Book 4: Chapter 39 - Harry, You Sleep On The Floor

Gale’s face darkened at once. He pointed at me and said, “Hey! There’s another one here! Luo Bing! He is saying that we are short! Let’s beat him up!” Gale seemed intent on sowing discord, trying to get me involved in the quarrel.

Cough. Cough. Cough.” Yama choked with laughter. He shrugged and tried to explain right away. “Brother Bing, I didn’t mean to make fun of you. Height doesn’t matter for the strong!” He looked embarrassed. He should have just stayed quiet. 

Sharjah smiled as he watched them. “There are quite a number of girls who like Gale too. But due to his height, only girls who are shorter than him would like him. Of course, height won’t matter if it is true love.” 

“That’s enough!” Gale glared at Sharjah coldly. “You double-crosser! Are you here to probe for more information for the girls?” 

“What kind of information could I get for them?” Sharjah looked innocent. “Luo Bing is not a girl. They only want to know what superpower Luo Bing has. But, they do want to find out who His Highness slept with last night.” 

I almost spat out the water from my mouth. 

“What? Didn’t His Highness sleep with Blue Charm and Moon Dream last night?” Gale and Yama immediately stretched their heads over as though they’d heard some breaking news. Guys were just like girls when it came to gossiping. 

“Which girl got so lucky? His Highness has his eyes on someone?” Yama raised his eyebrows. 

“Luo Bing, your room is next to His Highness’. Do you know who His Highness slept with last night?” Sharjah asked me. 

I glanced at him and said, “I’ve never cared about his affairs.” 

“Who could it be?” Sharjah was deep in thought. “If a girl slept with His Highness, she’d be running around boasting about it. Why haven’t we heard anything?”

“Could she be too scared to tell?” Gale suggested with a terrified look. “I wouldn’t dare to say it out loud if it was me. Moon Dream’s superpower is too scary. If she knows who replaced her, she would have…” Gale mimed an explosion around his head. It just about made us lose our appetite. 

“His Highness is really the luckiest guy in the world.” Harry smirked as he supported his head on one hand. “He can sleep with different girls every night, unlike the guys on the ground. For them, it’s already good enough to see a girl. There are not enough wives to go around. Ain’t that right, Brother Bing?” Harry nudged me. I rolled my eyes at him and changed the subject. “I’m full.” 

I was ready to go. Harry was totally envious of Xing Chuan. He probably wished that he could cuddle with girls to sleep every night. 

“Luo Bing, can you keep an eye out for that girl for us?” Sharjah smiled at me. 

I glanced at him. “You can check it out yourself. I go to bed very early,” I said coldly and walked away. 

“Brother Bing is so cool.” Gale sighed. 

“Lil Bing! Wait for me!” Harry came up to my side again and draped his arms over my shoulder. He said, “I understand now. You are jealous of me, right?” He raised his eyebrows at me.

“Go away! What is there to be jealous about?” I looked at him in disdain and slapped his hand away. 

“You are jealous that I am more popular than you are, aren’t you?” 

“Harry!” Another girl called for him again. 

“Harry! I am from the class next to yours.” 

“Harry, this is my number. Let’s be friends.” 

“Harry, my name is Shona. You have to remember it.”

There were girls flocking to Harry all along the way. Harry couldn’t contain his excitement!

If he had a fox tail, his tail would have reached the sky! 

I got really angry, so angry that I couldn’t calm down to analyze why I got so angry. It was the same feeling as back then, when Harry had called me his wife. That had made me furious too. 

But, Harry wasn’t calling me his wife anymore. He should be calling the girls in Silver Moon City his wives now, because he used to call the female newcomers his wives, like how he’d called me his wife when I’d first arrived in Noah City. 

*Humph.* He had been suppressing his playboy attitude in Noah City. Now, he could finally unleash himself because there were really too many girls in Silver Moon City. Too many! 

I quickly walked away while Harry was surrounded by the girls. I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable. Seeing his reaction to those girls really made me truly furious! 

I ignored Harry for the entire day, feeling really grumpy. I had no idea why I would react so negatively. Logically speaking, I should be happy for him that he’d become so popular. He’d be able to find a girlfriend here. But I couldn’t help but feel like beating him up whenever I saw that expression of his that resembled how he used to look when he’d called me ‘wife’ back then. 

I suddenly understood that this should be a habit I’d developed back then. For instance, I would want to punch him whenever I saw him fooling around. Yeah, that must be it. It became a conditioned response. 

I am disciplining him on behalf of Sis Ceci so that he won’t be fooling around in Silver Moon City and spreading his hormones everywhere, which would in turn degrade Noah City’s image. The girls in Silver Moon City would think that the guys from Noah City are all players. 

What if he has a bunch of children here after a year?! It will be a disaster then! 

*Mm.* I have to keep an eye on Harry. He is too lustful! 

At night, I returned to my room to pick up my pajamas. I didn’t dare to shower as I was afraid that Xing Chuan would run into me. Taking my pajamas, I went to the balcony. I didn’t even know how to activate it. I simply said, “Silver Moon, bring me to Harry’s room.” 

“Alright.” The balcony split off from my room. I felt gravity holding onto my feet, which allowed me to stand firm on the small aircraft. 

I arrived at Harry’s balcony very quickly. It was dark inside and there was no one around. *Humph!* He must have gone out for a date with some girl. Harry is hopeless!

He was a bachelor who’d fallen into an ocean of girls. He must have been so happy that he’d even forgotten his way home!

I hopped off onto his balcony and walked in. The lights turned on as the sensor caught human movement. The room in front of me looked like the traditional cabin in a starship. 

The cabin wasn't big. A single-sized bed stood nearby the balcony, with a simple reading table and chair next to the bed. There was also a rack above the table to store personal belongings. 

On the other side of the wall was a hidden wardrobe. By the door was the washroom.

The cabin design was simple and clean. 

Harry’s bed was hovering above the ground without any support. The sides of the bed were colored silver, making it look like a huge silver droplet hovering in the air.

Curious, I looked under his bed. The bed was really floating. The sides of the bed flowed seamlessly like mercury. When I poked it out of curiosity, it actually sunk inward! It was so magical. The bed reminded me of the floating ball in Xing Chuan’s meeting room. 

I straightened, then slowly sat down on the bed. It felt wobbly like a waterbed, but the texture was better. It was really comfortable. Lying down, my whole body felt like it was being gently wrapped up, as if I was floating on air.

Silver Moon City’s normal beds were really advanced. Yet the nobles in Silver Moon City were sleeping on the most ordinary beds in this world because those made you feel like you were sleeping on the ground, which was more reassuring.

“Goodbye, Harry!” I heard a girl’s voice outside the room.

It’s a girl’s voice! 

At once I sat up with my legs crossed, and coldly fixed my eyes on the door. 

“See you tomorrow! We’ll talk again later tonight,” Harry replied cheerfully. 

What?! Talk again at night?! 

Harry! You’re gonna die! 

The door opened. Harry was holding a stack of pink envelopes as he walked in happily. His footsteps were so light that he sounded like a butterfly flapping its wings. 

He was humming a song while dancing as he closed the door behind him. Turning around, he finally saw me. *Rustle.* He dropped all the pink envelopes.

Harry got a shock when he saw me. He gawked.

I shot a glance at the pink envelopes. “You dropped your love letters.” I looked at him and he suddenly came back to reality. Kicking the envelopes to the side of the rubbish bin, he hurriedly said, “I swear I haven’t read any of them!” 

Humph.” I sneered. 

His body turned stiff. 

I got off the bed and took my pajamas. “Just read them since you have already received them.” I then headed to the toilet. 

He stared at me stiffly. “What are you doing?” 

“Shower.” I closed the door behind me after I replied. 

“Shower!” Harry exclaimed in surprise. “Hey! Lil Bing! Don’t misunderstand me! I swear! I really didn’t initiate conversation with the girls!” 

The sound of running water blocked out Harry’s voice. The hot water showered down from above like rain droplets. I still prefer this kind of shower. It had a kind of romance and peace, like standing under the rain. 

I took a comforting shower and changed into my pajamas. When I came out, I saw Harry sitting on the bed.

Hearing me come out, he looked up at me. Instantly he blushed, his amber eyes shimmering. 

“Get down,” I said, pointing at the floor coldly 

He was still staring at me in surprise. 

I glanced at him and got onto the bed. As I shuffled past him, his gaze followed me. Then, I kicked him hard on the shoulder. 


*Bang!* He fell off the bed. 

I calmly hung my clothes next to the bed and pulled up the blanket over my body, prepared to go to bed. 

“That’s not right… This is my bed…” He seemed to have come back to his senses. Leaning against the side of the bed, he asked, “Do you… miss me? You should let me sleep with you if you miss me!” He moved as if he was about to climb onto the bed and I shoved him away angrily. “Get lost! Go look for those girls of yours! Your bed is mine from now on!” 

He fell back. Giving me a malicious smile, he teased, “You’re jealous, aren’t you? I swear I have no interest in the girls in Silver Moon City.” 

“Not interested?” I raised my eyebrows and sat up. Looking down at him from above, I pointed at that evidence that he had yet to destroy. I questioned, “Then, what are those?!” At once I got off the bed and picked them up. 

“Don’t! Lil Bing!” He suddenly pounced on my back. 

Stumbling from his weight, I fell onto the floor. He fell and landed on my back too.

Not bothering to push him away in case he destroyed the evidence before I had the chance to see it, I grabbed a random envelope and opened it to read, “Harry, I am Googoo from Class Six. My number is 03578. Remember to add me as your friend! I love you the most! Heart-shape.” 

“I didn’t add her!” Harry quickly explained to me while still on my back. 


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