Book 4: Chapter 52 - Present

“In Noah City, guys can be with guys, right? So, it would be considered normal to say that you like Brother Bing, isn’t it?" Yama always looked like an honest guy whenever he talked because of his brawny build. "Isn’t Brother Bing’s wife Raffles?”

“Pfft” I spat when I heard Yama’s question. They actually think Raffles is my wife?! Why would they think so?! 

According to our height and body sizes, shouldn’t it be obvious that me and Raffles are… 

“Cough,” Harry suddenly became awkward. “Raffles, he…” Harry was lost in thoughts.

Yeah... My fiance... is Raffles...

I was lost in thoughts too.

“Buzz. Buzz.” The badge on my chest suddenly vibrated. I took off the badge and Xing Chuan’s miniature figure appeared on the badge. Yama and Gale immediately got uptight and subconsciously sat up straight as though Xing Chuan was standing right in front of them. They didn't dare to act recklessly in front of him. 

“Luo Bing, come back to the room for a while,” Xing Chuan disappeared right after saying that. As usual, he had kept his message short and clear, and there was no other nonsense; it was more like an order actually. 

Harry came back to reality. He immediately grabbed my arm and said, “I will go with you!” His amber eyes were filled with anger against Xing Chuan and his guards were up.

I looked at him in agitation, “Stop clinging to me. I am fine! Xing Chuan doesn’t know that about me. It was just a duty call.” 

Harry looked shocked after he heard me. He seemed shocked that I was speaking for Xing Chuan. 

I looked down and said, “Now... I don’t have the rights to pinpoint that Xing Chuan is ruthless and cold anymore...” I looked down at my hands. I turn into a ruthless killing machine once I hold a gun and sword. 

Harry said anxiously while holding my hands, “Lil Bing! Don’t look at your hands!” He placed my hands into his to hide them from my sight, but I saw the ring on his middle finger instead. “I will always be by your side. I won’t let you turn into them,” he stroked my face anxiously. 

“Ugh…” Gale couldn’t stand him, “I mean... We are in the classroom now. Can the two of you behave yourselves? I think I will also start liking guys hereon, if you continue to act like that!” 

I came back to reality and muttered, “Sorry.” I took my hands back from Harry's. As Harry fixed his concerned gaze upon me, I stood up, turned around and hopped off from the classroom’s window as it was the closest exit. 

I knew that Harry was worried about me and he was also angry with Xing Chuan. 

But it was war, and this was the responsibility shared by all humans living in this world at this time. Either you safeguard and fight battles with weapons or bully the weak. 

It was only a matter of time until I faced war, until I had to make a choice. I would either have to fight against them, or insist on not hurting people and end up being a hypocrite.

In such troubled times, it was obvious that killing monsters like the Ghost Eclipsers was to prevent more people from dying. 

As for me, I needed to work hard during the war so that I wouldn't turn into someone ruthless like the people here. 

My heart not only needed Harry to safeguard it, but it also needed me to safeguard it on my own. Similar to what Xing Chuan had said, we were pacing back and forth at the verge of humanity. I couldn't lose myself in the war.

Harry had hit Xing Chuan for me that day and my heart still felt warm from his act. It was Harry who had given me this warmth, and it was him who had given me the sense of home. 

He had become the spiritual pillar for me to continue my hard work and to protect my heart during the war in Silver Moon City. I believed that I would not lose myself in the dark or let the devil swallow me as long as he was around. 

As long as I had his warm hug and his warm smile, he would instantly pull me away from the darkness and I would return to the cheerful Harry. I would be standing in the world with a string of hope. 

Suddenly, I realized that I was very lucky and happy to have Harry around me. 

I saw a balcony in front of me. The balconies here were miniature aircrafts, and I was permitted to use any of them. I actually had a lot of freedom in Silver Moon City. Xing Chuan had given me the highest authority as well as his trust. 

Come to think about it, Xing Chuan was actually a skeptical person and he didn't trust people easily. I could tell this from the time he had thrown me off his spaceship. 

But this time, he had given me absolute trust. It seemed like he wasn’t even worried that I would steal Silver Moon City’s information because I had the utmost authority to access all the information. He was not keeping his guard up against me, as my authority was far higher than the knights who had grown up with him. 


Maybe, I shouldn’t be so petty and narrow-minded. Slaughtering people can make a person ruthless. Hence, Xing Chuan's ruthlessness was actually understandable.

Not to mention, it could also cause Silver Moon City a lot of unpredicted disasters if he wasn’t this ruthless. 

When I returned to my room, I saw a silver oval lounge chair hovering next to my bed, and it looked really comfortable. 

Xing Chuan was sitting on the lounge chair with his back facing towards me.

I went into the room and stood behind him. “I am okay now. You don’t have to worry about me.” 

He said softly, “I have a present for you.” 

I was puzzled. Xing Chuan wants to give me a present? Maybe he's trying to make me feel better. 

The lounge chair slowly spun, and I saw a snow white rabbit in his arms! 

My heart instantly melted at the sight of the snow white rabbit. I immediately went forward to take the rabbit that looked like a snowball in his hand. I carried it and lightly stroked it in my arms. I smiled happily and said, “Is this really for me?!”  

He was faintly dazed by my smile. His gaze was unfathomable, “Yeah, I saw that Little Carl was also a rabbit. So, I thought you like rabbits.” 

“Thank you!” I hugged the little rabbit and sat on the bed happily. I stroked it lovingly. The rabbit slowly closed its eyes as it laid on my lap without moving an inch.

“What is its name?” I lifted my gaze and saw that Xing Chuan had fallen asleep. His face was leaning to one side and his long black hair was scattered on his face. It looked like he was sleeping soundly. His breathing was calm and his chest was heaving up and down. 

He looked really exhausted, as if he hadn’t slept for many days. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have fallen asleep in such a short period of time. 

I reckoned that he might have fallen asleep right after talking to me, which showed that he was really tired. Xing Chuan who didn’t trust anyone and was always alert of his surroundings was sleeping soundly around me. 

Is he not worried that I might kill him? 

No, he was afraid, but he was already tired of acting in front of me. He knew that I hated him, but he also knew that I wouldn’t kill him because I had once told him that I could distinguish between private interest and public interest; he knew I had acknowledged that the world needed him. 

However, he was always careful. Then why did he need another person to be around him for him to fall asleep? Shouldn’t someone like him who didn't trust anyone be sleeping alone with three layers of protection?


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