Book 4: Chapter 36 - Xing Chuan’s Knights

Humph, you are just like me. Don’t you dislike men who’ve slept with other women before as well? We have mysophobia when it comes to relationships, Luo Bing,” he said mockingly. It was as if the usual Xing Chuan was slowly waking up. He added, “Or is it that you can’t bear to reject anyone because you love everyone, Luo Bing?”

I halted. What he’d said seemed reasonable. But his attitude towards girls somehow infuriated me.

Theoretically, I should agree with his method. It was right that he didn’t abuse his power and sleep around with girls. His mysophobia regarding relationships in a way also showed his loyalty. Didn’t girls hate guys who accepted all of the girls who flocked to them? The kind of guy who would turn soft-hearted whenever a girl teared up.

What is wrong then? Why do I still think that he is an *sshole, an incorrigible *sshole? 

“Do you want to have breakfast together?” He suddenly asked. On cue, the curtains by the side opened. A sumptuous breakfast had been served on the balcony. Next to the dining table was naturally the planet that was welcoming the morning and the serene universe.

It was breakfast by the ocean universe, breakfast with the company of planets. It was an irresistible temptation that no one could turn down.

Seeing me, the tiny robot at the dining table immediately organized another set of cutleries. It even tried to align my cutleries with Xing Chuan’s as though it had OCD.

Xing Chuan walked past behind me, wearing a cold smile. “Don’t you think that we are actually very similar in certain aspects?”

I looked askance at him. As he walked to the balcony, the tiny robot quickly pulled his chair out for him and he sat down. 

The tiny robot looked at me, seemingly waiting anxiously.

I walked over and the tiny robot quickly pulled the chair out for me to sit. It seemed happy, just like a person who enjoyed his job.

Xing Chuan supported his head with one hand as his face turned expressionless again. He picked up a fork and casually forked a piece of fruit, as though he was bored. He ate lazily as he looked at the crimson planet next to us.

The entire Silver Moon City was like a satellite to Kansa Star. It revolved around Kansa Star slowly.

I picked up the cutlery. Breakfast was a sandwich. God knew how much I wanted to eat flatbread fritters, soy milk, beancurd, xiao long bao, and dimsums. I was dying to eat them.

“Why do you like Raffles?” Xing Chuan asked casually. I looked at him and he stole a glance at me as he bit on his fork. He didn’t bother pretending at all before me. All I saw was a lazy and laid-back guy.

“When is the next mission?” I ignored the question.

Humph.” He smirked and continued to watch me with the fork in his mouth. “Now that I have you, I don’t need Blue Charm and Moon Dream anymore.” Not answering my question either, he sounded relieved as he remarked lazily.

“You should be weaned off!” I teased.

He narrowed his eyes and took out the fork from his mouth. Lifting his chin as he looked at me, he continued, “I will wear my pajamas. To be honest, I am not used to sleeping naked next to another man. Plus…” He lifted the corners of his lips, a flash of wickedness in his eyes. “... you’re a man who likes other men. Aren’t I the one in greater danger?”

Pfft.”  I couldn’t be bothered with him. I continued to eat my sandwich.

“I actually fell asleep with my pajamas on yesterday afternoon.” He lifted his fork and continued talking while eating. Frowning, he looked puzzled. “I don’t know why my clothes were not on me when I woke up.” 

“You were probably sleepwalking,” I said as I took a sip of my orange juice.

“Maybe.” He picked up his orange juice too and held the transparent glass before his lips. Red lips hovering above the bright orange juice, his gaze turned gloomy. “After that battle with the Ghost Eclipsers, we’ll need a long time to fully recover. So, we can’t be sure of when the next battle will be.” 

We were finally back to business after all that nonsense. 

As I faced him, he lifted his head and drank his orange juice. Placing the orange juice down, he frowned. “This is the disadvantage of not having enough resources. A war consumes a lot. The resistance army that He Lei joined is still stuck in the preparation phase due to insufficient resources. Humph.” He gave a light chuckle and shook his head slightly as he said, “Their grasp on warfare is too simple.” 

Xing Chuan was more experienced than me when it came to war. Only now did I start to worry if Noah City had enough resources to go through a war. 

“But, there are always missions in Silver Moon City. You won’t be bored.” He smiled and looked at me. He’d put on his usual angelic image again. 

Watching him like this, I suddenly felt unused to seeing him look so tidy. My impression of his naked self in my bed with those two spider lilies had already been heavily imprinted in my mind. This man was poisonous. He used various ways to leave a deep impression in your head.

Life in Silver Moon City was very disciplined. Everyone went to school or work or training at nine in the morning. 

The number of training rooms was limited. Hence, everyone had their allocated training time. The slots were full every day from morning until night. The people in Silver Moon City were constantly working hard to become stronger. In fact, they were far more hardworking than the people in Noah City. 

Elder Alufa was hardly strict towards us. And although Sister Ceci looked very strict, she actually cared about all of us, as if she was our mother. Uncle Mason, who was always loafing around, had even occasionally brought the boys out for movies; he was like a father to us. 

Noah City was like a home. 

On the other hand, Silver Moon City gave you a sense of pressure. The kind of pressure that made you feel like you would be easily surpassed, and then eliminated as soon as you relaxed.

We headed towards an independent training room, inside of which Xing Chuan’s knights had all gathered. Moon Dream, Nora, Blue Charm, Sharjah, Gale and Yama were all there. 

Harry leaned against the wall, his arms crossed leisurely. He seemed to have taken very well to life in Silver Moon City. Yeah, because this place has an ocean of girls and he happily fell into the ocean. 

Moon Dream and Nora both had on the same outfit as Blue Charm today. They stood in the middle of the training room with their hair neatly tied up and hands behind their backs, looking heroic and valiant. 

“You’ve already met Luo Bing,” Xing Chuan said with a smile. “So, what I am going to announce today is that he is officially one of you from now on. He will be the North Star. You must obey his orders in the future.” 

“Yes,” Gale and Yama replied simultaneously. Then, they turned to look at the others, stunned. No one else had said a word. 

Gale and Yama turned stiff and took a step to the side. They had a look across their faces saying: Don’t drag us down with you. 

Sharjah smiled at Xing Chuan and said, “His Highness, not everyone is convinced.” 

Xing Chuan didn’t say a word but simply gazed at everyone with a smile. Harry glanced at Xing Chuan. The others remained silent while Xing Chuan continued to smile at everyone. 

Sharjah’s smile became stiff, then awkward and dry. He lowered his head and retreated to stand with everyone else. Xing Chuan continued to smile at everyone but didn’t say anything. The atmosphere in the training room became unusually depressing.

I finally understood what authority without anger was like. Xing Chuan was still wearing his angelic smile. 


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