Book 4: Chapter 42 - Rescue The Prisoners Of War

“For the past few years, we have relied on Livable Zone Twelve to restrict the expansion of the Ghost Eclipsers. Once they conquer Heartless City, it would put the peaceful zones behind Zone Twelve at risk. Hence, we have to take back Heartless City today! And wipe out all the Ghost Eclipsers in Heartless City!” Xing Chuan swung down on the map and clenched his fist.

The map instantly put Heartless City on display again.

“Let’s adopt a wipe-out tactic,” Sharjah suggested. “We would run a high risk if we tried to rescue the people in Heartless City and we would suffer great loss too. We’ve just gone through the war in Valley Dust Ruin. We have insufficient arms.”

“So you’ll give up on rescuing people?” I couldn’t accept Sharjah’s suggestion!

Xing Chuan looked at everyone, his expression calm. “Figure out a way to save the prisoners of war first. If the rescue plan fails, wipe out the place.”

“I disagree!” I immediately objected. “I am against killing innocent people!”

“But if we can’t defend, the Ghost Eclipers would advance and there would be more deaths!” Nora glared at me coldly. She’d lost her usual warmth; now her furious glare was fueled with murderous intention.

Sharjah, Moon Dream and the others looked at Nora and me simultaneously. They seemed to have noticed the unusual vibe between me and her.

“How would you know if you don’t try?” I stood firm in my opinion. Although everyone here had agreed to wipe out the people of Heartless City, I insisted on rescuing the people.

Humph. Go ahead on your own then. Don’t drag us down!” Nora smirked coldly at me.

Moon Dream was surprised too. Nora’s sudden change of attitude confused her. Previously, when she had been holding grudges against me, it had been Nora who’d eased the tension. Now, Nora was against me too.

“Luo Bing, there are limited resources in this world.” Sharjah looked at me with a smile. He seemed to be trying hard to ease the tension. “That’s why, when Ghost Eclipsers send out their scouting troop, the troop would immediately send an update after they conquer a city. Then, they would draw a map. However, they would stop exploring after the scouting troop stops updating them. They wouldn’t send anymore people to explore that particular route for a period of time. It provides time for people to rest up. Hence, the military matter in Livable Zone Twelve is very important. The Ghost Eclipsers have just conquered Heartless City and they have yet to send people back to report to Ghost Eclipse Town. It is a very crucial time!”

“Hence, wiping out would be the simplest and most convenient way?” I looked at them and they didn’t reply. “This is how Silver Moon City works? With the prerequisite of the least damage for Silver Moon City, regardless of whether innocent lives are sacrificed?” I felt complicated when I looked at them. They were my age but they were so cold when we were talking about lives.

“Luo Bing, you will be fully in charge of this mission.” Xing Chuan suddenly looked at me.

I was surprised. Of course, Sharjah and the other members were even more surprised.

However, Xing Chuan couldn’t be bothered about them. He wouldn’t care about your personal factors before a mission. No one could go against Xing Chuan’s command. He continued, “All of you, obey North Star’s command. Make use of this mission and get to know North Star!” He spoke in a deep voice as he looked at the other members.

“Yes!” Gale and Yama replied in unison while the others remained silent.

I looked at them. “I know you can’t bear the sight of me. Similarly, I can’t bear the sight of your Xing Chuan either."

Stunned, they looked at me. Gale tried to send me eye signals while Yama looked to Xing Chuan anxiously.

However, they didn’t know that Xing Chuan was used to my attitude towards him. Hence, Xing Chuan continued to maintain his solemn expression and didn’t look at me, only watching the other members.

I stood next to Xing Chuan while maintaining my solemnity. “However, I hope that you can leave your prejudices here. In this mission, we have to learn to work together. I don’t know if you believe in unity but I think there is no unsolvable problem when there is unity.” 

Sharjah and the other members didn’t speak. Sharjah seemed to maintain his neutral position as he stood in between the two groups of Gale and Yama, and the trio of Blue Charm, Nora and Moon Dream.

Of course, I didn’t hope to unite everyone with just a few sentences. However, I believed that they knew what they should do.

I turned to Xing Chuan. “I want the details.”

Xing Chuan nodded. “I am handing the authority over to you.” He took off his badge and reached out to my chest. While I was still stunned, he’d already pressed his badge over mine on my chest. I stiffened. He-, he-, he pressed on my chest!

The two badges were glowing blue. Xing Chuan was giving me the authority.

I tried hard to maintain my calm. It doesn’t matter to a guy. As he retracted his badge, I turned to look at the map in front of me. “Show the actual situation in Heartless City.”

Heartless City appeared before me.

Rather than a city, Heartless City was more like a fortress. A fortress that towered over the one and only forest in the livable zone.

A river flowed through the entire Heartless City, and there was a simple wooden bridge across the river.

The fortress looked like a small town in the ancient western style. A number of small houses built from small stones stacked together surrounded a fortress, which was also made of stone.

There were Ghost Eclipsers all over Heartless City. They were pulling all the villagers out from the houses and chasing them to a stretch of empty land outside the city. A metahuman from Ghost Eclipse Town had uprooted the surrounding trees and was now planting them back into the ground. He was building a huge campsite.

I tapped on the metahuman and his information was immediately listed out clearly: Superpower, will control.

I tapped on the guard by the side: Superpower, vomit gastric acid. 

What kind of a superpower is that?! Vomit gastric acid?

“The metahuman could vomit gastric acid strong enough to rot all metals,” Silver Moon explained further.

I tapped on another person: Superpower, hypnotize.

This superpower is good, especially during an attack.

“Are you done?” Nora asked coldly. “You are going through them one by one. How long do we need to wait? Are you fighting or not? If you drag any longer, they will send people back to Ghost Eclipse Town to update.”

“We can stop the messenger.” I glanced at Nora. Blue Charm moved next to Sharjah. She seemed to have shifted over to neutral too. Moon Dream continued to stand by Nora.

Humph.” Nora looked at me askance like she was sneering at a country bumpkin. “You really think they are communicating via a messenger? As soon as they build their base station, they can send a message!”

It turned out to be a communication station.

“Look. This is the base camp that they are building.” Nora pointed at the top of the castle, where two or three people who looked like will-controlling metahumans were building what looked like a signal tower.

In my own world, will control was considered amazing. But in this world, they were considered ordinary, almost like it was the most fundamental superpower. Will-controlling metahumans made up the majority of metahumans in this world because their power was practical for building things.

“They will complete the building of their base camp by nighttime. If you want to rescue the prisoners of war, humph, we will have to fight with them for very long.” Nora smirked. “When we are fighting, would we be able to protect the prisoners of war? The impact of a fight between metahumans would affect a huge range. Whether or not you want to rescue them, they will die.”

I didn’t listen to Nora, nor did I become anxious because of what she’d said. I continued to study the castle calmly. The image became nearer, showing an extremely brawny and dark-skinned Ghost Eclipser on the balcony. He was smiling frivolously. Three other Ghost Eclipsers stood next to him.

“Boss, their princess looks beautiful,” a Ghost Eclipsers said suggestively through gritted teeth.

“Find all the girls and bring them out tonight. After I marry the Princess, let’s all have some fun and celebrate! Hahaha… Remember, don’t kill them. Otherwise, we won’t get to have anymore fun in the future. Hahaha…” The dark-skinned Ghost Escliper laughed, exposing his filthy yellow teeth.

“Sure!” The Ghost Eclipsers cheered excitedly. They looked as disgusting as pirates who hadn’t cleaned themselves up for at least three months.

Their boss was getting married, so he had to find girls for his underlings. 

I turned to look at the base camp that was almost done. The Ghost Eclipsers were pushing the people of the city toward the base camp. As expected, there were girls among them. The Ghost Eclipsers that had captured them couldn’t wait, and were touching the girls lecherously. They grabbed the girls’ boobs and bottoms. 

The men charged at the metahumans furiously but the metahumans sent them flying with mere slaps. Frightened, the girls cried in fear while desperately holding onto the trees.

There weren’t many girls but only three to four of them. There were a few of them who were middle-aged and elderly too.

The base camp was being built outside the city, opposite the wooden bridge, because there wasn’t a spacious enough stretch of land to contain everyone in Heartless City. All the Ghost Eclipser were in the city, besides the two who were in charge of guarding the base camp.

Although the base camp and Heartless City was merely a bridge away, to the metahumans of this world, it would be a great opportunity to separate the prisoners of war for protection away from the enemy! We just had to seize control of the guards and afterwards save the Princess.

This is an opportunity!

An idea popped into my head. Metahumans were always on high alert. They would immediately counterattack once someone attacked them. The prisoners of war would become their hostages in the end. Hence, we had to ensure our success before they even realized that they were under attack.

“They want girls…” I looked at everyone and smiled. “So we will give them girls!”

Everyone stared at me with a confused look. Nora and Moon Dream still refused to look at me but Gale gulped and looked at Yama anxiously. “Why do I have a bad feeling about this?”

“Let’s go!” I roared. We then departed.

I was always quick and firm in action during a mission!

I didn’t know how Silver Moon City was like during a mission and I didn’t know if they knew of warcraft and tactics. However, I believed they were smart. They shouldn’t be the brainless kind who barged in just like that.

However, they were no doubt selfish, judging from this mission. They would put their own interest as the priority, and they wouldn’t care much about the safety of the people on the ground.

Our spaceship hovered in the sky above Heartless City. Everyone was gathered in the meeting room.

I pointed at Heartless City. “The proposal is simple. Blue Charm, Nora, Moon Dream, Gale, you infiltrate into Heartless City with me.”

“Yes!” Gale was excited. He was thrilled to be able to head out for a mission.


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