Book 4: Chapter 59 - Xing Chuan Is A Little Gay

“When did you meet Harry?” 

There were a lot of times when Xing Chuan and I would chat. 

He was quiet most of the time. He never made noise when he sat on the bed because he was busy with a lot of errands. I wasn’t sure what he was busy with, but I didn’t care about that. As an underling in the army, I was only needed to execute the missions that were given to me. 

“When you threw me off,” I replied as I laid in my bed lazily while watching a movie. The movies in this world were pretty good. 

He sounded casual and emotionless, “He saved you?” 

I rolled over and sat up. My back was aching from lying down for too long. “Mm, he saved me.” 

He continued to look at his own stuff. The monitor in front of him looked really complex. I couldn’t understand those curves on the screen. They made me think of the time when I used to be with Raffles and he used to be busy doing his complex mathematical calculations. 

Snowball was sleeping on my stomach and his warm body felt like a hot water pack.

“He has never doubted you?” Xing Chuan looked at the data in front of him and asked.

I took a glance at him and continued to watch my movie. I answered, “Yes, he never doubted me.” 

Xing Chuan became quiet. 

He turned off the lights and slept. 

He didn’t say anything so I added, “Luckily, he was there. Otherwise, I would have been dead already.” I turned off my movie and slept off too.

It was quiet for very long until he said, "Did you dress up as a girl when I first went to look for you?” 

I was stunned. "Dress up as a girl?” There was a dim ray of light shining through the window. 

He added, "That deaf girl?” 

“Oh…” I recalled and found the situation strange. I am a girl who is pretending to be a guy right now. But Xing Chuan is asking me, as I am pretending to be a guy right now, if I had dressed up as a girl back then. I was smug with success. “That’s right. I looked a lot like a girl, huh?”

I didn’t turn to see Xing Chuan's expression but he said with a hoarse voice, "If you are a girl, I will head back to my room right away.” His voice was a little raspy.

“Humph, that would be great,” I closed my eyes and yawned.

“Because I would be doing it with you the whole night long, without being able to sleep.” 

I coughed and turned around to stare at him but he was already asleep. 

I stared at him with a glum look. He looked fast asleep under the dim lights, but I didn’t believe that he was asleep. How could one fall asleep so quickly?

"Hey, is there a girl you like?” I asked him in the dark.

He didn’t reply. His chest was heaving up and down. It looked like he was really asleep. 

“Fine. Forget it,” I went back to my bed.

"If you are a girl, I will like you.” Finally, he answered monotonously.

Pfft, you threw me off the spaceship!” 

“Because you were a guy and not a metahuman.” 

I turned around and said, "So ruthless!” 

"I already apologized to you about it,” he sounded solemn. “But if I were in that same situation again, I would not change anything because you were really suspicious.” 

I frowned and said, “It’s already in the past.” 

He asked, "Have you forgiven me?”

I was silent for a while. I turned over to look at him and saw him looking at me. Although he was wearing his clothes at that moment, he would definitely be naked the next morning.

His gaze looked serious under the dim lights; he looked so serious that one would believe that he was very sincere. 

"Did you love the sister that kept you company back then?” I changed the topic because I didn’t want to go against my will and tell him that I forgave him nor make him feel bad by saying I didn’t. I was not ready yet, even though I was beginning to understand his behavior, especially after joining the big family in Silver Moon City.

He blinked and turned to look up. “When I didn’t know what love was, and if you would have asked me back when I was thirteen, I could have answered your question.” He turned and looked me in my eyes. ”Yes, I really loved her. She was my everything. I had once told her to wait until I turn eighteen as I was planning to marry her.”

I looked at him in surprise. There was a bitterness in me. "How did she die?”  

His gaze became calm and he was expressionless again. His dark pupils were like a dark universe. They were empty, but they felt like they had everything at the same time. "There was a metahuman…” He paused for a while. I had never seen him that way since I had met him. I could tell that it was a topic that he avoided; it was the only topic that would touch his feelings. 

“His superpower was to absorb lives.” He paused and continued, “He consumed her right in front of me…” 

“Consumed?!” My eyes were wide open. I couldn’t understand what he meant by consume.

He took a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh. He creased his eyebrows. "The person consumed by that metahuman ages very quickly and dies. In the end, they turn into ashes…” 

I looked at my hands in shock. It was just like me killing the spirits… 

"Are you okay?” Xing Chuan was worried about me, instead.

I looked at my hands blankly.

“Luo Bing?” He became more worried and he sat up. He walked to the side of my bed and suddenly covered my eyes gently to hide my hands from my sight. 

"Don’t think about what happened that night. It’s already in the past…” He seemed to speak with a gentle voice intentionally. He leaned down to hug me. One of his arms passed under my waist and he brought my entire body into his embrace. He also pressed my hands under his body. 

I took my hands off from his body and pushed away his hand that was covering my eyes. I could see his face right above me. His hand that was covering my eyes landed above my head and pressed on my long hair. He supported himself up using his elbow. 

His long hair slipped and hung by the side of his face, blocking his expression as well as the lights around me. I only managed to see the pair of his bright eyes in the dark. Those eyes were burning with cold flames and they were even hotter than the usual flames; they could burn through your heart. 

"Can you sleep by my side tonight?” He hugged me and asked in his raspy voice. 

I looked at him sternly. I pulled his arm away from my waist and answered, “No.”

“Humph…” He chuckled lightly. He let go of my waist slowly. His slow movement felt more like he was caressing my waist, and it left a trail of warmth from his fingertips.

He stood up and finally moved from above me and I was relieved. "You are afraid of me,” he said with his back towards me. 

“Nonsense!” I sat up tensely. “Quickly go back to your bed and don’t come over and touch me again.” 

"You really don’t need me to hug you to sleep? You don’t look too good,” he said as he returned to his bed and smiled at me. “I have never turned Blue Charm or Moon Dream into a human carpet.” 

I looked at him nervously and said, “No. I am fine.” Who would believe in what Xing Chuan said. 


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