Book 4: Chapter 48 - A Soft Kiss

“We saw the way you made those fritters. You used a lot of oil and salt, which exceeded the calorie limit,” Head Chef Kempinski analyzed. “Also, the nutrition from the vegetables have been damaged by the high oil temperature. This is not healthy…”

“As long as it is delicious!” Chef Da Pan and Sis Arvil roared at him. 

Head Chef Kempinski nodded immediately and said, “Yes, that’s right! I am bored of healthy food! As the head chef, what is our value if we were to cook the same food over and over again every day! We have to make more delicious food!” 

“That’s right!” 

The three chefs suddenly shouted with passion, making me turn stiff. 

I blinked and said, “Then… can I make another one?”

“Please go ahead!” They suddenly bowed at me politely and encouraged, “Please. Let us watch closely again!” The three of them watched me with anticipation.

I turned around stiffly. I couldn’t help but smile. They are so cute. 

Then, I hurried and cooked again. Step by step, I cleansed my filthy hands through the making this delicious food. 

When I returned to Harry’s balcony, he was giggling on the bed.

He sat on the bed like some silly guy. The sunlight poured on his handsome face, tinting his smile with the warmth of the sun. Harry was like the sun in my life. My mood would get better just by looking at him, because his smile was as wide as a sunflower and full of healing power. 

Also, I could scold and beat him at any time. 

Watching him giggling, I couldn’t help but laugh too. What is this dumbas* laughing about? 

His long curly hair had been tied up at the back of his head, leaving strands of baby hair that were too short to be tied to frame his face. Behind those swaying hairs were his ears and slender neck. 

He was famous and popular for a reason. He liked to laugh, he was happy, he was cheerful, he was handsome, his eyelashes were long and curly. He looked as pretty as a doll, and always brought happiness to the people around him.  

Even if I had been a real guy with the height of five foot nine, I might not have been as popular with girls as him. Because girls would like guys who could make them happy. 


Girls liked guys who could make them happy. That was why Harry caught so many girls’ attention once he came to Silver Moon City. 

Now I got upset again. Seeing him smile made me feel unhappy, because he smiled at everyone. 

Face glum, I placed the food tray down heavily on the table *Bang!*

Shocked, he looked up at me. Seeing me standing there, he nervously got up, face reddening in an instant as he tried to avoid meeting my eyes. 

I glared at him coldly. “Feeling happy about yourself being popular again? I can tell just by looking at that silly grin of yours!” 

Stunned for a moment, he began to grin at me again. 

I got furious. “What are you smiling about?” 

He walked over to me, still smiling. He didn’t say a thing but only smiled, like an ordinary person who had just hit the jackpot and hid in his blanket, chuckling himself silly. 

I had no idea what he was laughing about. Rolling my eyes at him, I said, “Let’s eat. I made breakfast. Thank you for last night…” I blushed and looked away, “...for keeping me company.” 

“You made me breakfast!” He looked at me excitedly, making me feel even more embarrassed. I blushed harder and turned away. Yet he suddenly pulled me back to face him. As his copper hair flashed past my line of sight, I felt a gentle kiss… on my forehead… 

His hair was fluttering in the sunlight, occasionally blocking the light from falling on my face. The entire world suddenly became quiet, my heartbeat disappearing in the kiss. As though both of us were standing in a gap in spacetime, completely isolated from this world. Here there was only… me and him…

Slowly his lips left my forehead, but that kiss seemed to burn my heart like a hot brand. I was puzzled and confused. Why? Why didn’t I feel like this when Raffles had kissed me on my lips? I’d been surprised and my heart had raced then, but I hadn’t felt this way, this strange feeling as though my soul had entered another world.

When I came back to reality, he was already happily eating the fritters I’d made for him. He giggled as he ate. That smile of his, brimming with happiness, only made me even more confused. 

“What are you laughing at?!” I couldn’t help but push him. He didn’t bother with me, only continuing to giggle. He was laughing even more than that time when I had celebrated his birthday for him. 

I was really angry now. “I was feeling so upset last night. Yet you are still here laughing so happily.” 

He continued laughing and pointed at his back. “Hit me then.” 

I rolled my eyes and growled, “Alright! You asked for it!” Immediately I hit him, but he still laughed happily while he ate his fritters and drank his soy milk. 

Harry was sick in the head. He was crazy. He couldn’t stop looking at me and laughing. He was still laughing even after I’d hit him.

Even when we were on our way to school, he still had that silly grin on. He didn’t hear at all when the girls greeted him along the way. Before, he would have smiled back if the girls said hi to him because he was always nice to girls. 

“The girls are saying hi to you!” I glared at him, annoyed. “Stop grinning at me. You are making me feel like a joke!” 

But, he continued to chuckle at me. “You’d be the prettiest girl in school if you put on a dress.” His amber eyes were shining like the sun. 

I rolled my eyes at him. “You think these people are blind? The prettiest girl in Silver Moon City is Moon Dream, followed by Nora, then Blue Charm. And after them, there are so many more. It wouldn’t be my turn at all!” As a girl, I had to acknowledge Moon Dream’s beauty. Using ‘goddess’ to describe her beauty wouldn’t feel at all out of place.

“You’re the most beautiful one in my eyes,” Harry said proudly, just like how he’d used to say playfully, ‘Waifu, you’re the most beautiful girl!’

I blushed and had goosebumps all over. Looking at him, I scolded, “That’s enough! I’ll ignore you if you act this way.” 

Hehe.” His smile was brighter than ever.

“Luo Bing! It’s Luo Bing!” Someone suddenly said. 

Harry and I were already at the square. Every guy in the huge business area stopped and stared at me with a strange look. 

I felt strange. Harry quickly placed his arms over my shoulders, holding me close. He placed his other hand in his pocket and we strode forward together arrogantly. 

“What are you doing?” I shot him a strange look. 

He looked down glumly. “I don’t like it when other guys look at you. You belong to me and Raffles,” he suddenly finished dominantly. 

My heart skipped a beat at his words. I continued to follow him blindly. He didn’t like other guys looking at me… But I am a guy now!


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