Book 4: Chapter 40 - Boys Can’t Simply Touch

I picked up another letter and read aloud, “Dear Harry, you are so handsome. I hope to be your first girlfriend in  Silver Moon City.” I retched and tossed it aside. Then, I took another letter. Harry held my wrist and pleaded, “Lil Bing, don’t do this. You are embarrassing me.” 

“Let me go!” I struggled under his body.

“No! I will let go if you promise to not read anymore.” 

Humph. They wrote such nice letters, of course I have to read.” 

“Then, I won’t let go!” 

“Let go of me!” I  continued to struggle under his body, ignoring how our bodies were rubbing against each other. My legs stretched forward under his legs, as I tried to reach those letters. 

“Don’t-!” His voice started to become somewhat hoarse. 

Suddenly, I felt something poking against my leg. Something hard. 

“Harry!” I shouted. 

“Please stop moving!” He suddenly locked my hands on the ground. His lower body rose away from mine and I felt my brain go blank. 

My heart raced uncontrollably. It raced so fast that the sound of my heartbeat was ringing in my head. 

“Let me go. I need to sleep.” I muttered under him. I could feel the hands he was holding my wrist with becoming hotter. 

Mm.” He let go of me. At once I crawled out from under his body and hopped onto the bed. 

Phew.” He dropped to his knees where he was as he let out a long breath of relief. Then, he picked up the pink letters and threw them into the bin. 

*Bang!* The rubbish bin sucked in all of the letters. 

I turned around so that my back faced me, and pulled the blanket up to hide my blushing face.

“Why did you come here to sleep?” Harry’s voice had returned to normal. “Don’t you have that luxurious suite for the North Star?” 

“I don’t want to sleep with Xing Chuan,” I mumbled. 

“What did you say?!” Harry exclaimed in shock behind me. 

“Xing Chuan slept on my bed last night.” I suddenly felt aggrieved. Only now did I realize that I’d slept with a guy for a night. I only remembered that I was a girl when I saw Harry’s love letters.

“Then where did you sleep?! You slept with him?!” Harry held my shoulders anxiously. “Did he touch you?!” Harry sounded furious. 

I sighed. “I slept on the floor.” Although I didn’t remember how I’d ended up on the floor, it was better than sleeping with Xing Chuan. 

Harry sighed in relief. “Why would Xing Chuan be in your bed? I thought he sleeps with girls?” 

“How would I know?!” I really wanted to kill someone. I didn’t even dare to tell Harry about Xing Chuan turning me into an octopus. “Anyway, he said he wants to sleep with me from now on. That’s why I am sleeping at your place now!” 

“What?!” Harry went silent. He gently squeezed my shoulders, which suddenly made me blush. As though all  the blood in my body had rushed to my shoulders where he was holding me. In the past, I wouldn’t have noticed this type of body contact. In the past, we’d used to wrestle one another and we wouldn’t be awkward even if our bodies touched.

“You guys are all despicable!” I couldn’t help but mutter.

At once he took his hand off my shoulder. As expected, he feels guilty! So, he actually did-! I blushed harder and my body temperature sharply rose. It was so hot even though I only had a really thin blanket over me.

“Go to bed. I am going to shower,” he said softly. 

Mm.” I buried myself into the soft bed. 

The lights in the room went off. In the quiet room, there was only the sound of running water. The extremely clear sound of running water suddenly made the ambience in the room somewhat ambiguous. My heart continued to race; I was somehow tense. When Harry, Raffles and I had lived together, they’d used to shower in our house too but I hadn’t been as sensitive, unlike today.  

I felt restless and annoyed. I couldn’t sleep. I’d come here to Harry’s room to sleep but I ended up having difficulty falling asleep.

The sound of running water stopped. I stiffened again. When I heard the door open, I smelled a whiff of fragrant shower gel. 

My heart started beating as he moved closer to me. All of the sounds he made got amplified somehow. As if his footsteps, his breathing, and his sigh were just right next to my ear.

He lay down on the floor next to the bed. Then, his breathing slowly calmed. 

I didn’t move an inch. Suddenly, I found myself silly. What am I afraid of? Yet I still tried not to make any noise as I turned over. Stretching my head out, I saw Harry sleeping soundly under the dim light coming in from outside.

The entire Silver Moon City was quiet. I could probably sleep well now because I was sleeping next to my family. 

Slowly, I closed my eyes while facing him. Harry would be fine sleeping without a blanket. I didn’t intend to give him the blanket.

Guys’ bodies are weird. 

It hardens so easily from just rubbing against it by accident. 

In the future…

I can’t get so close to guys…

But now…

I am one…

What should I do?

Somehow, I felt someone holding my hand softly. It felt warm. I opened my eyes and blinked wearily. Harry seemed to be holding my hand. 

I forced my eyes open; I could feel that my hand was hanging off the bed while the rest of my body was still lying on the bed. When I opened my eyes, I saw Harry holding my hand.

He was sleeping soundly, facing in my direction, but he was holding my hand that was hanging off the bed. My heart raced again. I tried to gently slip my hand out of his. But he suddenly gripped onto my hand tightly. Instantly I blushed and was stunned. In the end, I fell asleep again. 

In my dream, I was sitting in a sea of flowers. Feeling someone holding my hand, I looked at him but couldn’t see his face clearly. Yet I found the hand familiar. I felt the warmth and sweetness, and I didn’t want him to let go. 

Just like this, I occupied Harry’s room, including his bed. I had never been courteous with him. 

Harry became more and more popular in  Silver Moon City. It seemed to be because he had no girlfriend and he was new in the city.

No matter where he was, be it in the classroom or the restaurant, there were constantly girls flocking to him to ask for his number or to pass him their numbers. He was just like a beautiful girl that was being chased after by a lot of guys.

I walked away whenever he was surrounded by the other girls. Just watching that scene would annoy me. During those times, I would stroll around Silver Moon City to familiarize myself with the city. 

Xing Chuan didn’t look for me. He had probably started sleeping with either Blue Charm or Moon Dream again. I planned to go back to sleeping in my room once I was certain that he wouldn’t sneakily enter my room again.

Yama and the others said that Xing Chuan had already completed all the academic subjects so he wouldn’t be attending any class with us. When there was no mission going on, Xing Chuan would usually be in the research room with the other scientists in Silver Moon City.


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