "Luo Bing, you are well spoken and you are familiar with war tactics, unlike the people on the ground. Where are you from?” He looked at me and started measuring me up and down. 

I was terrified and I immediately looked up at him. When I saw his profound gaze, I lost my usual cool and quickly avoided eye contact with him. I stood up and bowed to him, ”I need to go back. Thank you for the tea, Your Highness. It was really nice.” 

He stood up, but I walked past him.  

At the very moment when he had fixed his gaze on me, I felt like he had seen through me completely. His gaze had been exactly the same as Xing Chuan’s.

They were brothers indeed. 

“Luo Bing,” he suddenly called. I turned around and looked down, "Your Highness.” 

"Xing Chuan made you sleep with him, right?” He made a remark calmly. I immediately blushed and looked at him in embarrassment. How did he know? 

He resumed his gentle smile. He took off a golden Silver Moon City badge off his chest and placed it before me. "With this, Xing Chuan will not bully you anymore.” 

I accepted the golden badge blankly. The badge looked like a warm golden moon. The crystal-like material made it look less old-fashioned. 

I relaxed and smiled as I looked at him. "Thank you, Your Highness Cang Yu!” I took the badge and it immediately got attached to the badge I was originally wearing. Its transparent body reflected the silver color beneath. 

His Highness Cang Yu smiled and said, "You can come and chat with me whenever you’re free. I like chatting with you.” 

I got excited again. It felt like I was being recognized by my idol. 

I couldn’t contain myself after walking out from His Highness Cang Yu’s place. I was just like a little girl who had met her idol. On the other hand, if my classmate could meet Lu Han and talk to him, she would probably faint from excitement.

Suddenly, I was worried if I hadn’t performed well enough. I wondered if I had misbehaved in front of His Highness Cang Yu. 

However, His Highness Cang Yu was sharper than Xing Chuan. It seemed like he was able to tell that I was not from the ground, but no one would ever guess that I was from another world. 

If His Highness Cang Yu will ask me this question again, I will tell him that I have lost my memory. 

"Luo Bing?” Suddenly, someone called my name. I turned around subconsciously and saw Professor Sugan.

He was in his white lab coat and his braid hung on his right shoulder. He was holding a textbook in one hand while his other hand was in the pocket of his lab coat. He didn’t look happy. "Luo Bing, it would be your loss if you don’t come to class just because I criticized you.” 

I was stunned and I looked at him blankly for a while. Then, I realized that Professor Sugan had misunderstood me. He had thought that I was showing a temper by avoiding his class.  


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