Book 4: Chapter 49 - Because We Live In The End Times

“Luo Bing!” Some guys shouted at me. I turned to look out of curiosity and saw them waving at me excitedly. Their excitement was similar to the people in Noah City, back when they’d treated me as their hope. 

I lifted my hand to wave back, still confused. Yet before I could wave back at them, Harry tugged me along to walk faster.

What’s going on today?

Why does everything seem so weird?

“It's the North Star!” 

“It's really him!” The girls exclaimed in surprise too. 

“Ah, it's Luo Bing!” Now the girls seemed excited to see me too. They used to only pay attention to Harry. 

However, as compared to the girls, the guys were more excited. They stood together in groups of two to three and gazed at me in admiration. 

“So amazing!” 

“What? What?”

“You don’t know yet?” 

“He killed the entire scouting troop of the Ghost Eclipsers, without using any superpowers. Just him alone!”

“My gosh! Is what you said true? Was the scouting troop made of ordinary humans?” 

“The thing is, they were not!” They continued to chatter among themselves excitedly. The news from the night before had spread like wildfire.  

“It was an elite troop! There were twenty-four of them in total! They were all really strong metahumans! But Luo Bing killed nineteen of them alone! And he didn’t even use any superpowers! He only used a sword and a gun!” 

“What?! How is that possible!? He managed to kill the metahumans without using any powers?!” 

“Yup! He is simply a god!” 

At once my mood dropped, and I felt depressed. 

“Let's go,” Harry urged, suddenly covering my ears to seal off the voices so that I couldn't hear what they said.

Nineteen... Nineteen...

I’d forced myself to neither think nor look at them. I hadn’t even wanted to count. I’d forced myself to focus and gun down everyone I could see with a headshot!

Because they were metahumans. 

The consequence of not making a headshot was that in the next second, my knees would have been penetrated by a bullet.

They were like zombies in a videograme. I could only free myself by giving them headshots. 

So, I shot them in the head, one by one...

*Bang... Bang…*

I hadn’t given them a chance to react. It had all happened in a split second. Two shots in a second...

Harry suddenly stopped, his face forming a murderous look. 

I slowly looked up, and saw Xing Chuan. 

He stood in front of me. Nora and Moon Dream were behind him. When they looked at me, their gazes were no longer arrogant but they avoided meeting my eyes out of embarrassment.

Xing Chuan’s gentle smile disappeared as he looked at me. He seemed worried. “Are you feeling better?” 


Harry suddenly charged at Xing Chuan and punched him angrily. 

“Harry!” I shouted. 

Suddenly, Harry hugged his head in agony before Xing Chuan. 

I glared at Moon Dream angrily and shouted, “Moon Dream!” 

Xing Chuan lifted his hand and Moon Dream took a step back. 

Harry hugged his head and panted for a while. Then he suddenly stood up and grabbed Xing Chuan by his collar. He roared in rage, “Do you know how kind-hearted he is?!” 

I was stunned. Xing Chuan stared at Harry in shock too, turbulent waves stirring in his black pupils. In those dark eyes, it felt a planet was about to explode. 

Grabbing Xing Chuan's collar tightly, Harry roared, “He has never hurt anyone! Never! Not even a flying corpse that was mutated from a human! Not even a Day Monster! He has never hurt anyone! But you made him kill humans?! Do you know that he has something that none of us here has?! The most precious thing he carries isn't his superpower but his heart! Did you know that!? Xing Chuan! It's his heart!” Harry angrily shoved Xing Chuan away. 


My heart ached. My eyes welled up with tears. My knight, my Harry. 

Xing Chuan stumbled back. Moon Dream and Nora immediately supported him. He raised his hand and they wordlessly let go, retreating backwards once again. 

Xing Chuan frowned, his gaze turning gloomy. He gazed deeply into my eyes, a faint anger churning in his dark pupils. 

At once I went to pull Harry back, while I watched Xing Chuan guardedly. On my name as Luo Bing, I vowed to kill him if he so much as dared to touch Harry! 

“Let's go home,” Harry suddenly said to me. 

Stunned, I looked at him while he faced me seriously with a mature look in his eyes. “Let's go back to Noah City. Lil Bing, you have something that none of us here has. You have a good personality and your humanity, I have to protect them. I don’t want to see you becoming like any one of us here!” 

I stared at him in surprise. I’d never thought that... he would actually want to protect my heart...

I’d come from a healthy world. Hence, I was destined to be different from the people here. 

“You can’t bring him away!” Xing Chuan suddenly extended his hand and blocked before me. He glared at Harry coldly. “He belongs to Silver Moon City now! How long can you protect him for, when there is no peace in this world?!” 

Harry sneered and pulled me away. 

“Luo Bing!” Xing Chuan called my name, pinning me with that deep gaze. “You know that I need you.” 

“Ignore him. Let's go!” Harry continued to tug at me. 

I stood on the spot, frowning. Harry looked at me and urged, “Lil Bing!” 

“Harry, this is a war...” I looked up at him and held his arm. I continued, “I can’t just run away because I live in these apocalyptic times. I can only choose to accept. I have no other choice. Even if we leave Silver Moon City today, how long can we stay away from this war for? Harry, the Ghost Eclipsers have already reach Zone Twelve.” 

Harry was stunned. I held his hand tightly. “Harry, we have to protect the cities after Zone Twelve and our home, our Noah City!” 

Harry clenched his fists and glared at Xing Chuan angrily. “Let me stay by Lil Bing in the future. Let me kill the Ghost Eclipsers. Don’t let his hands be stained with filthy blood!” Harry said in a deep voice. Then, he pulled me along and we walked past Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan didn’t stop us nor did he say anything. He stood where he was in silence, wearing no expression. His long hair shielded the side of his face, which made him look even gloomier. 

“He is a warrior!” Moon Dream blocked our path. With a stern look, she said, “Warriors kill their opponents when they are at war! He did what he had to do as the North Star and he even became a legend! Now, everyone in Silver Moon City thinks of him as a hero!” 

“A warrior who doesn’t fight in war. Is this a joke?” Nora sneered at Harry. “You’re ruining a hero!” 

Harry eyed them icily. “It’s still better than you ruining his kindness! Humph!” Harry pulled me away again. 

“Harry! How could you make Luo Bing a coward! You…” 

“Stop it,” Xing Chuan suddenly said as he gave Moon Dream a sideways smile. His cold smile immediately made Moon Dream frown and look away. 


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