Book 4: Chapter 60 - His Highness Cang Yu

I had seen it with my own eyes when he had turned Snowball into a carpet. Forget about the fact that I wasn’t a guy. Even if I was a guy, I absolutely wouldn’t stay close to him. Perhaps that was the reason why Sharjah always kept his distance with Xing Chuan. 

"I was thinking about other things earlier. When I was setting the spirits free, I was like the metahuman you mentioned earlier. They turned into ashes in front of me…” I creased my eyebrows and laid down again, “You will know in the future. Maybe, you wouldn’t dare to come close to me after that.”

"I won’t stay away from you.” He said from behind me, “Come and sleep with me.” 

“Go to hell.” Xing Chuan was so talkative that night. 

“Heh,” he chuckled. “Come here,” he said and my bed started moving. I turned around to look at him in surprise. I saw that he was lying on the other side of the bed as he extended his arm, "Look, I can’t touch you.” 

My bed was next to his. He extended his arm and there was still a distance between us. I looked at him for a while and laid back in my bed. I said, “Alright. Don’t come any closer to me.”

The room was quiet again, but what Xing Chuan had said earlier kept replaying in my head. The metahuman could consume other people’s lives. Just how terrifying is his superpower? I couldn’t even dare to look at the spirits when I was setting them free. But this person consumed a living human.

How great the pain must have been when the thirteen-year-old Xing Chuan would have watched his most beloved turn into ashes?

"We have advanced technology in Silver Moon City. We also have very strong metahumans. I can help you to recover your memory,” he said suddenly. 

I turned my back towards him. I had never thought that Silver Moon City could recover one’s memory, but even if that were true, I definitely wouldn’t regain my memory. I frowned and said, “About… the past, would you choose to forget about it or to remember it in your heart?” 

Humph…” he chuckled as though he was laughing at himself. “I understand now. Maybe, Ignorance is bliss.” He stopped talking after saying that. 

Since coming to Silver Moon City, Xing Chuan had told me many things. But, I believed that his past about his parents and that girl was true, especially the girl who had kept him company until he was thirteen. 

I was half awake when I felt something crawling up the back of my foot. It felt like a long feather that was gently stroking the back of my foot and slowly moving up my ankle to my calf.

I frowned as I was startled. I saw Xing Chuan all dressed up standing next to my bed. 

It was already morning. 

He was standing in a spot where light was shining from behind him. The nascent sunlight was pouring on him, outlining a golden border on his body.

He said without a tone, "You are very alert when sleeping.”

I glanced at him and turned to continue sleeping. 

He asked, "Are you going to school today?” 

“No,” I replied.

“Alright. Continue sleeping then,” he suddenly leaned down to pat my head. He was acting like an owner of a pet, who would pat his pet’s head before heading out for work. 

It was a strange feeling. His recent actions and the things he had said to me recently were making me feel very weird and awkward. Just like the part where he had mentioned about what would happen if I was a girl.

Would a normal guy say things like this? 

I had also asked Gale and Yama if they would come after me if I was a girl. I had done that to annoy Harry. Even though Gale and Yama had not given me a straightforward answer, they had indicated that they would come after me. 

Perhaps guys were always straightforward and Xing Chuan was especially more direct.

I was already feeling much better as I was entering the recovery stage. I was regaining my strength too. It always felt like I had been reborn from death each time. After that, I would actually feel energetic. It is such a magical physiological experience. I recommend for all guys to experience it.

Harry and I didn’t contact each other often because we were in Silver Moon City. Every connection was made through Silver Moon City and we had to talk with caution. 

It was the working and schooling hours. The entire Silver Moon City was really quiet.

I went out for a walk alone in the quiet Silver Moon City. I had planned to take a walk before heading to the class in the afternoon. I… miss Harry. 

For the past two days, Harry had only asked about when I was going back to the class. He had not talked about anything else. He only looked at me, while holding back his words. He was making me blush all the time. 

In the past, I had never felt the same way even when Harry used to stare at me. But that was changing and I was getting more sensitive about his gaze, smile and behavior.

Part of the reason why I didn’t go to school was to avoid Harry. I had thought that it would stop me from feeling puzzled and annoyed. Never had I thought that I would actually miss him more after avoiding him. This feeling annoyed me even further. 

I reached the center of Silver Moon City without realizing. I put Snowball on the grass and walked towards the glass door. The doors in Silver Moon City could be entered by face-scanning. Harry didn’t have enough authority to do so. So, he was restricted to open the doors to come and see me. He also couldn’t come to my balcony from his balcony. 

I stood in front of the door and looked at the long tunnel on its other side. There were ecological rooms on both sides and I saw many plants in there.

“Swoosh.” The door in front of me opened and I was shocked as Nora had told me that I didn’t have the authority to enter. Maybe, Xing Chuan gave me the authority to enter? 

I walked in and there were flourishing botanical gardens on both sides. The plants looked like they were pruned nicely and carefully. Each ecological room formed an independent ecological garden.

The pavement was paved with stones. The plants in the gardens were separated according to their living habitats and required temperatures. There were monitors to adjust the temperature and humidity at the door outside. It also showed the current temperature and humidity in the room.  

I saw some familiar plants from my world, like azalea, dwarf holly, rose, white jasmine… 

I stood outside of the garden for a very long time. I used to see those plants very often in my original life, no matter if they were in my housing area, school or even by the roadside. 

I hadn’t seen them for a year. 

I remembered both Chinese roses and roses were called roses. Hence, there was a year when my dad had bought a pot of Chinese rose for my mother during Valentine’s Day and he had said that Chinese roses were cheaper and easier to care for. My mom was mad for a long time. She had complained that he wasn’t as romantic as he was back when he was chasing after her when they were younger. 

Of course, my mom did take care of that pot of Chinese roses very well. The flowers were colorful and beautiful. 

I sighed and continued walking forward. Then, I saw a row of green shelves. I was surprised. I walked forward in surprise and a beautiful garden library came within my sight. It was so familiar. It felt like I was back in Raffles City. 

The green shelves were covered with beautiful flowers and vines. They looked like they were blended together in harmony. I walked forward along the transparent glass. The scent and fragrance of the flowers filled the air. I saw an exquisite European couch, a coffee table, a floral sofa and an Enamel European gap in the garden of flowers.

I saw a familiar figure on one of the sofas. He was sipping his tea gently with an exquisite tea cup in his right hand. 

It was him. It was His Highness Cang Yu.

I ran forward excitedly as though I had seen my idol, and I found the entrance. The entire garden wasn’t only a garden library but more like a garden room. 

I walked inside as I was surprised and excited to see His Highness Cang Yu. 

I stood in front of him and he put his tea cup down. There was flower tea in his tea cup. 

I didn’t dare to disturb him, but he had already put his tea cup down and was smiling at me. Those gentle eyes of his was filled with infinite wisdom.

He smiled and said, "Sure enough. We met in Silver Moon City.” His smile was calm and steady as though everything was within his expectation and he wasn’t surprised. 

His calmness was one of the reasons why I worshipped him.

“Yes, His Highness Cang Yu.” I was so excited that I didn’t know what to say. 

He smiled at me and said, "Are you getting used to being in Silver Moon City?” 

I nodded and said, "Mm, everyone is nice to me.” 

He nodded and smiled, "Thank you for bringing us a new food menu in Silver Moon City.” 

“Did you try it?” I looked at him happily. I felt proud and excited like my idol had tried my cooking.

"Yes, it was delicious,” he said leisurely. “Do you know how to make any other dishes?”  

“Yup,”  I said without hesitation.

"That’s great!” He looked down at the book in his hand. He said, There are finally some changes in Silver Moon City.”

“I’m sorry that I interrupted you,” I said embarrassingly.

He smiled and said, "It’s okay. You can read with me for a while.” 

“Sure,” I looked at the shelves around me. His Highness Cang Yu had a huge collection of books.

I picked a horror novel and sat on the sofa by the side. His Highness Cang Yu sat up straight and poured another cup of tea from the exquisite teapot. There was a red ruby ring on one of his slender, fair fingers. The ruby was bright and red and it was sparkling under the sun like a person’s fresh blood.

He picked up the tea cup and placed it in front of me. I accepted the tea cup with profound respect and said, "Thank you, Your Highness.” 

He smiled and sat down on his sofa. Then, he continued to read in silence. 

His long braid hung behind the back of the chair. He was wearing an ancient style robe. Its white fabric was shimmering like moonlight while its black border was twinkling in golden lighting. His clothes seemed to look low-key but it was luxurious. It was seemingly an ordinary old book, but it contained deep connotations and the story about the great era.

His Highness Cang Yu bore the kind of charisma and manner that I had never seen in any other men. It felt like time had stopped ticking when I was by his side. 

He was the true quiet and beautiful man. 

I peeped at him as I read. I liked His Highness Cang Yu, but I knew that the feeling I had for him was different from the romance between male and female. It was just like my classmate who was crazy about Lu Han, but the feelings she bore for him were different. Meanwhile, she actually had a huge crush on the class monitor from the class next door.  

The hearts of teenage girls were abundant. My feelings were also abundant.

"His Highness Cang Yu, is it you who allowed me to come in?” I thought about it as I realized that it should be him who had let me in. 

He said calmly, "Yes, I wanted to see you. You brought new opportunities to Silver Moon City.”

I smiled widely and said, "His Highness, thank you for your appreciation. I am flattered, but it is actually Silver Moon City that gave me a new chance.” I picked up the flower tea and smelled it. I said, "It’s Jasmine,” and I immediately took a sip. I saw His Highness Cang Yu was looking at me when I put my tea cup down on the coffee table. He was wearing an examining and solemn gaze. 


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