Book 4: Chapter 57 - Disturbed and Once-A-Month Is Here Too

Harry touched my hair gently. His movement was gentle and careful. It seemed like he was afraid to wake me up. He was so gentle that it felt like he was touching a feather. 

He stroked my hair gently and my heart clenched under his strokes. Although he was stroking my hair softly and carefully, it felt as though he was touching my heart. 

"Lil Bing... tell me... why were you angry..." he said softly at my back. "Don’t let me make any guesses anymore... I am afraid that you'd hate me for making a wrong guess...” He came closer to my back and my heart raced as he got closer to me. The sound of my heartbeats hit against my ear drums and echoed in my head.

Suddenly, a soft kiss... gently... landed on my hair... Then, it felt like my brain was emptied, as though I had lost all my thinking ability. 

He held my hand gently and didn’t let go for a long time…

At the same time, he kept his distance with me, not moving any closer to my back…



Harry, what are you doing again? 

Didn’t you say you treated me as a sister? 

Didn’t you say you are my brother? 

So, was that a kiss from a brother to a sister or… 

You said you like a girl… 

You said it was a lie to Ming You… 

What is the truth… 

My head was buzzing. I didn’t dare to move my hand that he was holding. But my body gradually became warmer and warmer…

“Sigh,” he sighed. He continued, “How can I fall asleep next to you? You would definitely punch me if you see me next to you in the morning.” He gripped my hand and said, “Lil Bing, you are still so charming when you dress as a boy. If you reveal yourself as a girl, the boys in Silver Moon City will go crazy for you. Haha.” He started rubbing my hands as if it was really nice to fiddle with them.

What time is it now?! Both of us are still awake! 

I moved my finger a little and he immediately stopped. The entire room instantly became quiet as though Harry had stopped breathing. 

I sniggered in silence. Harry seemed like a thief. 

He didn’t move his hand that was holding mine. It seemed like he wanted to make sure that I wasn’t moving before he placed my hand under the blanket. Then, he slowly got out of the bed. I was taken by surprise because he went to sleep on the floor after that… 

Harry is sleeping on the floor again…

While I… 

I felt a little lonely…

Harry and me…

What is the relationship between us? 

I’m so confused. This is so annoying… 

I had never thought it’d be so bothersome. It’s so annoying that…  I don’t want to think about it.

It felt like I was half awake and half asleep. I felt a sudden swelling pain in my stomach. I was shocked and I hopped off the bed, and I stepped on Harry’s stomach by accident. 

Ouch!” He got up in pain holding his stomach. 

“I’m sorry!” I ran into the toilet as I apologized hastily. Then, I realized that my once-a-month was here. 

The most annoying part about being a girl was the once-a-month routine.

I was already annoyed, and my once-a-month had come to add insult to the injury. It even hurt a little and it was really pushing my limit.

The most annoying thing was that there was no toilet paper in Silver Moon City! 

Not having toilet papers during my once-a-month was even more hopeless than not having it after you shit.

The overly-advanced system supported recycling. Hence, toilet paper was replaced long ago. 

Harry shouted, “Lil Bing! Are you okay? Are you having diarrhea? Do you need medicine?” He made me feel even more awkward. 

“Go away! Stop annoying me!” I was already very annoyed. Is he trying to make me die of embarrassment?! Luckily, I still had the time to go back to wash up. 

I walked out of the toilet. I was already not able to sleep well and to top it off, I was having a period. It was making me feel even more tired. 

“Lil Bing,” Harry looked at me worriedly. I pushed him away and said, “I am going back to my room, and I won’t be returning to sleep here."

“Ah? Oh, okay.” Harry looked a little disappointed. I took my wash up bags lazily and crawled to the balcony. My back hurt and I felt weak all over. 

It would be great if there were metahumans who shared similar powers with Ah Zong. He would be able to have periods on the girls' behalf.

“What about Xing Chuan?" Harry pulled my arm hastily. He avoided my eyes with an unnatural smile. "It will be safer for you to be around me at night.” 

Harry wants me to stay. He wants to sleep with me at night...

This is too obvious. 

My heart raced uncontrollably again and my whole body heated up. My stomach suddenly bloated and I got nervous. No, I have to go back or it will leak. 

“Don’t worry, Xing Chuan won’t come,” I said hastily. Then, I pulled my hand back and quickly went back to my room!

My period is here. How am I going to sleep with Harry during my periods? 

I shouldn’t sleep at his place anymore. I can’t even fall asleep when I am with him. I am always focusing on his movements. Also, I don’t want him to sleep on the floor all the time… 

I hurried back to my room. There was no one in the room. I quickly changed into the magical menses tool from this world. 

It was naturally good to have advanced technology. For instance, the sanitary pads from this world were just underwear. They even came in different colors and shapes, and some came with laces as well. The thickness was the same as the usual underwear. Hence, it was very comfortable. These underwears could be flushed down the toilet directly, after use, as they were completely biodegradable.

I was relieved after I changed. I laid on the bed as there was no more risk of a leak. I fell asleep right away as I felt at ease. When I woke up, it was already evening. 

I was a little blurry after sleeping the entire day. I remembered that I had left Snowball at Harry’s place. 

I called Harry, “Harry.” 

He looked at me in embarrassment and said, “Are you… feeling better?” 

“Snowball is at your place. Have you fed him with grass yet?” 

He looked relieved. There was probably some misunderstanding, as I left so abruptly in the morning. He carried Snowball and waved at me with his little paws. “Say hi to mommy,” he said softly as though he was afraid that someone else could hear him. He then used Snowball’s paw to rub its tummy and said, “Daddy has fed me well and I am full. Don’t worry, mommy.” 

I blushed and said, “What daddy and mommy? Where are you guys?” 

He chuckled as he replied, “I am going to the restaurant. Are you hungry?” 

“I am coming over to your room.” I regretted right after I replied. I was afraid that I would blush after seeing Harry. But… I really felt like seeing him. I haven’t seen him for a day. No, no, no. I am going to pick up Snowball. Um, I am going to see Snowball. 

The restaurant was crowded as usual. Everyone had egg pancakes on their plates and they were all excited about their new dish.

“Finally a new dish! It smells really good!” 

“Yup! Yup! I feel like eating it just by smelling it!” 

I took a serving of egg pancake and sat down. I looked around but didn't see Harry anywhere. That’s weird. Why isn’t he here yet?

Just as I was going to call him, someone suddenly pounced on my back and the familiar refreshing scent filled the air, “Miss me already?” 

I immediately blushed and looked away as I said, “No one misses you!” 

“Hehehe,” he smiled and sat next to me happily. I couldn’t help but smile as well. I was shocked. I was actually happy because of Harry's arrival.


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