Book 4: Chapter 41 - Another Mission

Everyone in Silver Moon City had individual badges that acted as an access card, and with varying levels of limited access. Currently, there was no place that I couldn’t go with my badge, including the research center of Silver Moon City. I could even scan my face in place of the badge.

The scientists in Silver Moon City were all quite old. Recently, they’d been researching how to store blue crystal energy. They wanted to use blue crystal energy to make the space leap to the planet that people had found to be suitable for humans back then.

However, it was extremely difficult to store blue crystal energy. Although it was convenient to pick up a small simulated blue crystal energy, it wasn’t easy to perform a leap across the universe. Firstly, there wasn’t any energy storage device that huge. Secondly, even if they managed to build the energy storage device, absorbing so much blue crystal energy wasn’t an easy feat. It wasn’t as simple as throwing a sponge into the water to absorb water.

I took a stroll through the lab and reached an indoor garden. Silver Moon City placed a strong emphasis on afforestation. It could diminish people’s stress levels and loneliness when in outer space.

The garden was very quiet. There was no one there. Entering here seemed to require a high level of authority.

Silver Moon City was huge. It was far bigger than Noah City. Passing through the middle region, higher authority levels would be needed to access certain areas. Hence, there were more people living on both sides of the moon compared to the middle. One side was the living and entertainment zone while the other side held a big lawn, swimming pool and other outdoor facilities.

I continued to walk forward until I saw another door. As I prepared to scan my face to enter, I saw Nora coming out from inside.

Just as I was about to enter, she happened to be coming out.

Seeing me in the tunnel too, she looked confused.

She came out and looked at me. “Why are you here?”

“I was just wandering around. What’s the place in front?” I asked. I felt that it required an even higher level of authority to enter there.

“It’s…” She paused as though she was hesitating. “... the other Highness in Silver Moon City."

“His Highness Cang Yu!” I became excited but Nora seemed surprised. “How do you know? Who told you?”

“Why can’t I know?” I was confused. The other Highness in Silver Moon City wasn’t a secret.

Nora’s face grew grave. “We hardly ever mention him, especially in front of you, who is an outsider. Logically speaking, you shouldn’t even know that Silver Moon City has another Highness. Unless someone else brought it up in front of you.”

It turned out that His Highness Cang Yu led a secluded life and hardly exposed himself. 

I calmed myself down and faced her solemnly. “Can I meet His Highness Cang Yu?”

“No.” Nora tugged me by my arm. “You don’t have the required authority either. He doesn’t like to be disturbed.” She pulled me along as she walked out the door. I should be around the center of Silver Moon City.

“Alright.” I turned to leave.

Nora let go of my arm as she glanced at me, then continued to walk forward. She was wearing Silver Moon City’s uniform today. With her blond hair tied in a high ponytail, she looked decent and handsome.

Although she walked arrogantly next to me, she was slightly shorter than me. However, she looked condescending. It was an inborn condescending manner common among the girls in Silver Moon City. Do they think they are superior to those on the ground?

“Sharjah says that you can enter high radiation zones?” Nora asked without looking at me. They never once hid their refusal to accept me and their suspicion towards me. They were only polite towards me when Xing Chuan was around.

Mm, that’s my superpower.”

She maintained her chin up. “We can’t make direct comparisons between everyone’s superpowers. You are amazing for being able to enter a high radiation zone but we normally fight in low radiation zones. When the time comes, don’t drag us down with you,” she said arrogantly. She didn’t look cute when she wasn’t smiling.

“You look cuter when you smile,” I remarked. Because she had a pair of beautiful dimples.

Nora was stunned. She looked at me in disdain. “I am not interested in you. Smooth-talking doesn’t work on me.”

I looked at her calmly. “Nor am I interested in you. But what I said is the truth. You look good when you smile because you have two dimples.”

She blinked and touched her dimples as she turned away. Slowly lowering her head, the corners of her lips secretly lifted.

“Can you survive on the ground?” I asked.

She looked up again and dropped her hand as she turned to look at me arrogantly. “Of course!”

I faced her calmly. “I meant without Silver Moon City’s resources."

She was confused.

“When you have no resources, can you survive on the ground? Do you have experience hunting? Can you find food in the wilderness?” I asked continuously. She was dumbfounded by my barrage of questions.

I smirked. “You can’t even survive. So what if you have superpowers?”

“You!” She was furious. Girls hated other people criticizing them the most. Although smooth-talking didn’t work on her, she’d secretly smiled happily when I’d complimented her.

She narrowed her eyes and stared at me coldly.

“Lil Bing!” I suddenly heard Harry calling. Turning, I saw Harry at the end of the garden. He was running towards me.

I stared at him in shock. Why would he have this level of authority in Silver Moon City? 

Running up to me, Harry suddenly stabbed at me with a dagger.

I was surprised. Just as I retreated, I suddenly heard a loud slap. Harry instantly vanished before me.

Stunned, I looked to the side. Xing Chuan was glaring at Nora coldly while Nora held the side of her face. Her skin was so fair that it would turn red if someone so much as touched her lightly, let alone when it was a tight slap.

“Did you forget my command?” Xing Chuan suddenly smiled and extended his hand to touch Nora’s face. I realized that Nora was shivering in fear. “Your Highness, I made a mistake. Please don’t tell His Highness Cang Yu.” Nora knelt down on one knee.

“Go,” Xing Chuan spat with a smile.

Nora immediately got up and ran back alone, hand covering her face that was red from Xing Chuan’s slap.

That’s strange. According to their superpowers, Xing Chuan’s ability is far weaker than Nora and the others’. Why are they so afraid of him? Moon Dream might be afraid of Xing Chuan abandoning her, but isn’t the person Nora that likes His Highness Cang Yu?

Is she worried that Xing Chuan would tell Cang Yu?

But His Highness Cang Yu was such a gentle and polite person. Would he be as merciless to girls as Xing Chuan?

“Did you know how dangerous it was earlier?” Xing Chuan turned back to look at me. There was no expression across his face. I had not seen him for a few days and now he looked irritable, as if he wasn’t getting enough sleep. “No matter what illusion you see, the damage it causes would happen in reality.”

“What do you mean?” I looked at him in confusion. “If someone stabbed me in the illusion, I would die for real?”

“That’s right.” Xing Chuan looked ahead expressionlessly. “Everything in the human body is controlled by the brain. Even if it was a small cell, what you see would be an illusion but the brain would think that it is true. Did you know that what you saw was an illusion earlier?”

Xing Chuan’s words sent chills down my spine. I really hadn’t noticed that Harry had been an illusion because Nora had seamlessly connected the illusion with reality!

“Hence, your brain thought that it was true. When the person stabs you with a knife, your brain would think that your body was hurt and it would make a reflective response. For instance, you would feel a realistic pain and your brain would think that your body was bleeding. It is similar to hypnotizing,” Xing Chuan said and looked down at me in annoyance. “This is the consequence for leaving my side!” He narrowed his eyes and warned.

I glanced at him, then turned and walked away. He grabbed me by my arm and pulled me back harshly. “There’s a mission. Follow me!” He swung me over to the other side, and continued to drag me as he walked. “We’ll talk about our sleep when we return!”

“Hey! Can you stop dragging me!” I objected.

He let go and glared at me. “Follow closely then.” He then took huge strides forward as I quickly followed behind. He had a pair of long legs; I could barely catch up with him. I had to jog a little.

“Everyone, there’s a mission!” Xing Chuan sent out a command. The hem of his white shirt rippled in the wind as he walked.

When he brought me into a meeting room, I saw the familiar silver sphere hovering in the air. It was moving in the air like liquid.

Sharjah, Gale, Yama, Moon Dream, Blue Charm and Nora, who had gotten slapped because of me earlier, were all there.

“Where’s Harry?” I immediately asked.

Xing Chuan’s face darkened. “Harry isn’t one of the seven knights. Hence, he won’t joining the mission this time. In the future, he will be under Sharjah’s knight troop and will follow Sharjah on missions. In short...” He looked at me and smirked maliciously. “....your comfortable days will be over soon.” His expression seemed to be telling me that the comfort we’d enjoyed for the past few days was a gift and we weren’t in Silver Moon City for a holiday.

Xing Chuan’s expression made everyone in the meeting room reveal a terrified expression. As if Xing Chuan’s wickedness was the source of their fear.

Xing Chuan reined back his smile and walked over to the sphere. With a wave of his hand, the sphere began to take shape.

“The mission this time is to guard Livable Zone Twelve.” His expression turned solemn and heavy-hearted.

A city wall appeared in the middle, located in the livable zone between the radiation zones. The gap was really narrow, with huge radiation zones on both sides. After Xing Chuan zoomed out, the city looked like it was located in between two towering boobs, seeming somewhat desolated. The city was the only green land in that area. It looked like a green mole in between a woman’s boobs.

“This is Heartless City.” Xing Chuan pointed at the city in the middle. “We’ve just received information that Heartless City was attacked by Ghost Eclipsers not too long ago. Heartless City was located in the middle of Livable Zone Twelve.” Xing Chuan waved and the image instantly zoomed out until Heartless City was no longer in sight, leaving only the narrow gap still visible. 

“However, Livable Zone Twelve is an important route that connects Zone Twelve and Zone One. The Ghost Eclipsers have been using Zone One as their border. As long as they take Heartless City by force, they would be able to expand their power to Zone Twelve. They would find all cities in Zone Twelve and conquer the entire Zone Twelve!” Xing Chuan gestured in the air and the entire image spun like a terrestrial globe. It magnified and immediately showed dozens of cities in Zone Twelve. Zone Twelve was not far from our Zone Nine!


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