Book 4: Chapter 51 - The Ignorant Teenage Girl

When Harry had brought me back to Noah City for the first time, I had seized him after waking up. He was unharmed after Da Li had thrown him off the third floor. And he had cooperated with me tacitly to help me avoid Xing Chuan’s sharp eyes when he had searched for me in Noah City for the first time. Then...

I had constantly hit and scolded Harry. Even after resolving all the misunderstanding, I had continued to hit and scold him. In my memory, it was mostly me hitting him. 

"Pfft!" I couldn’t help but laugh. Harry was a really good venting “machine” because he wouldn't break...

Suddenly, I heard the teacher ask, “Luo Bing, what's so funny? Would you like to share with us?” 

I was stunned. I looked in the front and I was dumbfounded. When did I come to the classroom?!

Harry was sitting next to me, and he sniggered. He even extended his hand to stroke my head. 

Gale and Yama were also in the same classroom, and they were sitting in front of me. They turned around and blinked at me. 

“I…” I looked around the classroom that was full of students. I didn’t remember most of their names. 

But they were all elites from Xing Chuan’s knights group, but not all of them were warriors. Some of them were the future scientists, engineers, doctors, biologists, etc. of Silver Moon City. So, they were not only the future of Silver Moon City, but also the future of humanity. 

And the person teaching us was the backbone of the current elites. He was the Minister of Engineering, Professor Sugan. Although he was a lecturer, he was handsome. The average age of the lecturers in Silver Moon City was around twenty-seven or twenty-eight. Hence, our lecturers were all handsome and beautiful, young men and women!

I looked at Professor Sugan blankly. His beige hair was tied up on the back of his head. His dazzling glasses were making him look like a human-looking teacher with a beast's heart from an adult comic book. 

I wasn’t sure why I had this feeling, but his glasses always gave me a vibe of forbidden teacher-student relationship.

However, it was actually normal to have a teacher-student relationship in Silver Moon City. There were many girls who wrote love letters to Professor Sugan. 

But at that moment, he was looking at me languidly.

“Humph, don’t get carried away just because you had a small achievement. Arrogance is your biggest enemy that would possibly end your life,” he said sternly. Then, he continued with the class. 

I lowered my head in embarrassment as I was going crazy. I would have died over multiple times if this was the battleground!

“Lil Bing, what wicked ideas are you having in your mind?” Harry poked my arm playfully.  

I was annoyed and pinched him hard on his thigh, “Stop annoying me!” 

“Psst…” he clenched his teeth and gripped my hand tightly. He placed his head on the table and succumbed to the pain. 

I retracted my hand and looked outside the window in annoyance. I was distraught because of him!

I was distraught with anxiety the entire day. 

I was worried that Yama and Gale had found out about me, as they were talking to us with extreme caution. Therefore, Harry had blocked them behind me, making a tiny space for me in the classroom.

I looked outside the window. There was no blue sky or white clouds, but only the deep and serene universe. I missed studying in school back in my world. The afternoon sun that used to pour on the study desk used to be clear, adding an innocent vibe in the school.

Gale said softly, “I had a nightmare last night! I was really terrified! Brother Bing was in a white wedding gown and sitting on the stairs while the pale moonlight showered him. I still remember the scene. He looked like a bride who had climbed out from hell.” 

“Mm. I was pretty scared too when I saw that. I admire His Highness who was daring enough to enter that place. That place was filled with blood. His Highness was bleeding when he walked in,” Yama added in a terrified tone. “We never expected that it was Brother Bing’s first time. His skills were so clean, clear and fierce. It didn’t look like it was his first time..."

“Stop talking about this! Can’t you talk about something else?” Harry stopped them. 

“Oh... Sorry.”

“Others… Oh, Brother Bing was quite pretty when he dressed up as a girl. Hehe. My heart was racing seeing him,” Yan Luo said in a silly tone. 

Gale was shocked, “Huh? You had that feeling too?”

“You too?!” 

Harry said in a lower tone, “Are you guys courting death? Are you suggesting that Brother Bing looks like a woman?” 

Gale and Yama replied nervously, “No, no, no. We didn’t mean it that way. Brother Bing is absolutely a man! Brother Bing, we really didn’t mean to say that you look like a girl.”

I continued to look out of the window. I am a girl anyway.

When the war is over, I will surprise all of you by changing into a girl again. Probably, Harry will be pissed off by that. 

That's strange… Why would Harry be pissed off if I resumed being a girl in front of the others? But, my guts told me so. He will be anxious if the other boys could see me as a girl... 

Why would Harry be angry? 

Yama whispered softly, “Brother Bing seems to be in a good mood today...”

Gale also chimed in softly, “Yeah. Look at him, he is smiling over there. He probably wouldn’t hit us...” 

I was happy at the thought of Harry’s angry expression. 

I turned to the back and smirked at Gale and Yama, “Hey, would you go after me if I was really a girl?” 

Harry immediately looked at me and his amber eyes squinted unhappily. As expected, he was angry. 

Yama and Gale were stunned. They exchanged a look and smiled awkwardly. Yama nudged Gale to do the talking. 

Gale looked at me warily and emphasized, “Let me be clear... You can’t get pissed and beat us up if I tell you the truth. We are all guys here, so we have to keep our words!”

I nodded and laughed, “I won’t beat you. Just be frank.” 

Gale let out a breath of relief. He glanced at me bashfully and cleared his throat. He then slowly lifted his head and said coquettishly, “Let me be clear about this. I am very picky when it comes to girls. There are actually quite a number of girls who like me, but they have never caught my eye. But, if Brother Bing is a girl, I swear I will go after you!” 

Harry gave Gale a slap on his head and stared at him. “Go away!” 

Gale got upset, “Harry, what is wrong with you? It was Brother Bing who asked.” Gale was a very proud guy. He had never respected Harry before. He had started treating him as a brother only after Harry had come to Silver Moon City and became friends with them.

Harry looked at me angrily and said, “Lil Bing, don’t simply joke around!” I smirked at him and said, “Are you jealous?” He used to always say that I was jealous of the girls who liked him. It was my turn to return him the favor. 

Harry was stunned and he blushed. 

Gale and Yama immediately jeered when they saw Harry blush. 

Yama laughed and pushed Harry’s forehead, “Hahaha! You are really jealous! Say! Did you follow Brother Bing to Silver Moon City because you like him?” 

Harry got anxious and said, “Don’t talk nonsense! Lil Bing doesn’t like it when people joke about these things! He will be angry.” His face grew glum as though he was warning Gale and Yama. In Noah City, he would usually be afraid that I would get angry and ignore him when people made such jokes.


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