Book 4: Chapter 44 - One Against Ten

I’d put on the dress but my chest seemed flat. Spotting a dried bun by the side of the bed, I broke it into two and stuffed them inside. I squeezed and made them into the shape of a girl’s boobs.

Lifting my head, I saw Blue Charm, Moon Dream and Nora’s surprised faces, as well as Gale’s awkward expression.

However, I was calm.

I glanced at Gale calmly. “Do you want a pair too?”

Gale quickly shook his head and didn’t speak.

I picked up the veil and put it over my head. As my braid was in the way, I removed the braid and let down my long hair. Then, I adjusted my boobs again. When I lifted my head, I saw everyone’s surprised faces. 

Seemingly astonished, they stared at me dumbfounded. Especially Gale, who was no longer wearing an awkward expression but a blank poker face instead. “Brother Bing, you really look like a girl.”

I narrowed my eyes and let out a murderous vibe.

Gale was so terrified that he went silent. He looked away but continued to peek at me out of the corner of his eyes.

I tore both sides of my dress so that it would be easy for me to reach for my gun. Then, I moved the lightsaber into my sleeve. When I put my arm down, it would fall into my hand.

Once I was prepared, I looked up at them. “Wait for my order. I will tell you to go.” I glanced at the dumbfounded girls. They had yet to come back to reality.

I should look very similar to Raffles right now. It would be hard to differentiate whether I was a girl or guy. I looked like a guy when I tied my hair up, but I looked like a girl when I let my hair down. The only difference was that Raffles looked more girly while I looked more manly.

When I was with Raffles, he was more like a girl while I would be the guy.

I looked at the Princess of Heartless City. “You need to disguise yourself too.” I handed my girl’s clothing to her.

She immediately nodded and wore the clothes. Then, she put her headscarf on. We had officially switched our roles.

I glanced at Gale. “Gale, you are in charge of her safety. When the fight begins, send her to a safe place. Then, come back and meet us.”

“Alright, Sis Bing,” he unexpectedly replied. My face immediately turned glum. He quickly covered his mouth and spun around in regret. “Why did I say it out loud?”

I lifted my hand and pointed at him, glaring. “The next time you call me Sis Bing again, I will meet you at the training room.”

“No, no, no, Brother Bing. I, I, I…” He looked left and right anxiously. Suddenly, he picked up a loaf of bread and broke it into two to stuff in his dress. He pleaded for forgiveness, “How about this?”

“That’s disgusting.” Blue Charm rolled her eyes in disdain at him. “You were so wild back then. Now, you are afraid of Brother Bing.”

Gale’s face grew embarrassed. He raised his eyebrows and rolled his eyes arrogantly at Blue Charm. “Who is afraid of Brother Bing? Brother Bing, I am not afraid of you!” He stared fiercely at me, but secretly pleaded for mercy with his hands.

I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry at his actions.

Just then, the door opened.Swiftly I lowered my veil and turned around. 

The Ghost Eclipsers who’d brought us in looked at me with a smile. “Princess, let’s prepare to get married!”

I nodded. Step by step I walked forward. Blue Charm, Gale and the others followed closely behind me. They guarded the Princess in between them.

We followed the Ghost Eclipsers down the stairs into the castle. There was a hall with over twenty Ghost Eclipsers gathered there. A huge and long table stood in the middle, filled with food and drinks.

The dark-skinned leader stood there, all brawny like a bronze statue.

He seemed to have taken a shower and changed into clean clothes. Chuckling, he fixed his burning gaze on me.

“The wedding begins!” A Ghost Eclipser acted as an emcee.

“Girls!” Those Ghost Eclipsers swarmed forward excitedly. They wanted to grab the girls. Moon Dream and Nora immediately dodged. Seeing that they were trying to grab Blue Charm, Gale went forward to push the Ghost Eclipsers.

“What are you doing?!” The leader at the front suddenly roared, his bright and clear voice ringing out like a bell. Everyone immediately stopped and faced him with grins.

He put his hand on his waist angrily. “I want to have a proper wedding! Keep yourself together! Don’t spoil the romance now! Am I right? Princess?” He spoke to me gently.

I nodded.

Hahaha… You are so shy. I like you being shy.” He waved his arms. The emcee immediately smiled maliciously and continued, “Boss, would you marry this cute girl?”

“I do! I do!”

“Then, the cute Princess, would you marry our boss?”

“She does! she does!” The dark-skinned leader couldn’t wait but answered on my behalf. “Hurry up and say the last sentence!” The dark-skinner leader slapped at him.

“Yes, yes, yes.” The emcee chuckled as he dodged. Then, he continued, “Boss! You can! Kiss your bride!”

Woo!” Everyone cheered. The dark-skinned Ghost Eclipser leader pursed his lips and leaned down towards me as he lifted my veil. 

My lightsaber immediately fell into my hand. While his face was still nearing mine, suspicious as he lifted my veil, I’d already raised my hand and the lightsaber had already slashed his neck. His eyes were wide open as his head slowly slid out of my sight. In an instant, the place had become pitch silent.

Within the same second, I’d already raised my gun and shot at the emcee as their leader fell.

Everything happened in an instant. Almost every Ghost Eclipser in the hall couldn’t catch up with what had happened. I couldn’t be bothered about the head that I’d chopped off or the emcee that I’d shot because I hadn’t dared to look or think about things that I’d done!

However, I had to be extremely focused, just like how I’d rehearsed with my dad back then. My only goal was to exterminate the enemies before me.

I knew that I wouldn’t be able to continue to kill if I were to take so much as one look.

I turned and began to shoot the people on both sides of the table. Every single shot was a headshot, just like how my dad and his friends had used to shoot. I kept telling myself that this was merely a rehearsal.

One fell after another. The entire hall was in a mess. Some people finally came back to reality. Suddenly, the entire table flew at me. I jumped as I raised the lightsaber, and slashed the table into two from above. Then, I raised my gun as the table broke apart. The light shot out through the gap at lightning speed!

The table that had been about to hit me became my shield so that the enemies couldn’t see me clearly.

“Go!” I roared. Blue Charm, Moon Dream and Nora immediately moved away from my sides. A gust of human breeze blew past me. I gradually backed off towards the stairs. Blood was flowing past me like a river down the stairs.


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