Book 1: Chapter 31 - What Is So Unusual About Chocolate

I wanted to get up.

But he pressed me down once again and smirked, “You don’t want your bag anymore?”

Oh… Yeah…

After Xing Chuan left, I started daydreaming. I was stressed because of Xing Chuan, as he was my only threat. As this threat was gone, I started feeling safe and a little relaxed, but due to this, I started feeling miserable as well…

In my own world, if it wasn’t during summer holidays, I would be in class right now…

The sunlight would shine through the windows and pour on my desk, where many notes would be scribbled over by my seniors. It might be some lame riddles or some sickening sweet nothings.

At the age of sixteen, when they were in their first bloom of love, they would write down their feelings on the corner of the table or in their diary, and… even on the toilet door…

The school bell would ring and the teacher would enter the class. Some students would be listening attentively, some would be sleeping, and some would be fooling around. My classmate who sat next to me would say that her goal was to enter Peking University…

Oh yeah. I was supposed to be in my first year of senior high school in September… What would my new classmates have been like?

“Waifu? Waifu!?” Someone shook me hard. I came back to reality and saw Harry looking at me very anxiously. He saw that I looked at him and he let out a breath of relief. It was as though he was worried that I had lost my soul. In his amber eyes, there was cheekiness, “Who are you thinking about? Is it me!?”

I rolled my eyes at him.

“It is definitely me. You are embarrassed to admit it. Hahahaha!”

Who gave him such confidence?

“Waifu, your bag is really nice. No one is able to make this kind of bag anymore…” Harry was holding my black backpack. He flipped it around curiously, “Did you find this in one of the historical remains? This is so heavy… Waifu, what do you keep inside…” He was curious as he tried to open the zip. I immediately took it back and hugged it. I looked at him with my guard up, “Don’t touch my things!”

He was stunned. Then, he extended his hands to comfort me, “Alright, okay, I won’t touch it. Waifu, I have something delicious for you.” He smiled and turned to open a drawer under his steel bed while he stuck his butt up. Then, he took something out and hid it behind him. He chuckled excitedly, before extending his hand. There was something in his hand, and it looked like… chocolate.

“Here, waifu. I found this in a historical remains. It’s chocolate!” He shoved the chocolate into my hands. “I have heard that you could feel better after eating this. I don’t know if it is true…” He rubbed his chin as he pondered.

Historical remains? He brought up the historical remains once again. Why did he say that he found the chocolate in a historical remains?

I slowly released my arms from around my backpack and picked up the chocolate with its perfect wrapping paper. It was wrapped with tinfoil and there were Chinese characters printed on it. Only then, I realized that the common language here was also Chinese!

I was dumbfounded for too long and I seemed to have overlooked many details.

Actually, Harry had been helping me and saving me over and over again…

“Waifu! Waifu!” Suddenly, Harry called me again. I immediately glared at him and he revealed a relieved look. I looked at him in confusion, “Why do you keep calling me all the time!?” 

Harry scratched his head and laughed bashfully, “You are always daydreaming. And I am worried you might get depressed and lose your wits.” A concerned look crept up in his amber-colored eyes as he said this.

I was stunned. I see… He was worried about me.

Because I was confused, I didn’t know what I should do next. How should I live? What should I do? My schedule used to be packed with studying and doing homework. Back then, I found it extremely annoying and wanted to run away from it. But when I actually  lost those things completely, I realized that I didn’t know anything besides school and studies that would keep me engaged.

I had already lost everything. I had lost my parents, I had lost my home, I had lost… my friends…’ I felt a prickle in my nose and I quickly creased my eyebrows. No way, I told myself not to cry. ‘I can’t be lost and downhearted.

I suddenly understood why Harry didn’t let me be alone. He definitely saw through me. He didn’t let me stay alone because I would definitely drown in my own misery, if I were to be alone. I would daydream, lose my wits and eventually become a fool.

That’s right! I can’t be alone! I can’t let my brain stop thinking.

I thought to myself, then I put the chocolate he had given me on the table next to me. Then, I opened the zip of my bag. Harry stood on the spot and extended his neck to look curiously.

I took out a piece of Dove chocolate from my bag…

“Chocolate! You have one too!” Harry was extremely surprised!

I put my Dove chocolate before Harry. My mom had low blood sugar. Hence, I always carried chocolate and beef jerky with me. “Here, take this. Thank you for saving me. This is a hazelnut flavored one.”

“Hazel, hazel, hazelnut flavor!” Harry took the chocolate from my hand, as though he was receiving a holy item. His amber eyes were wide open, as though he was looking at the most unbelievable thing on earth.

Then, I took out another two pieces and put them on the table. I can’t keep chocolate for long, so it is useless for me to keep them in my bag. I wanted to give one to Arsenal and the other one to… the children here.

“You, you, you, you, you have! Such a big piece!” Harry stared at the other two bigger pieces of chocolate with his eyes wide open and his jaw dropped. His expression was as though he had discovered a new land or a magical weapon.

Then, I took out three bottles of water!

That’s right, three bottles!

When I would go out with my parents, I had always been the family porter! Everyone would put food in my bag, but there wasn’t any phone or iPad! 

My dad was too strict. He had said that he would only buy me a cell phone when I completed my senior high school. ‘What era were we in? Even my youngest cousin who went to primary school had a phone.’ I used to feel like I was still living in the caveman era.

However, my dad was stubborn. Luckily, my mom had secretly promised to buy me an iPhone if I were to pass the exam to enter senior high school.

Sigh! Couldn’t I have time-traveled after I had gotten my cell phone!?

Now, I only have a bag of food, which is utterly useless!

“Water!” Suddenly, Harry’s scream frightened me. I looked at him curiously. Both his hands were shivering when he picked up one Nongfu Spring Water bottle and rubbed his face against it, “Clean water… clean water…”

He looked like he was going to cry. What’s going on?

I suddenly recalled that Arsenal had given Xing Chuan water when she had sent him off. That time I hadn’t thought of it as anything unusual. In such barren desert, it was only natural to give water. But, looking at Harry’s expression now, water seemed to be very precious.

“Nongfu… Spring Water?” Harry read the characters on the bottle and looked at the Dove chocolate, “Dove? I haven’t seen these brands before…”

My heart clenched. Sh*t, I am too careless.

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