Book 4: Chapter 56 - The Worries of A Teenage Girl

Xing Chuan turned around and continued to look at the dark universe. “Ever since then, I have needed someone to sleep with me at night. I have needed to feel her warmth and breath. I have needed to feel that she was alive. But, I didn’t trust anyone. So, in the end, I picked Moon Dream and Blue Charm. They are the strongest female metahumans.” 

“You can continue to sleep with them." I was standing behind him as I continued, "A girl is a better choice, as a boy will cause misunderstanding.” 

You should know what happens when a boy and a girl sleep together, right?” He looked at me sideways and my body stiffened. I was nearly blushing but he chuckled lightly before I could blush completely. He turned to look at me. “I forgot. You are sexually interested only in boys.”

I thought it’d be better for me to keep quiet at the moment. 

“Hence, I feel restless because I don’t like to do it with a girl that I don’t like. But, it is a male instinct and I can’t control it. It bothers me when I sleep with them.”

“Pfft." As a girl myself, I couldn't accept his ridiculous logic whereby he had sex with the girls, but he complained that he couldn't sleep well because of them. "You are saying it, as though they seduce you.”

“Yes, they actually do seduce me." Xing Chuan said scornfully. "They have been dressing sexier lately. They are in black laces or white see-through lingerie. You can’t deny it. They are both stunners.” He smirked. 

I tried hard to put myself in a man’s shoes to think from a man's perspective. I definitely couldn't hit Xing Chuan for what he said because guys did behave like this. They would always talk about girls behind their backs. They would talk about their bodies, faces, the size of their breasts or which girls made them happier.

“But now, I have you,” he turned to look at me. I looked away. I will always be on a girl's side because I am a girl.

“I can focus on sleeping when I am next to you. You... wouldn't try me... when I am sleeping, right?” He sounded a little frivolous as though he was teasing me.

I stared at him. Who do you think you are!? 

“Pfft!” I looked away in disdain. Raffles is so much more handsome than you! 

“Why? Are you not satisfied with my figure?” He was complaining about me not appreciating his body. He was behaving like he was confused as to why I wasn't interested in him, even though his body was ‘oh-so-perfect.’

"Are you sick?" I couldn’t stand him. "Are you forcing me to be interested in you?” 

He lifted the corners of his lips. His smile was tainted with darkness and evil. He extended his hand and took a strand of hair from the side of my face. “I have never done it with boys. I am really curious. Does it feel good?” 

I slapped his hands off in annoyance. “Don’t make this kind of a joke. I have just started to feel better about you.” I turned to carry the white rabbit. Then, I looked at him again. “Don’t make this kind of a joke if you want to see me in this room. I don’t like it.” I was straightforward in order to prevent any misunderstanding in the future. 

He stopped smiling and looked deeply into my eyes. “Are you coming back tonight?” He sounded a little more serious, but it was weird. It sounded like he was waiting for his husband to come home, like he was waiting for his husband to return from his mistress.

I looked at him for a while and thought. Then, I replied, “Depends on my mood. I will come back if I am in a good mood.” Xing Chuan smiled lightly at my answer. 

“Are you usually on top or at the bottom when you are with Raffles?” He suddenly asked with a malicious smirk. “Oh wait. I forgot that you have never done it.”

I rolled my eyes and walked away. Xing Chuan was so abnormal. He was overly curious about that matter. But, he had always been weird. One could never guess what he was thinking. 

I didn’t return to my room that night, but I went to Harry’s. Harry had yet to return to his room though.

While in Harry’s room, I thought about what Xing Chuan had said in the afternoon while hugging Snowball. Was he very dependent on his elder sister? He had lost his parents, and that girl had kept him company as he was growing up. He must have developed really strong feelings for that girl.

She died in front of him. What did Xing Chuan experience when he was thirteen? 

Why did his dad rebel? There was betrayal in Silver Moon City? This is so strange.

Xing Chuan was the heir of Silver Moon City. Then, his dad was naturally one too. Why did he rebel then? 

Or could it be that Xing Chuan’s dad wasn’t the heir? 

Or could it be that His Highness Cang Yu and Xing Chuan didn’t share the same dad?  

What was His Highness Cang Yu doing then? It is obvious that he is older than Xing Chuan. Why didn’t he keep Xing Chuan company?

I suddenly felt that there were many secrets in Silver Moon City. 

“Click.” I heard the door open. My heart somehow started racing because of the door. 

“Harry! Tomorrow, let’s go training together, once again!” 

I heard a girl's voice!

Did Harry go out with other girls again, when I was not around! Didn’t he say that he was worried about me?!

A flame instantly started churning inside my heart. I turned around and glared at Harry as he walked inside the room.

Harry ran to me the moment he saw me. “Lil Bing! You are back!” 

I immediately stood up and walked away. 

"Lil Bing!" He quickly pulled me and shouted, "Are you okay?"

“You were out dating other girls! So why are you worried if I am okay or not? Let go of me!” I flung my arm, but his grip was really strong. 

“Lil Bing!” He hugged me all of a sudden and locked my hands in front of me. Snowball fell onto the bed and hopped away. He looked at us nervously. 

I struggled and shouted, “Let me go!” He was so daring, he even dared to hug me! 

“I'm not letting go!” He hugged me even tighter. 

“I will emit radiation if you don’t let me go!” 

“I won’t let go even if you radiate!" He said sternly, "You won’t listen to my explanation if I let you go!"

“I won’t listen. Why do you have to explain to me if you went on a date!” 

“Then, why are you angry if I went on a date?” 

I was stunned. Right... Why was I angry... if Harry went on a date? 

Shouldn't I be happy?

I remembered how I had felt when I found out that he had a girl he liked back then. I had constantly questioned him about who she was. Raffles and I had always hoped that he would find a girl that he liked. 

But, my heart had ached a little when I had seen Sister Ming You confess to him...  

And I had felt a sense of relief when he had used me as an excuse to reject her... 

What is wrong with me? 

Could it be … 

“I was at the training with Yama and Gale..." Harry loosened his grip on me. He leaned forward on my shoulder and continued, "Few girls were in the room next to ours. You should know that the training rooms are in the same area and so are our hostels. I came back with Yama and Gale. So, the girls were with us. Don’t be angry, I won’t date any girl from Silver Moon City.” He let go of me gently and slowly put his arms around my waist. His chest was gently pressed against my back. "Lil Bing, why are you angry? Tell me.”  

I suddenly came back to reality and blushed. I turned away and roared, “Don’t annoy me!” I was feeling really restless.

“Hehe...” he chuckled happily next to my face. “Oh yeah. I just recalled. Did I kiss you... this morning?” He spoke so softly that it felt like he was whispering to me. 

My body instantly stiffened. 

Suddenly, he moved closer to my ear. “You didn’t hit me.” I immediately jumped away when his warm breath blew into my ear. 

I stood dumbfounded on the spot. There was water running in the toilet and he shouted again, “You did not hit me! You did not hit me!” 

I clenched my fists. I really want to hit him right now! 

I sat on the bed feeling troubled and held my head. This is so annoying! 

Did I really? 


Really fall for...

How is that possible?

This is so embarrassing if he finds out! 

No, I wouldn't fall for him. 

Even if I do... I definitely can't admit it!

I covered my face and lied down on the bed. I pulled the blanket over me. So annoying. 

I opened my eyes. Snowball had hopped to the side of my face, and he felt so furry and warm. I stroked him and he slowly closed his eyes. 

Snowball, what does it feel to like someone? Tell me? This feeling is so weird and annoying, it feels like I have no control over it. Is this how it feels to like someone? 

Snowball fell asleep again as I stroked him softly. He had been eating grass the entire afternoon. “You better not shit on the bed.” I touched his nose softly. He was sleeping soundly, just like Xing Chuan. 

The lights were dimmed. Harry came out from his shower. What he enjoyed the most in Silver Moon City was that he was able to have a hot shower everyday. 

I quickly closed my eyes but my heart continued to race uncontrollably. I was feeling restless about it. 

The familiar sunflower scent permeated in the air. I heard his light footsteps even though he was walking very lightly. In fact, with my sensitive hearing, I could hear every step he took. It was as though he was stepping on my heart. He walked towards me and stood by the bedside. 

He sat behind me gently...

My heart started racing again. It was as though I had merged with the bed. Every fibre of the bed was like the cell in my body. All my attention was focused on where he was sitting and what he was doing on the bed.

“Lil Bing?” He called softly. 

I didn’t dare to respond. I didn’t know why I felt guilty and why I didn’t dare to respond. Perhaps, I didn't want him to see me blushing, or perhaps, I was afraid that he could tell what I was thinking about.

"Lil Bing?" He called again softly, "Are you asleep? Then... I will sleep next to you,” he said playfully.

What did he say?! He wants to sleep by my side?! 

How could he sleep by my side?

But last night he… 

He slept next to me gently, and the annoyance in my heart melted as he was already lying next to me. 

The room became unusually quiet. I had to keep my breathing calm and steady to make it look like I was asleep, but my eyes were wide open in the dark. I had never felt this nervous before and I felt extremely tense.

He stopped talking and I slowly relaxed. I guess he should be asleep too... 


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