Book 4: Chapter 34 - Silver Moon City

“By the way, you have an AI in your room. You can ask her to tell you more about Silver Moon City,” Gale said as he stood at the door.

I was alarmed. “What did you say? If there’s an AI in my room, wouldn’t she have seen me when I was taking a shower?!” My heart instantly raced. Am I going to be exposed on the first day I arrived in Silver Moon City?!

That didn’t seem right either. Xing Chuan hadn’t shown any reaction.

“She wouldn’t have.” Gale turned solemn. “The room is a private space, so the AI in the room will only appear when you call for her.”

I let out a breath of relief - that had been terrifying. I felt like I’d just gone on a roller coaster ride.

“You can call her Silver Moon.” Yama chuckled.

“Thanks.” I pushed the door open.

“Let’s go get a girl.” Yama wriggled his eyebrows at Gale as he draped his arm over Gale’s shoulders.

Gale’s face darkened at once. “Humph! I’m not interested today. None of those girls managed to impress me!” He turned his face aside in disdain, lifting his chin to the sky.

“What happened to you?” Yama asked as he walked off with Gale.

What happened? His height! He’d been called the shortest man in Silver Moon City. Since Gale was so arrogant, he definitely hadn’t been able to take it.

In actual fact, Gale should be around five foot five. To any girls below five foot two, he was just nice. However, the girls in Silver Moon City wanted five foot seven.

“Gale! Yama!” I called for them.

They held the elevator button and looked over at me.

I frowned and asked, “Are you sure that His Highness Xing Chuan only sleeps with girls at night?” I had to make sure.

Gale and Yama exchanged a glance, then their gazes became coquettish. Yama said smilingly, “At least up to now, we’ve never heard of His Highness sleeping with any man before."

I relaxed, but why were they looking at me so coquettishly?

“Are you worried that His Highness would disturb you?” Gale said. It turned out that they’d been thinking of this, no wonder they looked so lascivious. A guy’s daily life was just like this. It was actually pretty interesting. I realized that I’d started to enjoy living as a guy.

Gale winked at me. “Don’t worry. Silver Moon City has great noise isolation.”

I immediately pointed at him. “That’s what I want to hear. Have fun!” I returned to my room and the lights turned on automatically. The curtains opened again; beyond, the burgundy planet outside the window had become even darker. Stars twinkled in the dark universe.

“Silver Moon, introduce Silver Moon City.” I began to take off my clothes.

“Sure.” The AI had a melodious voice. It felt so familiar that I could tell it was Ice Dragon’s predecessor.

A bunch of blue lights projected, forming a huge Silver Moon City before me.

As I entered my bedroom, a sexy goddess appeared to stand next to the holographic Silver Moon City. The entire Silver Moon City moved alongside me as I walked around my quarters.

“Silver Moon City is mainly segregated into a few regions and living zones.” The AI pointed at my side of Silver Moon City. “Here is where all services, shopping, entertainment and rest are provided. You are here.” She pointed at the tip of the crescent moon. “This is where His Highness Xing Chuan and his seven knights’ rooms are. If you run into danger, the security system would activate independently.” As she spoke. our region broke apart from the main part of Silver Moon City, sheltered by a protective shield.

“The entire region would separate from the main body and form an individual launcher to bring you away from the danger zone at high speed.” The region began to change shape, transforming into an independent spaceship to leave Silver Moon City.

I changed into my sleepwear as I looked over in surprise. Surely the regions of Silver Moon City wouldn’t all break off individually, would it?  

“Would you like to eat something? The introduction will take a while.” Silver Moon smiled at me. It was hard to believe that this gentle and polite lady was the cunning Ice Dragon’s predecessor.

I missed my Ice Dragon, but Ice Dragon was in charge of protecting Raffles on behalf of Harry and I when he went out into the field.

“Alright.” I looked at the ring on my right hand. The ring color had changed into a faint blue. Raffles was missing me. My lips became hot as his kiss replayed in my head, that innocent kiss.

I bit my lip gently, raising my hand to the side of my lips. My face began to heat up slowly. I didn’t seem to have hated Raffles’ kiss. So, does it mean that I like him?

A tiny robot drove in from the living room. It was carrying a tray laden with a cup of orange juice, fruits and cake.

I leaned back on the bed while the tiny robot came to my bedside. It was so leisurely that it was almost as if I’d come to Silver Moon City for a holiday.

I took the ring off my right hand and placed it on my left. This way would save me a lot of trouble, and also let others know that I was married.

“This is the learning zone.” Silver Moon pointed out a region in the middle. The entire region quickly separated and formed into a school. “All of Silver Moon City’s children who are aged below twenty have to receive their education here.”

The school was huge, containing floors of classrooms. It looked like a complicated 3D building.

“How many people are there in Silver Moon City?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“Silver Moon City has a total population of ten thousand five hundred and three people,” Silver Moon said with a smile. I stared at her in shock as she continued, “However, there are a hundred thousand frozen fertilized ovums.” 

“Fertilized what?!"

Silver Moon looked at me with a smile. “Fertilized ovum. Hence, in actual fact, there are one hundred and twelve thousand three hundred and sixty-three people.”

I gawked. They even stored that!

“Due to limited resources, we have to restrict our population growth.” Silver Moon explained the strange phenomena with the simplest reason. 

I was surprised. So, Silver Moon City had been working hard on reproducing for the past sixty years and they already had over a hundred thousand of them. Why hadn’t Noah City thought of that?

“The humans in Silver Moon City are all elites among humans all over the world. Hence, their genes are outstanding. We have the responsibility and obligation to store them.” Silver Moon waved and Silver Moon City broke off another region. This region had broken off from the internal sections of Silver Moon City. It magnified before me and formed a huge gene bank. “There is an independent security system here too so that our future wouldn’t be endangered.”  

“This gene bank was here from the start?!” I asked Silver Moon curiously.

She nodded. “Yes, it was built for interplanetary migration. The entire spaceship could carry fifteen thousand people. Hence, the first batch of humans were transported in that form.” She explained, “When they arrived at the planet that they’d discovered, they would have one hundred thousand people who could reproduce on the planet.”

“You meant that there were a hundred thousand children of the humans back then on this spaceship? Where are those children now?” I asked this because the children on Silver Moon City all looked like metahumans’ children.

Silver Moon smiled but didn’t continue. She pointed at another region. “This is the training zone. Metahumans’ training takes place here.” The entire Silver Moon City broke into pieces as she introduced them, but she didn’t answer my question about the ten thousand children’s whereabouts. “This is the ecology zone. There are some animals here. And this is the retirement zone, where old metahumans live.”

Hence, Silver Moon City was a huge transformer. It could separate, combine, and change shape, using extremely advanced technology. Noah City needed such technology.


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