Book 4: Chapter 38 - The Popular Harry

Back in Noah City, his usual outfit had been a grey battle suit, which hadn’t really done his skin and hair color justice. Now, in  Silver Moon City, his uniform was white, complimenting the brightness of his hair. The slightly uplifted corners of his eyes made him even more popular with the girls. 

I got uneasy looking at all the girls gawking at him so excitedly. Somehow, I felt like beating him up. How could he be showing off like a peacock?! 

Based on my understanding of Harry, he should be very thrilled with excitement and pride right now! 

He was definitely thinking that he could get any girl he wanted here, and even date a different girl every day. He could be sleeping with girls every night like Xing Chuan! 


I would definitely beat him up if he dared to become a guy like that!

The teacher who was teaching smiled at us and stepped aside. 

Everyone stared at Xing Chuan and Harry excitedly. 

Comparatively, I realized that I attracted more guys’ eyes. That was probably because I was the North Star. 

“That’s Luo Bing.” 

“I really want to know what his superpower is.” 

“Don’t you know? It has been classified as highly confidential in Silver Moon City!” 

“He must be very powerful. Otherwise, how could he be chosen as  the North Star by His Highness Xing Chuan?”

“Of course he’s powerful! Have you not heard? It was him who destroyed the mining machine and won victory for us!” 

“Really?! That’s so cool!” 

The guys gazed at me in admiration. 

Harry shot a glance at me. I glared at him coldly. What’re you looking at? 

He blinked and looked away, seeming puzzled. 

Xing Chuan stood in between me and Harry. Smiling at everyone, he said, “Let me introduce everyone. This is Luo Bing, the North Star of Silver Moon City!” 

“Wow!” Everyone applauded. 

“This is Harry. He has been allocated to Sharjah’s Celestial Star Group!” 

“Wow!” Everyone applauded again. 

Harry bowed elegantly, immediately attracting a bunch of girls again.

From now on, Harry and I would be studying in this class. 

Harry’s training session was at one o’clock in the afternoon. He would be training with Sharjah’s group. 

My training time wasn’t constrained, since I had my own private training room. 

It was lunchtime and we were having lunch at the restaurant. Although I had the rights to have lunch in my room as the North Star, I didn’t want to see Xing Chuan again. 

The restaurant in the school area was really beautiful. It was located in the open-air garden. We could see the universe while we were having lunch there, which added a touch of romantic mood.

I sat next to Harry as I studied the dining table. The dining table was connected to touch screen computers. We could search for information on the dining table while eating. 

“Harry, can we sit here?” A few girls came over. Our table could fit six people. 

“Su-…” I pinched Harry’s thigh the second he opened his mouth. “Maybe not… Someone is sitting here.” 

“Okay…” The girls walked away disappointedly. 

“What is wrong with you?! It hurts!” Harry rubbed his thigh. I glared at him coldly and mocked, “Letting loose in Silver Moon City, huh?” 

“When did I let loose?” Harry said, aggrieved. 

I rolled my eyes and said, “How dare you say you didn’t? Ever since you came to Silver Moon City and saw so many girls, your spine has softened till it’s about to melt away.”

Harry stared at me gloomily. “Since when?!” He glared at me with blazing eyes as he roared, “I have never cared about girls!” 

“Harry!” Other girls shouted over excitedly.

Not missing a beat, Harry spun around and waved at them. “Hi!” 

I pinched him on his thigh without hesitation again.

Psst!” He grabbed my hand, his face reddening from the pain as he turned back to me. “Okay, okay. I admit it. Stop pinching me.”

I let go of him but he didn’t let go of my hand. 

I glared at him coldly. “Let go of me!” 

He smirked and supported his head with one hand while holding my hand with the other. He teased, “Are you jealous, Lil Bing?” 

I wanted to pinch him again but before I could reach his thigh, he let go of my hand. He blinked at me nervously and whined, “Don’t pinch me. My flesh is tender.” 

I retched. 

He pouted. Taking another two bites of rice, he glanced at me. “You are jealous.” 

“Get lost!” I shooed him away. Ignoring him, I continued reading information about Silver Moon City. 

“Otherwise, why do you even bother about me? I don’t have a girlfriend anyway. And there are so many girls in Silver Moon City.” 

My face darkened. I picked up my plate and walked away. 

“Don’t, don’t, don’t.” He held onto my wrist but I persisted in leaving. At once he stood up and stepped closer to me. Circling his arm around my shoulders, he coaxed, “I promise that I won’t talk about girls again. Please don’t go.” 

I slapped his hand away and he chuckled. He picked up his plate and shifted over to my side. Sitting next to me, he ate while smiling at me. 

I glanced at him coldly and asked, “What are you laughing at?” 

“Hehe, nothing.” He continued grinning by himself.

“Harry, Harry! Can we sit here?!” That was the third time! Aren’t there any other handsome guys in Silver Moon City? Or the girls here prefer new dishes to the old? 

“Sorry, we have more people coming,” Harry smiled as he replied. They winked at Harry and told him, “We live in Zone Two.” 

Harry was stunned. 

The girls chuckled as they walked away.

I shot him a cold look. “Congratulations! The girls invited you to go and play in their rooms.”

“No way. Lil Bing, you are quite handsome yourself and you are the North Star. Why didn’t anyone…” He placed his hand on my shoulder again. “...ask you out?”

He was poking at my sore spot!

“Luo Bing! Harry!” Yama and Gale ran to us and sat across from us. 

Yama laughed at Harry playfully and joked, “You are quite popular! Many girls like you.” 

Harry smiled and lifted his chin. I could practically see him thinking to himself: As expected, I am the most handsome guy around. 

“Luo Bing, why didn’t you eat in your room?” Gale turned to me as he asked. “You should have eaten with His Highness Xing Chuan.” 

“I didn’t want to.” I continued eating while looking at the table. 

“Oh! I almost forgot. Someone doesn’t click with His Highness Xing Chuan but His Highness Xing Chuan really likes this someone. He even hit me because of him…” Gale looked aggrieved as he rubbed his face. “It still hurts even now.” 

“You asked for it.” Harry laughed at Gale. It seemed that he had already become part of the knights. Yeah, getting along with others was his forte. 

“Can I sit here?” Sharjah came over smiling. 

Gale rolled his eyes. “Tsk, aren’t you sitting here already?” 

Sharjah smiled at me. “Luo Bing, how are you feeling? About life in  Silver Moon City?” 

“It’s alright.” I replied as I read the news. “There are more girls here, can go for more dates here.”

“That’s not true. The girls in Silver Moon City are really hard to get.” Gale shook his head. “They’ll only be interested if you are a member of the knights. Then, they’ll judge if your superpower is strong. If you are strong, then they might be willing to bear your children. Otherwise, they won’t even look at you.” 

“Isn’t that because they can’t see you? Hahahaha!” Yama mocked Gale without mercy, even miming Gale’s height with his hand.


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