Book 4: Chapter 43 - Sneaking Into The Enemy’s Camp

Nora and Moon Dream maintained their silence, turning to look at me loftily with arrogant attitudes like princesses.

Blue Charm glanced at them, then nodded at me solemnly.

“Yama, Sharjah, you are in charge of guarding the city gate. Once we send you a signal, do not let any metahuman leave the city! Do you understand?” I looked at Yama and Sharjah.

“Yes, Brother Bing!” Ever since I’d defeated the brawny Yama, he had taken to calling me Brother Bing.

“Alright.” Sharjah continued to smile.

Xing Chuan stood by my side. After he’d given me the authority, he hadn’t spoken or suspected anything. He’d given me absolute trust.

“What ability do you have to contain them in the city? There are over twenty of them and they are all metahumans. Yet there are only seven of us.” Moon Dream looked at me doubtingly.

I faced her with a solemn look. “Because you are Xing Chuan’s North Star knights. If you can’t even defeat these twenty Ghost Eclipsers, I don’t think Silver Moon City is capable enough to fight against Ghost Eclipsers at all.”

Moon Dream and Nora were stunned.

Gale secretly gave me a thumbs up.

They were the elites among the metahumans. Elites were just like special forces in my own world. Every special force warrior had the power to fight against a hundred people alone. Otherwise, could they have been ordinary people mooching off of Xing Chuan and gaining the priority to be in a relationship with Xing Chuan for nothing?

“Now, everyone, prepare for landing.” I looked at everyone. Gale and Yama’s eyes were shimmering in excitement. “Listen to my command!”


As we flew to Heartless City, I continued to read through the enemy’s metahuman information. Silver Moon City was amazing when it came to scouting information. They could scan the superpower of a metahuman and describe their superpower in detail.

Judging from the situation of the enemy’s metahumans, their arsenal of superpowers was well-rounded and had a wide variety.

There were defense, attack, and healing superpowers. On top of that, the troop itself was a powerful scouting troop. If we were to fight, it would be a tough battle. No wonder Sharjah had thought that it would be safest to wipe them out. We would only need to throw a grenade at them while they were not on guard. Although not all the metahumans would be killed by it, it would at least slash their fighting force by half. 

Although the number of metahumans was low, each could fight against a number of enemies alone. This was also the scariest part about metahumans.

Countless sci-fi movies had verified this. The strongest one was no doubt the Avengers. There had been only a few of them yet they had defeated the entire legion from outer space. It was obvious that metahumans possessed “godly” power that humans were afraid of.

When I’d come to this world, I’d started doubting if the wars among Gods in the legends had been actually referring to aliens and metahumans who had once fallen to earth.

In the powerful and well-equipped Ghost Eclipse scouting troop, there weren’t any speed metahumans and superpower-probing metahumans. Hence, we had the  advantage. 

The dark-skinned metahuman was obviously their leader. He could attack and defend.

His skin could instantly transform into steel and defend. He could resist all kinds of attack, even bullets couldn’t pierce him. Even light ray weapons would require some time to break his tough armor. 

At the same time, his hand would become the most impressive sharp knives when his skin became tough. It could attack his enemy and pierce all kinds of objects.

This was a metahuman whose superpower would be difficult to handle.

I brought Gale and the other members closer while Xing Chuan stayed in the spaceship and watched in silence.

Night had descended by now. The base camp had been completed outside the city as well. A total of fifty people from Heartless City had been imprisoned at the base camp.

Outside the base camp were the two metahumans who could vomit gastric acid and hypnotize others.

Items that the Ghost Eclipsers had found in the people’s houses stood in a pile of items next to the base camp. It had been piled there messily, and included things like bottles, cans, clothings and random items that obviously weren’t worth much.

Accordingly to the Ghost Esclipsers’ habits, they would bring men with them as food and bring women as comfort women.

I glanced at Nora. “Prepare to enter.”

Nora’s superpower was to make people hallucinate. She could at most do it to two persons at once.

She glanced at me, then began to perform her superpower. Her superpower was shapeless. I’d experienced it before.

Her mission now was to let Moon Dream, Blue Charm, Gale and I sneak into the prison, without letting the guard see. It was a kind of illusion too, an illusion that made all of us “invisible”.

Nora nodded at us, gesturing to indicate that it was done.

Blue Charm, Moon Dream, Gale and I walked quickly to the base camp. Nora had been leading at the front as she stared at the two guards.

The people in the prison saw us from afar. We immediately waved at them and beckoned them to keep quiet. They watched us anxiously and didn’t dare to make any noise.

As we passed by the pile of clothings, we grabbed five sets of girl dresses and guy clothings.

“Someone is coming out from Heartless City. Move faster,” Xing Chuan said. He was in charge of monitoring the movement in Heartless City.

We sped up. Even when we passed by in front of the two guards, they couldn’t see us. They were still chatting.

“Boss really knows how to have fun. He’s even getting married.”

“A wedding’s something interesting. We’ve been traveling for a few months. I was so bored. Today is such a lively day. We get to relax.”

“The whole journey was so exhausting. We’ve finally found a place. If we still couldn’t find a place, we would definitely be dying outside.”

“We’d be dead meat if we returned without finding a city too."

What they’d said sounded heart-rending. However, a devil’s tear needed no sympathy. 

We walked past them into the prison.

Everyone surrounded us and I gestured for them to keep quiet. I passed them the male clothing and instructed, “Hurry up and let the girls put them on. Everyone, keep quiet.” The people from Heartless City nodded at once. The girls quickly put on the man clothing and hid in the corner.

We quickly put on the girls’ dresses.

Gale looked at me in grievance. “Captain, can I not…”

I rolled my eyes at him and he immediately shrunk his neck and put it on. The loose dress was old and tattered. I picked up a girl’s scarf and wrapped it around Gale. Then, I glanced at everyone else. “Don’t act recklessly after we enter. Follow my command.”

Everyone nodded.

Nora and Moon Dream exchanged a glance, before they looked away and muttered among themselves.

“She is taking us to our deaths,” Nora spat with anger.

“We can save ourselves with our superpowers. If he is strong, he can come out on his own,” Moon Dream said mercilessly.

Although they said it softly, I could hear them clearly as the surroundings were dead quiet.

Gale felt awkward. He poked me and patted his chest. “Don’t worry. I will save you.”

“It’s okay.” I touched my gun and lightsaber on my waist. They weren’t in a good location. I needed to fix that later.

“Be careful yourself,”  Blue Charm said to me seriously.

Just then, someone walked over from the other side of the bridge. He had on a frivolous gaze.

“Hurry up and find me a girl!” He waved excitedly.

The two guards were thrilled with excitement. “Sure! Remember to let us take our turns.”

“Yeah, yeah. Save your nonsense. The wedding is starting soon.” The Ghost Eclipser who came out from the city wore a wide smile, revealing his black teeth.

The two guards who had the ability to vomit gastric acid and hypnotize came in to pick the girls. Nora began to use her superpower again. Every time they came before the girls, the girls would disappear before them.

If the girls had been in women’s clothing, they would have been easily noticed by the people outside the prison. Hence, I had them put on men’s clothing, blending in with the crowd. In the dim lighting, the people outside temporarily wouldn’t be able to notice them.

“Get out!” The one with the superpower that vomited gastric acid grabbed Gale by his arm.

Then, Nora, Moon Dream, Blue Charm and I were pushed out from the base camp one by one. They made us stand in a row too. I stood right at the front while Blue Charm followed behind me. Gale stood in the middle, which was harder to notice. At the end of the line, were Moon Dream and Nora. We were all wearing the headscarves that girls wore here. I pulled my headscarf lower.

“There are so many girls! That’s awesome!” The Ghost Eclipsers stared at us lasciviously. Although Blue Charm and the other girls were in disguise, they were still beautiful at the end of the world where girls were sorely lacking.

With Gale’s figure and mine, they wouldn’t be suspicious when we lowered our heads and pretended to be girls. Since the sky was dark, they were pretty blind too.

Gale and I kept our faces averted. The few Ghost Eclipsers’ gazes were captured by Moon Dream and the other girls.

“Follow me!” The Ghost Eclipsers slapped my back and began to slowly move his hand down. I quickly moved forward. I will kill him first later!

By the time we went into the city, Sharjah and Yama had already prepared to take care of the guards. The two of them were more than capable of dealing with two guards.

We walked in while Ghost Eclipsers stood by the sides and stared at us frivolously. They whistled and extended their hands to touch us. We dodged to the left and the right, and sped up our pace.

They were all filthy, frivolous men. Their souls had been given to the devil.

Heartless City wasn’t huge, so we arrived at the back door of the fortress really soon.

The corridor in the fortress was very narrow. They’d lit up the corridor along both sides using fire.

Eventually, we arrived before a room with a guard guarding at the door. Hunger showed in their eyes as they opened the room door for us. Noises came from downstairs, which sounded like the Ghost Eclipsers celebrating their victory.

The moment they opened the door, we heard sobs.

“Girls, put on your most beautiful clothes. The wedding is going to start soon.” They smiled frivolously and locked us behind a closed door.

There was a girl crying on the bed. She should be the Princess of Heartless City. She looked just like an ordinary girl from Noah City. Hearing us coming in, she got up. When she saw us, she was stunned.


Gale instantly covered her mouth from right next to her. “We are here to save you. Don’t make noise.”

She immediately nodded, although she was still frightened.

Gale let her go and she choked with sobs as she looked at us. “You have to save us. Please.”

“I know,’ I said.

“What do we do next?” Nora asked impatiently.

I saw a white evening gown that could pass as a wedding gown. Taking off my dress, I put the wedding gown on.


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