Book 4: Chapter 45 - The Bottom Line Of Humanity

Ah. So it turns out that they bleed just like us.

Devils would become humans again once they die.

I held my head and covered my ears so that I couldn’t hear the shrill screams and fighting in the hall.

The noise gradually disappeared. A cold breeze suddenly blew. It blew off all the fire and it blew away the bloody smell in the hall.

Within little more than an instant, the bustling hall had become dead quiet.

Between me and them, who is the real devil? I can’t tell anymore.

I wanted to throw up but I couldn’t.

I wanted to cry but I couldn’t.

I don’t know why I want to cry. What I am doing is justice!

“Wow! Brother Bing killed all of them alone?” I could faintly hear Gale’s voice. “Wow! Brother Bing, don’t sit there like a ghost bride. That’s scary!”

“Get out!” A long shadow stretched out towards my feet.

“Your Highness.”

A person walked slowly towards me. His shadow on the ground gradually shortened until he stood before me.

It became quiet again. He slowly squatted down in front of me, then extended his hand and put it on my head.

“First time?” He tried to soften his voice in the silence.

I continued to hold my head as he slowly let down my veil. The veil was still white, without a single bloodstain.

“Can you walk?” He asked softly.

I nodded faintly.

“Follow me.” He walked next to me. Putting his hand around me, he held me under my armpit to pull me up.

However, I couldn’t stand. My legs seemed to have lost all feeling. If it wasn’t for Xing Chuan who held me up, I would have fallen down again.

Suddenly, my body was lifted up. Xing Chuan carried me. As the veil covered my face, I could see him from behind the veil but I couldn’t see anything else in the hall.

He looked down at me for very long. A night breeze blew against the veil on my face while my hair swayed along with the breeze. Some strands of my hair landed on my lips.

My gaze met with Xing Chuan’s when the veil fluttered under the moonlight. His eyes dilated in shock, before his gaze grew dark. It felt like the night sky had suddenly lost its stars, or like the universe without any planets.

The night breeze blew his black hair, blanketing him in silence. He stood under the pale moonlight, his gaze fixed on me. He couldn’t tear his dark gaze away from my face.

As the breeze gradually stopped, the bloodiness in the castle became intense again. I couldn’t help but retch. I covered my mouth and knitted my eyebrows. Fresh blood instantly spread across my blank mind, and my body began to shiver. Tightly I covered my face and nose with enough strength to kill the enemy. 

Xing Chuan suddenly took huge strides. He carried me out.

I blocked my nose and my sight began to dim. However, I was clearly conscious. It was as though I’d suddenly lost my eyesight, drowning in darkness until I saw the bright moon in the sky.

He put me down. I stood in a place with fresh air.

I dropped my hand and lifted my face against the night breeze. Raising my head in the pale moonlight, I closed my eyes and took deep breaths.

The night breeze messed up my long hair. I heard the hem of my dress rustle.

Someone hugged me from behind and leaned against the side of my ear.

At once I opened my eyes and everything before me became clear. In front of me were the boundless wilderness and the night sky.

“Move away from me.” I pulled his hand away from my waist and stepped forward away from him. I began to take off the wedding dress. “I want to take a few days off.”

“Sure,” Xing Chuan replied calmly behind me.

“Thank you. I’d like to return to get some sleep.” I threw away the wedding dress. The hem of the dress had been tainted with blood. The sight made me unable to stop trembling.

“You are shivering.” He walked up to me again. “You need someone to keep you company.”

“I don’t need you!” I clenched my fists. “I don’t need a hug either. I’m fine! I want to go back.” I repeated myself.

No, I need someone. I need someone with me. But the person will definitely not be Xing Chuan!

“I will send you back.”

“I don’t want to go back to my  room.”

“I know. I will send you to Harry’s. You will feel better with a family member keeping you company.” Xing Chuan was always so understanding. Amidst the chaotic situation, his understanding moved me.

I slowly turned to look at him. “Thank you.”

He knitted his eyebrows and looked at me gently. The moonlight poured over him, making him look even more gentle. You could barely resist but fall into his gentle gaze and melt in his gentleness.

Slowly, he moved towards me as though he was nearing a frightened deer. With the gentlest possible movements, he slowly got closer to me. Then, he gradually extended his hand and moved closer to my face. Softly, he tucked my hair behind my ear. “You will feel better after you get used to this.”

“Get used to this bloody massacre? What’s the difference between us and the Ghost Eclipsers?” My tears flowed out from my eyes, making him furrow his eyebrows. He wiped my tears that were flowing down my cheeks.

I tried hard to hold back my tears. As I looked at him, my body began to shiver. Out of hatred towards myself for being so weak, I vented my anger on him. I grabbed him by his collar and stared into his eyes. “Tell me! What’s the difference between us and the Ghost Eclipsers?! We are all devils!!”

“No.” He touched my face as he wiped away my tears that I fought hard to hold back. “We are persevering at the bottom line of humanity! Luo Bing, everyone is pacing back and forth at the bottom line of humanity. When facing these things, you need to have courage!” He shouted at me, hope in his eyes.

“I have to take responsibility for this. I didn’t know it was your first time…” He paused. His eyebrows were tightly knitted. He sighed, “I know it is useless to tell you that I’m sorry. But I have to tell you that I’m sorry.”

My hand slowly slid off his collar. I lowered my face. “If it wasn’t you, I couldn’t even walk out of the hall.”

He tucked his hand gently behind my head and let me lean against his chest. My head began to hurt, because I was no longer qualified to hate Xing Chuan and Silver Moon City anymore. I had to become like them. My hands had begun to be tainted with blood.

“Your Highness,” Moon Dream called softly.

“Stay back and clean up this mess,” Xing Chuan said as he held my shoulders. He brought me to our spaceship. He brought me back to Harry, my home in Silver Moon City.


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