Book 4: Chapter 58 - Staying in the Room

“Brother Bing.”

“Brother Bing.” 

Gale and Yama arrived. Harry was with them again, and I was relieved to see them.  

I nodded. I still felt lazy, not feeling like moving or talking. My stomach was bloating and it was faintly cramping as well. Overall it was annoying.

I supported my head with one hand and started eating my egg pancake. 

Gale and Yama looked at me with concern.

“Brother Bing, you didn’t come to class today.” Gale smirked playfully at Harry and continued, “Harry was absent-minded the entire day, as he must have been missing you.”

Harry didn’t mind them making fun of him. He just smiled at me. 

Yama coughed into his fist. “Cough. We are all brothers. Just be honest with us, are you guys a couple too?”

Harry smirked and hugged my neck. “Make a guess.” 

I was already feeling too lazy to hit him.

“Ugh,” Gale seemed a little awkward.

“Don’t make wild guesses!” Sharjah suddenly popped by. He looked distressed. “Harry, Luo Bing, don’t bring the homosexual trend from the ground to Silver Moon City. And you two, stop making jokes like this and spread this bad habit around. You are all members of the knights!” Sharjah sounded strict. What has Sharjah been through today? 

“When have we become the source of bad habits?” Harry said while smiling at Sharjah. “Sharjah, did you encounter anything bad today? You didn’t care about this back then,” Harry had the same thoughts as me. 

Sharjah looked at me and frowned. Then, he forced a smile and said, “Silver Moon City has sufficient girls. Once you try dating girls, you will know how nice and good they are.” 

“Mm,” I replied lazily, “Girls’ bodies are soft. And most importantly, they have boobies.” 

“Lil Bing,” Harry’s expression became awkward. He placed his hand over my head. “It’s not suitable for you to join in this topic of conversation.”

“Why?” I shook off his hand and calmly looked at the guys in front of me. “Why can’t I talk about girls? I think Moon Dream has a great figure. Every man would like her.” Moon Dream has a great figure, and if my guess is correct, her boobs should be a D cup.

“Wow! Brother Bing, are you interested in Moon Dream? She is His Highness’s woman!” Gale was shocked and he blinked while saying, “If you were to touch Moon Dream, His Highness will never forgive you.”

I rolled my eyes and continued to support my head with one hand. “I am not interested in her. I am only saying that she has a nice body but His Highness is still complaining.” My eyebrows were tightly knitted, “I wonder what kind of woman will attract His Highness’s attention for him to like her truthfully.” He can’t be sleeping with me all the time. I am so sick of hiding from him.  

“Now that you mentioned it, it looks like His Highness hasn’t really liked anyone wholeheartedly.” Gale looked at Sharjah and Yama, “Haven’t you noticed it too? Blue Charm and Moon Dream are merely bed companions of His Highness,” Gale said it very softly. 

Yama placed both of his hands over his chin and exclaimed, “Would it be that His Highness actually likes men?!” Yama’s eyes were wide open. 

Sharjah held his forehead. “Aren’t you afraid that I will report your conversation to His Highness?”

“We are just joking. If His Highness were to like guys, he would have let Sharjah into his room long ago.” Gale chuckled and continued, “You’re the man that has been with His Highness for the longest.” 

Sharjah’s smile became stiff. He looked at Gale and said, “Gale, I think you are turning gay.” 

Gale chuckled. 

My back was aching from sitting for too long, so I held my back and Harry noticed it. He asked me with concern, “Are you not feeling well?”

I laid my head on the table lazily. I wonder why Sharjah was so uptight. He was looking at me directly. I touched my back and replied, “My back is sore.”

Sharjah dropped his fork.

Gale and Yama looked at him with a strange look.

Harry looked at me worriedly and said, “Is it because you didn’t sleep well? Go back and rest.” 

“Mm,” I sat up lazily and said, “Probably because I didn’t sleep well last night.”

Sharjah suddenly stood up. Gale and Yama looked at him in confusion and said, “Are you okay, Sharjah?” 

Sharjah’s body was stiff and he maintained the unnatural smile. “I, I have something to do. I gotta go.” Then, he left. He was behaving strangely.

“Oh yeah. Your Snowball,” Harry opened his collar slightly and took out Snowball from his shirt. I stroked Snowball’s furry ears happily. 

“R..Rabbit! It’s alive!” Gale looked at me in surprise.

I hid Snowball back into Harry’s shirt and said, “Um, His Highness gave it to me.” 

Snowball curled up on Harry’s chest, making it look like Harry had grown a boob. 

Gale and Yama were both gawking in shock.

“His Highness has never given anyone, even a girl, a present,” Yama said blankly, “Even Blue Charm and Moon Dream have never received any presents from His Highness, even after accompanying him for a long time.” 

“Yeah!” Gale looked at me in a daze too. “His Highness actually gave you a present and it’s alive! His Highness actually made a rabbit come to life for you!” 

I smiled and stood up. “Enjoy your meal.”

“I will walk you back,” Harry stood up after me and we left the cafeteria. 

Looking at Silver Moon City from Kansas Star felt like it was keeping the moon company. But actually, we hardly saw the moon in Silver Moon City. We only got to see it sometimes, but it was nothing more than a grey planet from afar. It didn’t shine brightly, like how it appeared from the ground. In space, the moon was a satellite; it was quiet, lonely, and lifeless. 

But in Silver Moon City, there was a simulated moonlight; this bright white moonlight poured over the grass just like silver frosting. 

Harry and I walked quietly under the lights. I didn’t say a word nor did he. It was the first time we had walked on the grass without saying a word. There was only the rustling sound of our footsteps on the grass in our silent surroundings. 

However, it was also the first time that I had hoped for it to be a never ending road. I want to be able to walk in his shadow. I could always see his shadow accompanying mine. 

I stood in the gazebo and turned around. Harry was stunned for a while. It seemed like he was in a daze the whole time. 

I extended my hands in front of him and he smiled. He took out Snowball from his shirt and placed him on my hands. I looked at Snowball warmly and started stroking him gently. Harry was standing in front of me and looking at me lovingly and warmly. 

“Lil Bing.” 



I looked at him, but he looked away and said, “I have something for you.”

I looked at him doubtfully and asked, “What is it?” 

He took out a bottle of medicine from his pocket and placed it in front of me. “I have heard that you will feel better after taking this.”

I looked at the bottle blankly. Then, I saw it stating: To regulate menstruation. 

I blushed and turned away as I asked, “How did you know?” 

He was embarrassed, “We have been together for about a year now. We have even stayed together. I…”

I gripped the bottle tightly and said, “Thank you.” I was so embarrassed that I wanted to dig a hole and hide in it. 

“Lil Bing, you should probably sleep in my room, just in case Xing Chuan finds out.” 

“Goodnight!” I said quickly before he could finish his sentence and pressed on the elevator button. This is so embarrassing! 

I suddenly remembered that Raffles and Harry used to be extra caring towards me during those few days of every month. For example, they would bring me warm water, give me extra dishes during meal time and make me milk at night.They would also do all the physical work for me during those sepcific days. 

I was very lucky in Noah City. There were two guys taking care of me selflessly. I realized how Harry had been taking care of me when everything was inconvenient.

It turned out that they had actually known this whole time, but they had never made me realize it. 

I laid on the lounge chair. I felt better after taking the medicine Harry had given me. But, how did he get the medicine? 

I felt embarrassed. It was like having my boyfriend buy sanitary pads for me. 

“Water bed mode,” I said. The lounge chair became flat and it turned warm. It felt like I was sleeping on a warm water bed. 

Although the people in Silver Moon City honored wooden beds the most, I have had enough of those in my world. For me, the high tech shape-changing bed was more comfortable and it could also be adjusted into various modes. For example, the warm water bed was just nice enough to keep my stomach warm. I was really comfortable in it. 

I lay in the bed and began to fall asleep. 

I heard Xing Chuan’s voice in a befuddled state, “Are you staying tonight?” 

I opened my eyes slightly and saw him sitting at the edge of my bed, smiling at me. 

I waved at him and said, “Goodnight.” 

He said, “Heh, come here.”

My bed began to move in his direction. I blinked and looked at him sleepily, “No.” 

“I am only moving you closer to the bed. I won’t turn you into a human carpet,” he frowned at the thought. “I would be traumatized too.”

Humph!” I looked away. “You are so weird. If you can fall asleep with a guy, you should have slept with Sharjah instead.”

“I will feel awkward,” he said.

“And you don’t feel awkward sleeping with me?”

“Yeah, I found it weird too at the beginning, but you give me a sense of security.”

Sense of security?

I was actually told by a guy that he feels safe around me. 

I waved. “I don’t feel safe. So, stay away from me.” 

“I will,” he sounded a little cheeky.

Days went by really slowly during periods. Although the medicine that Harry had given me made me feel better, I still couldn’t ignore its existence. It was just like being on a cruise. Even if you weren't seasick, you simply couldn’t ignore the existence of the lapping waves. 

It was something that affected one’s mood badly. Guys wouldn’t be able to understand that feeling.

I stayed in my room to watch movies and play games for the next few days. The little robot used to send me three meals a day because Xing Chuan was not in my room during the day and he came back only at night. 

So, my room was safer. 

Xing Chuan really slept in my room. He slept on the bed while I slept on the shape-changing bed.

Ever since he had told me that he felt safe around me, I had started to understand that he didn’t sleep with people because of loneliness and his need for companionship. He actually lacked the sense of security that a family could give him.

It was the loss of his parents and the girl that made him feel that way. 

I understood his feelings. I had experienced it before, especially when I had first come to this world, when I had left my family completely, knowing that we would never be able to meet again.

But, I had met Harry and Raffles. They had given me a home and I had a family again. 


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