Book 4: Chapter 35 - Addicted To Sleeping

Silver Moon spoke for very long. I lay down as I watched her. “Do you know where Harry’s room is?”

“He is also in this living zone. Harry is listed as a member of the knight group and he has been placed under Major Sharjah’s knight troop. Hence, he is on the same floor as Major Sharjah, in Zone E, room number three.” As Silver Moon pointed, a floor separated out from the rest. “The elevator here can go anywhere. Your balcony is also an aircraft, so you can go anywhere from there. I can set a location for you. The knight group’s members have balconies and spaces for aircraft to park.” She tapped on my balcony in the image. My balcony really did fly like a UFO. It flew around the building outside towards Harry’s room.

“Is there anything else that you’d like to ask?” She smiled and looked at me.

I took a deep breath, then slowly let it out. “The ten thousand children were eliminated, weren’t they?” I looked at her and she became quiet. But she was no longer smiling. “Welcome to Silver Moon City. Rest well,” she said gently, then she vanished before my eyes. She was as gentle as a mother. Her gentle manner looked similar to the pretentious Xing Chuan. Maybe Xing Chuan had imitated her expressions.

What rights did Silver Moon City have to eliminate those children? The humans who had once been sent to another planet to reproduce. What rights did he have to determine who could stay and who were to be eliminated?

Maybe it was because the ovum had still been cells. Hence, in the eyes of Silver Moon City, they hadn’t counted as lives.

Silver Moon City wasn’t as beautiful as people imagined them to be.

Yeah, it had always been cold.

From the first time I had seen Xing Chuan, Silver Moon City had never hidden its coldness. They only took in metahumans and beautiful girls. As for the people who were worthless to Silver Moon City, the city wouldn’t take them in since they claimed that they were not a charity organization.

Looking at the female metahumans in Silver Moon City, I finally understood why Xing Chuan hadn’t saved the girl back then. It hadn’t been because she’d been dirty like how He Lei and I had guessed, but because she wasn’t a metahuman.

Silver Moon City was maintaining the excellence of their gene pool so that they could rule the world in the future.

They wouldn’t keep unhealthy genes either.

However, I had to stay here because outside the cold Silver Moon City, there were the Ghost Eclipsers who were even colder. Since they were my enemy’s enemy, we could be comrades-in-arms for now. We had to unite to vanish the Ghost Eclipsers.

I was overwhelmed by the gravity of it all. I dreamed when I fall asleep and I constantly felt a heavy weight over my chest. Occasionally, I would see myself drown in dark water in my dream. Then, pairs of hands pulled me into a huge cloud of blue crystal energy and my body turned translucent, before the blue crystal energy started to eat me up.

I woke up in a befuddled state, then fell asleep again. 

Feeling hot when I was sleeping, I tossed and turned in bed. I felt something cold against my arm. Reaching for it, I found that it was smooth to the touch. When I struggled to open my eyes, I saw a red spider lily before me. Then, a strong wave of sleepiness crashed over, making me reluctant to wake up.

“Don’t you sleep with girls?” I slurred as I asked. I turned around so that my back faced him.

“I want to have a good sleep.” I heard his muffled reply from behind too.

“I can’t sleep well with girls.” I moved further forward. I wanted to stay further away from him. *Bang!* I fell onto the ground but I didn’t want to get up. I was so sleepy that I didn’t want to move.

Mm… I would want to do it…” I heard him reply faintly.

On the second day, I sat below the bed and watched the naked man who was sleeping soundly on my bed.

I held my head. Who says that he wouldn’t sleep with guys?

D*mn it. I have to calm down. I can’t react like a girl.

“Why are you off the bed?” He muttered softly.

I glanced at his eyes that were still closed. “You kicked me off.”

Heh,” he chuckled. Then, he lifted his hand and rested it on his forehead “It’s been a while since I’ve slept so well.”

“Don’t you only sleep with girls?” I was stunned. These words felt familiar. I remembered that I’d asked this question before.

“Who told you so?” His voice became glum as though someone was tugging the root of his tongue and making him really uncomfortable.

“It’s…” I paused but didn’t continue. I had seen how brutal he could be. He would beat his men and women without hesitation or mercy.

Yeah, Moon Dream was the woman who slept with him yet he could hit her without any qualms. What exactly was Moon Dream to him? Was she only a tool that slept with him?

“You sleep with me in the future,” he said while still half asleep.

“Get lost!” I spat. I absolutely wouldn’t be his sleeping tool.

“I put on my pajamas,” he said as though he was sighing. His gentle tone seemed to carry an imperceptible touch of compromise and acting spoiled.

I stood up and pointed at the silk blanket that wrapped around his body, which just about outlined his body figure, and at his two smooth fair legs exposed under the blanket. “Where?” I walked to the end of the bed and picked up something like a sleeping robe. As I picked it up, a black underwear fell to the floor and I instantly blushed.

He seemed to be struggling to wake up. He sat up and rubbed his face. “I did put it on.”

“Then, what is this?” I threw it at him.

I reckoned that there shouldn’t be many people in Silver Moon City who had seen him when he first woke up before. However, this was the truest him. He had no expression on, but instead seemed a little absent-minded.

He grabbed the sleeping robe that I’d thrown at him. Then, he lifted the blanket and peeked under it at his own body. He instantly frowned and held his forehead. “I really put it on.” He looked like he was devastated.

As he lifted his head, his long hair brushed against his face. Under his messy hair were his blurry eyes. “Why did you take it off me?”

I immediately stared wide-eyed at him. “I took it off you?!” I put my hands on my waist and glared at him, feeling suffocated. I pointed at the bed. “This is my room. This is my bed. You slept on my bed. You kicked me off my bed and I slept on the ground for the entire night. Why would I take your clothes off?! You are not a woman!”

“But you like men!” His serene eyes gradually grew sharp.

I was at a loss for words. I nearly went crazy. I pointed outside. “Go back to your room.”

He looked at me expressionlessly, before he casually removed the blanket. I looked away at once and tried hard to calm myself down by taking deep breaths.

*Rustle.* The noises he made when he put on his sleeping robe resounded in the room.

He walked behind me and suddenly leaned in next to my ear. “If you dare to touch me, you’ll know the consequences.” How dare he warn me!?

I turned away and clenched my fist. “I don’t like men who’ve slept with other women. I have mysophobia,” I shouted as I swiveled back.

Huh? Where is he?

I looked to the side. Xing Chuan had entered the living room and was heading to his room. “Put on your uniform. I want to introduce you to the others officially,” he said without any tone. Then, he walked into his room. He hadn’t even bother to patch up the hole from that time.

Xing Chuan looked dead in the morning. He didn’t have any expression or maybe he was too lazy to wear any expressions. He even spoke without a tone as if he was lazy to speak with a tone.

That was the true Xing Chuan? A person who was too lazy to even pretend? Or was Xing Chuan just too exhausted by pretending all the time? Which would be why he was in low spirits. As though he was constantly putting on a perfunctory attitude as he lived through every day.

Suddenly, there came an engine whirring noise Frightened, I immediately looked toward the source of the noise. It turned out that the basin in the bathroom was elevating along with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and towel.

My early morning has been ruined by this man who sleeps around.

I put on my clothes as I walked towards the hole that connected to the training room. His superpower was really useful. Through the hole, I could see his room. His room was extremely simple. There was no excessive furniture. It was as if everything had been absorbed into the wall or hidden in the air.

In the middle of the minimalistic room was a bed that was far bigger than mine, in a grayish blue like the mysterious night sky. There was a silk blanket on the bed too. The thick mattress gave people the urge to leap onto it and sleep, to appreciate its tenderness and comfort.

Then, I saw a small bed next to it that was shaped like a dog’s bed.

I walked over suspiciously and stood by the small bed.

“This is for Moon Dream and Blue Charm.” A remark abruptly came from behind me.

I stood there in shock. Spinning to face him, I saw that he was putting on his top. As he put his arms through the white sleeves, his spider lily looked indecently gorgeous under the morning sunlight.

“You let the girls sleep here?!” I felt humiliated on the girls’ behalf. The humiliation might have been derived from the fact that the bed looked like a dog’s bed.

“Yes.” He turned and began to button up his shirt. Silver Moon City’s white long robe gradually hid his chest, and there was still no expression across his face. “I don’t like other people to sleep in my bed,” he said calmly.

I stared at him blankly. Then, I chuckled and shook my head, “You are so cold-hearted to girls."

He glanced at me faintly as though he was used to me being upset with him. Reining back his sight, he continued to button his shirt. “Women want too much. They want you to hug them, kiss them, touch them, do it with them, satisfy them, and yet they are always not sexually satisfied.” 

“That’s because they like you.” I wanted to beat him up. He said it as though Blue Charm and Moon Dream fought to sleep with him because they wanted to do it with him. What’s so great about men? He slept in my bed naked and I didn’t even want to touch him.

He flashed a smile that I was familiar with as he glanced at me. “There are many women who like me. Do I have to do it with all of them? Don’t you find that filthy?” He frowned in disdain.

I looked away. I couldn’t stand him. I turned and left.


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