Book 4: Chapter 54 - Sharjah Was Dumbfounded

“I am going to rest for awhile. I will come back at night. In short, I am fine.”

“At night?!" Harry suddenly blushed. "You’re still... coming to sleep at my place... at night?”

He made me blush as well. I immediately replied, “I will talk to you again at night.” I hung up, but my heart continued racing. 

What is wrong with me? My heartbeat raced and I blushed when I talked to Harry. The memory of Harry sleeping next to me came to my mind again. I was listening to his heartbeat as I lied on his chest.

I felt restless, as if there was a heavyweight on my chest. It was as though the oxygen in the room had become thin.

I looked at Xing Chuan sideways while he was facing me. His dark long hair was scattered over his shoulders and chest. His pink nipples were faintly visible from under his hair. 

Following this, Harry’s picture appeared in my head with his steaming upper body. His brown hair was even more vibrant because it was drenched. His fair skin was pinkish because of the heat from the shower. The teardrop tattoo on his chest was even more eye-catching under his shimmering nipple.

I hadn’t noticed any of those details the night before. But now, they were so clear in my head that the warmth of my face remained high. Tonight... I have to... sleep with Harry... 

My heart raced at the thought. It raced so fast that my heart started aching. 

I quickly resumed the movie to distract myself from the weird thoughts about Harry. 

I looked at the ring on my finger. I saw that it had turned pink and I blushed again. Raffles... was feeling emotional...

Such a straightforward ring. It could tell me what Raffles was thinking at the moment.

If he is feeling emotional, then what is he thinking?

Would he be thinking about …. 

I pouted my numb lips, they felt numb as though someone was kissing them softly... 

I immediately covered my burning face. Was Raffles thinking about that kind of thing too? He used to be as innocent as the little rabbit in my arms. Did he start  thinking about those things as well? 

I calmed down after watching two movies. I looked at my ring and there was no color. Raffles must have distracted himself from those thoughts, like I had distracted myself. 

Raffles was missing me but I was... thinking about Harry. I felt guilty and sorry. It was strange. The three of us used to hang out together and we even used to live together. However, our relationship had changed after Harry and I moved to Silver Moon City. 

I looked to the side. Xing Chuan was still sleeping soundly. 

It gradually got dark outside and I was thinking if I should wake him up. 

I looked at him and I crawled into the bed slowly. I placed the little rabbit on his chest gently. I was trying to wake him up by using the little rabbit. 

The little rabbit was rising up and down on his heaving chest. It looked like it was very comfortable there and it didn’t move an inch. 

Xing Chuan seemed to have noticed the rabbit and he placed his hand on it gently. I thought he would wake up after touching it. 

But, something unexpected happened! 

The little rabbit got flatter and flatter! 

I shouted, “Ah!” Xing Chuan was startled by my shrill scream. He sat up looking annoyed. He placed his arm on his forehead and frowned. 

“Ah! Ah!” I quickly pulled his hand away and looked at the little rabbit who had turned into a flat carpet. It was looking at me innocently with its black eyes.

“So noisy!” Xing Chuan muttered. I immediately looked at him and said. “You turned my Snowball into a towel!” 

“What Snowball?” Xing Chuan sat up impatiently and rubbed his face. His black hair fell back on his shoulders as he sat up. 

I pointed at the little rabbit that fell down from his chest, and exclaimed. “My rabbit! I named it Snowball! Look at it!” 

He put down his hands and looked where I was pointing in daze. 

As the rabbit had turned into a sheet of carpet, it slipped and folded when Xing Chuan got up. It looked like a rabbit with no internal organs, as if someone had removed its skin from its bones to make it into a fur blanket. 

Xing Chuan looked at it for a while and got shocked, “I... did this?” 

"Would it be me?!” I looked at him while I was on the verge of going insane. Then, I took his hand and placed it on Snowball. “Quickly turn it back.” 

“Alright, calm down,” he shoved me away. “Don’t touch me when I am using my superpower. Otherwise, you will turn into this as well.” 

I quickly let go of his arms and he started using his superpower. Snowball finally recovered gradually under his palm. The entire process was like inflating a flattened rabbit balloon.

Ding Dong.” The doorbell suddenly rang and I looked outside. Who would be here at this time? 

I hopped off the bed to open the living room door. The little robot was still cleaning Xing Chuan’s shoes.

When I opened the door, I saw Sharjah.

Sharjah smiled at me and said, “I'm looking for His Highness but he is not in his room. So, I wanted to ask you where His Highness is.”

“He is …”

Suddenly, an arm circled around my waist. Then, a heavy object landed on my back and a heavy head leaned against mine. It was as though Xing Chaun was using me to support his entire bodyweight. I saw Sharjah's face full of surprise.

Sharjah was shocked as his gaze moved to the top of my head.

Xiang Chaun was supporting himself against the door with his arm and the dark black hair hung by the side of my face as though it was my hair. 

“Hurry up and say what you have to say, I want to sleep,” an impatient voice resounded from above my head. As Xing Chuan was talking, his chin was moving on my head. 

Sharjah stood dumbfounded at the door and didn't utter a word.

The time seemed to have stopped at that moment. After three seconds of silence, Xing Chuan suddenly wrapped his hand around my waist and pulled me back into the room, "Keep me company in the bed.” He then slammed the door. “Bang!” The door closed behind him. 

I immediately pulled his arms away and said, “Don’t touch me! I don’t want to be like the rabbit!” 

He let go of me and stood in front of me. He had a shirt draped over his shoulders but he wasn’t wearing any pants! I could see his fair legs under his long top.

“Did you take off my clothes?” He muttered. He hung his arms low once he got into the room. His outfit fell to the floor. I didn’t even have time to react and avoid it, but I saw his naked back once again.

I blushed and looked away, “I didn’t! You took it off yourself!” 

“How did I take them off when I was asleep..."

Bang!” He fell on my bed with his ass up. I couldn’t look at it anymore! The grey bed was contrasting well against his fair skin and the two flirtatious spider lilies on his back!

He pulled the silk blanket to cover his ass. He hugged the pillow and closed his eyes, “You really enjoy... seeing my... body huh...” 

“I really didn’t! I will record it and show you next time!” 

“Phew,” he fell asleep. 

Snowball hopped around his face, I immediately carried it away and said, “Don’t go so close to him. It’s too dangerous!” As I carried Snowball, I stared at Xing Chuan angrily. I walked to the door and opened it. Sharjah was still standing at the door stiffly. 

I asked calmly, “How may I help you?” 

Sharjah blinked and finally came back to reality. He smiled stiffly, “His Highness….” 

“He fell asleep again. You can go wake him up yourself. I don’t dare to wake him up,” I wouldn’t dare to go close to him after seeing his superpower of turning objects into different things. 

Sharjah continued to smile stiffly. “I wouldn’t dare as well...” he was trembling when he spoke. It showed that he really didn’t dare to go near Xing Chuan, "It’s nothing much. I wanted to show him the new expansion map of the Ghost Eclipsers. You can show it to him when he’s awake.” He passed me a coin-sized disc.

“Alright,” I took the disc. Sharjah’s gaze landed on Snowball in my arms. Sharjah was shocked, “This is……” 

I replied while stroking Snowball, “Xing Chuan gave it to me. I will head back in if there is nothing else.”

“Okay…” Sharjah continued to look at the rabbit in my arms. He looked awkward, surprised, and full of disbelief. It was an incredibly complicated expression. His face looked a little distorted. It seemed like his expression had broken down because of his complicated feelings.

I went back to the room and looked at the disc in my hand as I sat on the lounge chair. There was a button on the disc and I pressed it. The disc began to float, “You have the authority to open this map. Do you want to open it?” 

I could see the map. I immediately said, “Open it.” 

The lights burst out from the disk and engulfed me. It was as though I was seated at the middle of a planet, surrounded by a crimson polluted area. There were blue starlights twinkling within the crimson area. Those were the center of the radiation zones! 

They were like blue sapphires mounted on the planet. They were really beautiful but they could cause vital harm.

“Zoom out,” I said. 

The map began to zoom out.

“The green cities are the cities that have signed the peace agreement.” The map showed the cities within the safe zones. There were even cities which were not in the livable area. It was obvious that metahumans were living in those cities.

“The red cities are where the Ghost Eclipsers...” There were red spots blinking on the map. They were densely dotted, scattering across half of the globe! Although they were quite far apart on the map, their numbers were way more than the green cities when the map got zoomed out.

“The yellow cities are the cities that have yet to sign the peace agreement nor have they rejected it.” There were many yellow dots on the planet. They weren't the Ghost Eclipsers, but they hadn't signed the peace agreement with Silver Moon City. They lived independently. 

Xing Chuan murmured, “Did the Ghost Eclipsers expand their territory...” I looked at him. His black hair was covering his face and I could faintly see his half squinted eyes behind his hair. 

He supported himself up and the silk blanket fell off. One of his hands was supporting his body while the other held his forehead. “I am not in the mood to sleep anymore. Clothes,” he said suddenly. 

I immediately ran to the foot of the bed and threw him his clothes. He picked them up and put them on. I quickly turned to the map and faced him with my back. 


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