Book 4: Chapter 37 - Day Tour in Silver Moon City

Nora blinked and looked down. 

Blue Charm frowned and tried hard to persevere, but she obviously couldn’t hold out for much longer. 

Moon Dream continued to keep her chin up arrogantly, appearing as if she was refusing to compromise at all. 

“Heh, whoever isn’t convinced can challenge Brother Bing.” Harry laughed as he glanced at the others playfully. “They are practically all girls. Brother Bing, you’d better show mercy.” Harry raised his eyebrows at me. 

We tacitly understood each other. I could tell what he was trying to hint at me. He was trying to say that the girls here were jealous. 

Why are they jealous?

I am a guy now. 

Unlike you, you’re acting so frivolous with so many girls around you now.

I shot a glance at him and couldn’t be bothered about him. 

He raised his brows and looked at me with his head tilted sideways, seemingly puzzled. 

“You don’t have to accept the challenge because they are not qualified to challenge you,” Xing Chuan said with a smile as he swept his gaze past Blue Charm and the other girls. “Whoever that is not convinced or unhappy with my decision on the North Star can leave the knights.”

Blue Charm was surprised but Sharjah had already moved to Gale’s side. 

I realized that Sharjah was more of a pragmatic person, he would watch how the winds were blowing whenever he chose a side. 

Nora looked at Xing Chuan and sighed softly. “Your Highness, we believe in you. We believe that the person that you;ve chosen to be the North Star must have the qualifications. I only hope that he doesn’t disappoint us during the missions in the future.” 

Nora glanced at me, a taunting vibe in her golden pupils still. 

I stood next to Xing Chuan without uttering a word. If only girls could solve their problems with fists too. The biggest problem here was that even if you won a fight against girls, you still wouldn’t be able to solve your original problem. 

Xing Chuan smiled at Nora and said, “Now, show Luo Bing your superpowers. Gale, Yama, you two go first. Moon Dream, you don’t have to come to my room anymore.” Xing Chuan unexpectedly added the last sentence with the same smile that he always wore. 

Everyone immediately looked to Moon Dream in shock. 

Moon Dream instantly stared at Xing Chuan in shock too. Xing Chuan’s gaze had already left her. He maintained the smile on his face as though he had never said anything hurtful. 

Those soft-spoken words had hit Moon Dream like an ice hammer and instantly broke her arrogance. She stood dumbfounded, as though her mind had just gone blank

Blue Charm let out a breath of relief, fear lingering in her expression as she retreated to the side in a trance. Nora worriedly pulled the absent-minded Moon Dream into the safe zone. 

I furrowed my eyebrows slightly. Xing Chuan was really ruthless. The girl who had once been sleeping with him had just gotten thrown away like a piece of unwanted cloth. Does Xing Chuan have any feelings at all?

“Go to his room?” Harry whispered to me softly. “Is she Xing Chuan’s woman?” 

Xing Chuan smiled at Harry and said, “Harry, is there anything that you would like to ask? You can ask me.”

“No, no.” Harry smiled and took a step back as if he didn’t want to provoke the smiling Xing Chuan. 

The whirling sound of an engine resounded inside the training room and the floor shook. Then,a shield came down from above like a slow motion waterfall. Thin as air, the shield emitted a faint blue light. 

“Let’s begin,” Xing Chuan said with a smile. He maintained that gentle smile of his that won all the girls’ hearts yet also shattered those girls’ hearts. 

I suddenly thought of a phrase: daggers hidden behind a smile. 

Yama and Gale flashed a grin at me. I’d gained two brothers after a fight. The thought made me happy as I smiled back at them. 

They nodded at me then looked at each other. Suddenly, Yama clenched his fists. Instantly, flames formed on his fist and he threw out a punch. The ball of flame flew straight at Gale but Gale had disappeared from before Yama. He was nowhere to be seen.

“Yama’s superpower is that he can control fire,” Xing Chuan smilingly explained next to me. “His body can generate high temperatures up to thousands of degrees, which dissolves many kinds of metal. Even speed-type metahumans can’t get close to him, or they’d melt."

As expected, although Gale had disappeared, he didn’t attack Yama. It was impossible to compare metahumans with different superpowers against each other.

Yama was powerful but he couldn’t hit Gail. 

Gail was really fast but he couldn’t get close to Yama. 

They were both really powerful but they couldn’t defeat each other either. 

*Hong!* Yama’s fireball hit the shield in front of me, creating rings of flame. I could feel the heat of the fireballs on the other side of the shield. His fireballs were as full of raw strength as those fists of his.  

“Alright.” Yama stopped his superpower at Xing Chuan’s command. He had only shown a part of his superpower just now, since he shouldn’t have raised his body temperature yet. Otherwise, his shirt would have been burned. Oh, what would it look like then? Yama’s body is really fit and strong.

“Sharjah, Blue Charm.” Xing Chuan looked at them. Blue Charm had already shed her unwilling attitude and instead promptly took her place with Sharjah. 

Gail and Yama stood by the side. 

Sharjah glanced at Blue Charm while Blue Charm raised her eyebrows. At the same time, the air around Sharjah began to freeze. 

“Blue Charm’s superpower is to control water,” Xing Chuan explained again. “That means that she can control any form of water. She can also turn water molecules into any form she wants to.” 

It turned out that Xing Chuan already had Blue Charm who could control water at his side. No wonder he hadn’t seemed interested in Xue Gie at all.

“She is very similar to Xue Gie in Noah City but Xue Gie’s power will be affected by the weather. She can only use her superpower during certain weather conditions.” Xing Chuan glanced at Harry but Harry only shrugged. “Of course, your people are the best. Humph. Your people were chosen from all over the world. They are the strongest metahumans among their superpower categories. How can they not be the best?” Harry seemed a little jealous. 

Xing Chuan smiled, pride and arrogance seemingly showing in his expression. He took back his gaze and continued to watch Sharjah and Blue Charm. 

*Bang!* The ice surrounding Sharjah shattered into pieces, hovering in the air around him. 

“Sharjah’s superpower is to control magnetic fields. Magnetic fields are everywhere. Hence, there is no blindspot in his superpower,” Xing Chuan said with pride. 

Therefore, Sharjah was like X-Men’s Magneto! 

“That includes the magnetic field in the human body,” Xing Chuan added. I felt chills down my spine at his words. Sharjah’s superpower not only had zero flaws, it could also be an anti-defense mechanism. Unless the other party happened to be someone else who could control the magnetic field, they wouldn’t be able to block his attack. 

His attack was invisible and unpredictable, unlike Yama and Blue Charm’s superpowers, which were visible. His invisible attack was as terrifying as those colorless and odorless poisons in wuxia novels. Sharjah’s superpower was too dangerous and too powerful! 

I couldn’t help but think of Sia. Sia could control gravity. Similarly, his power was invisible, unpredictable and had zero flaws, because gravity was everywhere as well. Unfortunately, Sia had yet to master his control over gravity and would float away himself.

“Moon Dream and Nora, it’s your turn.” Xing Chuan smiled at them, as gentle as if he hadn’t said anything hurtful to Moon Dream earlier.

Moon Dream followed Nora to the middle of the room, still seeming a little lost. Now, her earlier arrogance had practically vanished, like a tamed tigress meekly obeying her master’s command. 

Moon Dream and Nora switched places with Blue Charm and Sharjah. They stood opposite each other. 

Nora looked at Moon Dream and urged, “Moon Dream, be more serious.” Nora seemed a little angry. 

Moon Dream came back to reality and seemingly pulled herself together. Her stare focused closely on Nora.

Nothing visible was happening but I could feel that they were competing against each other. The shield in front of me began to shake unsteadily. 

“Could the two of them be…” Harry squinted his eyes. 

“They are both mind controllers.” Xing Chuan lifted the corners of his lips and revealed the pride of a ruler of Silver Moon City. “Moon Dream controls brainwaves. She can increase the frequency of your brainwaves until your brain explodes into pieces.”

My back stiffened. I’d experienced her power before. Back then, I’d felt a drilling pain in my head but I’d never thought that she could literally blow up my brain.

No wonder Moon Dream had been so confident that I would have died if it hadn’t been for Xing Chuan who’d protected me. 

“Nora can induce hallucinations. They are both brain controllers. Hence, they are trying very hard to get into each others’ brains right now. Okay, that will do,” Xing Chuan said. 

Nora and Moon Dream both stumbled. They seemed to be worn out.

“Now, let’s show you and Harry to the classroom.” Xing Chuan turned and left. 

Harry and I glanced at Moon Dream and Nora, who both still stood panting on the training floor. They were a pair of beautiful sisters, and the strongest girls in Silver Moon City. They deserved to be proud, yet they couldn’t be proud before Xing Chuan. 

And yet, Xing Chuan’s superpower was weak before these people. 

Silver Moon City was much bigger than I had expected. As we strolled through the school area, we passed by a huge public square, as big as a giant shopping mall with a total of five levels. 

The architecture was sophisticated and fashionable, with white as the main theme. 

In the center of the structure was a skywell shaped like an irregular oval, as well as a huge garden. Vibrant shades of green complimented the minimalist whiteness, giving the area a lively and flourishing atmosphere. 

Each floor was ringed with white railings glowing in blue, creating the visual effect of rings of flowing water.

A lot of people walked through and from the square. It was a bustling scene. Besides the guys and girls we had seen the day before, there were also many adults and middle aged men. Everyone looked like they were in a hurry.

The entire Silver Moon City was busy, including the robots. 

We stepped into a transparent elevator, which turned into a cable car shuttling us through the mall. 

“This is an entertainment and shopping area. You can buy things you want and sell what you don’t need here.” Xing Chuan pointed at the surrounding levels. Those rooms were individual shops. The fourth floor even had an arcade zone and cinema. 

This really was a shopping square. Silver Moon City had truly brought a city into space. Everything that one needed in a city could be found here. 

Our elevator entered a tunnel, then came to a stop. We stood in front of a row of classrooms. From here, we could faintly hear the teachers’ voices from the quiet classrooms. 

Xing Chuan walked to the classroom at the far end in front. The moment he opened the door, everyone in the classroom looked at us in unison. Everyone suddenly got very excited. 

“His Highness is here!” 

“It’s Harry! That’s Harry!” 

Harry always caught the girls’ attention wherever he went.


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