Book 4: Chapter 53 - Xing Chuan’s Undressing Magic

I felt weird and called softly, “Silver Moon.” 

Silver Moon appeared in the room. When she saw Xing Chuan, she moved forward and lightly stroked his tired face. It seemed like this AI really loved Xing Chuan. 

“Did Xing Chuan not sleep after I left?” I asked Silver Moon.  

Silver Moon sighed and looked at me. She nodded, “He has been sleeping in your room. It seems like he could get a little bit of sleep only in your room.” 

I creased my eyebrows as I looked at Xing Chuan, “Why does he need someone next to him for him to fall asleep?” I had been to Xing Chuan’s room, and his room was really simple, so simple that it didn’t even look like a room. His room could give people an intense feeling of loneliness, as it didn’t feel like home or a bedroom.

Silver Moon looked down and went back to Xing Chuan. “There are some things that you should ask him yourself.” She then slowly lifted her hands, flattening the lounge chair that Xing Chuan was sleeping on, and slowly moved it towards me. 

I immediately moved away as I hugged the rabbit. 

The lounge chair reached the side of my bed and it slowly titled to gently move Xing Chuan onto my bed.

Xing Chuan tossed and slept better.

I put the white rabbit down, and it looked at me and Xing Chuan curiously. 

I covered the silk blanket over Xing Chuan and the little rabbit hopped onto the silk blanket and jumped around energetically. 

Shh...” I carried it gently and it curled up in my arms. 

A tiny robot came in and took off Xing Chuan’s shoes, then left in a hurry. I looked at the tiny robot and thought, Could it be the same robot who takes off Xing Chuan’s clothing when he is asleep? 

I walked to the side of the door, carrying the rabbit in my hands. I looked inside and saw that the robot was cleaning Xing Chuan’s shoes professionally, cleaning them until they shined.

Xing Chuan’s robot had a bit of an OCD. 

I returned to my room and stood next to the bed as I looked at Xing Chuan sleeping soundly. It felt a little weird. This guy could only fall asleep in my bed. Is there a curse on my bed? 

“Luo Bing,” Silver Moon called me and I looked at her. She looked at me warmly. “Please sleep with him just for a while.” 

I was stunned. Then, Silver Moon disappeared in the air. The way she looked at Xing Chuan was similar to how a mother would treat her own child, lovingly and tenderly. 

I was stunned for awhile. I sat on the lounge chair with the little rabbit on my chest. It was so comfortable that it didn't even move. I turned to look at Xing Chuan. “You are so charming that even an AI likes you. Is there any book to read?” I asked. 

Although Silver Moon did not appear again, there were rays of light from both sides of the lounge chair. Then, a monitor appeared in front of me with many options for me to choose from. It was obvious that the lounge chair had a great number of functions. 

Other than entertainment, there was also a massage function.

I chose a movie about this world. The movie documented the human epitome from different times in this world. I could understand this world by watching this movie. I could understand how the people in this world lived, communicated, and also how... they fell in love... 

I watched the movie while enjoying a massage. The little rabbit didn't move an inch on my chest with its eyes closed tightly. The baby rabbit liked to sleep. 

I knew that there were animals in Silver Moon City, but I had never seen one. It is said that Silver Moon City only kept their genes, but not in living form, because they would have to feed the living ones and it was considered an unnecessary consumption. 

So… Xing Chuan cultivated this little rabbit for me?

I lifted up the little rabbit, raising it in front me. I looked at its little, pink mouth happily. “Are you the first living animal?”

The little rabbit twitched its nose, and it reminded me of Little Har and the other birds. They used to be very cute when they were younger but they were probably much bigger now. 

Rustle.” I heard a sound next to me. I looked at the source of the sound and I was stunned. I sat up and looked at Xing Chuan.

He had stretched his arms out of the blanket and placed them on his chest. I could also see that his shirt was gradually becoming buttonless. As the buttons disappeared, his shirt began to spread open. 

I looked at Xing Chuan in surprise. He was still sleeping on the side of his face, soundly.

I put down the rabbit gently and climbed in the bed. I waved my hand in front of Xing Chuan’s face that was covered with his long hair. He didn’t react.

“Xing... Chuan…” I said softly but he didn’t react at all.

I was surprised. He can still use his superpower when he is asleep! 

I immediately looked at his naked chest. Just then, he turned around and his arm came out of his sleeve! His smooth movement made it look like his arm had slipped out of his sleeve. Then, the shirt fell off from his body. His black hair fell on his back and exposed his naked back with the bright spider lilies!

Then, he turned to face me again. His other arm was out of its sleeve as well! 

I looked at his already half naked body in shock! This was how he took off his clothes! 

Then, he began to move his lower body. It looked like he was kicking something. Suddenly, he kicked off his pants and clothes from under the blanket!

I sat cross-legged next to him stiffly and I witnessed the entire process of him undressing himself in his sleep. 

This is so magical! 

He stretched a little and his long legs extended outside of the silk blanket. The dark silver blanket was only covering one of his legs and his private part. The smooth silk blanket was body hugging and it was completely revealing his figure. Hence, his private part between his thighs was clearly visible as he lay on the bed.

I instantly blushed and rushed back to my lounge chair to watch the movie. The little rabbit hopped on my heaving chest again and stayed on it. I covered my hot face. I had seen it by accident, so I quickly tried to wash away this memory by watching the movie. 

Buzz. Buzz.” My badge was ringing. It was Harry this time. I answered and it seemed like he was going crazy from worries. “How are you? Are you okay? I am not allowed to go to where you are. I am very worried about you. What did Xing Chuan say to you?”

I was somehow happy to see Harry anxious. I smiled at him, and he got even angrier. “Stop smiling and say something. How are you?”

My face grew glum. “I am smiling. Of course, I am fine.” 

Phew,” he seemed relieved. “I was worried that Xing Chuan was going to make you go out on another mission.” 

“He didn’t, he…" I was embarrassed and also a little guilty. It seemed like I was afraid of Harry finding out that Xing Chuan was sleeping in my room. That's weird… Why am I afraid if Harry finds out? As if I am a thief, as if I am cheating on my boyfriend with another guy.


My heart started racing instantly.

“What is wrong with him? What did he do to you?! I am coming to look for you!” Harry got anxious. 

“I am really okay! He apologized to me,” I said quickly. I was blushing uncontrollably as I said this.


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