Book 4: Chapter 50 - Distraught With Anxiety

Nora looked away reluctantly and stopped talking.

Xing Chuan looked at me with a gentle look and the coldness across his eyes disappeared, “I will come and see you later. The breakfast you made was really delicious.” He nodded at Harry and walked away with Nora and Moon Dream. 

The crowd began to move again, but their gazes and reactions were different from before. They didn't look excited, but looked puzzled and confused, instead. 

They didn’t understand why Harry was so angry and agitated, and why he had vowed to protect my heart.

“You made breakfast for him?!” Harry looked at me angrily. 

“No, it was Head Chef Kempinski and his crew,” I explained as we walked. “Head Chef Kempinski and his crew made it after they learned it from me. They said that they would have to let Xing Chuan try it before deciding if it could be made for everyone else.” 

“I see,” Harry smiled happily. Then, he suddenly draped his arm around my shoulder and moved closer to my ears. The moment he moved closer, my heart started racing.

“Don’t show them how to make breakfast in the future. There are no nice people in Silver Moon City,” he said sneakily and moved away. But my heart raced for quite some time before it could calm down. 

There were questions popping up in my head, and I wondered why I was blushing with my heart racing at full speed. I had never felt this way when we used to whisper into each other's ears in the past. It was like being with other girls; my heart wouldn’t race, making me blush whenever any other girl whispered into my ears. 

But when Harry placed his arm over my shoulder and came closer to me, the warmth of his body, and his scent became so clear... 

“Harry!” Some girls were calling for him again, as they ran to us. They were unaware of what had happened earlier. They looked at us excitedly and said, “Let's go to the class together.” They then looked at me in the kind of admiration that was shown between the opposite sexes.

“Sorry,” Harry apologized politely. “Luo Bing likes to be alone,” Harry told them smilingly as he held my shoulder and walked past the girls. 

“Luo Bing is so cool!” 

“Yea! Cool! Cool!” 

“I don’t think he is short anymore.” 

I could still hear the girls talking excitedly behind us.

Harry smiled at me and said, “Now, you’re popular too.” 

Mm," I replied absent-mindedly. I was deep in thoughts. Somehow, I was still confused. I seemed to have lost my usual cool as my head was filled with nonsense. 

“Lil Bing, are you okay?” Harry asked worriedly. He looked down and leaned closer to my face. I instantly blushed. As he moved closer, it felt like a slow motion video. The distance between us grew shorter and he leaned in towards me. “Why is your face so red?” 

He placed the back of his hand on my face and said, “It's really hot.” He stopped and turned me around. He suddenly leaned his forehead against mine and my heart started racing. *Lub-dub. Lub-dub.* My heart was desperately banging against my chest. 

His forehead was against mine and his curly hair was brushing the fringe of my hair on my forehead. He filled up my sight as if he was magnified to the size that could fill my entire world. His red sexy lips were right in front of me, just like Sis Ceci's.

Those soft and burning lips had kissed my forehead that morning. 

“Don’t do that!” I got scared for no known reason and slapped his face away. I turned around instinctively and peeped around us in guilt. Everyone around us was looking at us. The guys looked stiff while the girls looked even more excited than before. 

“They will think that you are into guys!” I said in a fuss. I was annoyed because I was unsure of my feelings. Why was I unhappy when I saw Harry with other girls? Why does my heart race when Harry comes close to me? Why am I distraught with anxiety when Harry is concerned about me? 

“It doesn’t matter,” Harry suddenly pounced on my back and circled his arm around my shoulders. “That way the girls will stop coming after me and no one will come after you either. Lil Bing, why don’t we pretend like we are a couple?” He smirked and whispered. 

Pretend what?! 

I got furious and I elbowed him in his stomach without hesitation.



He immediately let go of me as bent down, gasping in pain, “Psst… You really hit me hard.” 

I was annoyed. “You are always like this. You won’t be serious if I don’t hit you. I am going back to my room. I have applied for a few days of leave from Xing Chuan. You go to the class.” I turned around and walked away. 

He suddenly held my hand and my heart skipped a beat. I turned to look at him as he held onto my hand tightly. He still wasn’t able to stand up straight because of the pain. “I will keep you company.” 

“It's okay! Raffles has said that you have to study more! So stop annoying me!” I snapped at him. 

“I won’t go if you’re not going,” Harry started being clingy once again. He slowly stood up straight while rubbing his bruised stomach. Without any warning, he pulled me close and stared at me. His gaze was filled with worry and anxiety. His burning gaze made me turn away anxiously. My heartbeat was similar to Harry's, from the night before, and it didn't resume its normal speed for quite some time.

“I won’t let you be alone.” He pulled me towards him, and once again circled his arms around my shoulder from behind. He didn't bother about the surrounding people's strange gazes.

He buried his face on my neck and leaned on my shoulders. “Lil Bing, I won’t be at ease if I don’t see you.”

“Ugh! I know!” I shoved him away in annoyance. I retrieved my hand and purposely rubbed my arms. “Can you be less clingy?” I knew that he was worried about me, he was worried that I would drown myself into the darkness once again, after being alone.

He chuckled happily and he draped his arms over my shoulders once again, “I want to cling to you.” He forced me to walk forward with him. He circled my shoulder so I had no choice but to walk with him in the crowded and bustling world. 

I recalled the time when I had first landed in this world. I couldn’t accept the reality and I had nearly drowned myself into the darkness. But it was Harry, it was him who had clinged onto me. He had called me his wife all the time, and had brought me to Noah City, introducing me to everyone living there. He had used Noah City's happiness and liveliness to melt away the sadness and loneliness from my heart.

At the same time, I had always vented out all my anger on him, punching him a lot back then... 

What am I in Harry’s heart? Am I a friend, a family, a sister or...

My head started aching, and I was feeling agitated. However, this distraught kept me away from everything that happened in Heartless City as my brain was filled with Harry and all the memories related to Harry that kept replaying in my head. 


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