Book 4: Chapter 33 - The Legendary Cang Yu

He flexed his muscles and stared at me. “Shorty, be careful that I squeeze you to death with my chest muscles!”

Since he’d made such a remark, I thought that I absolutely couldn’t disappoint him.

I took off my outer layer too, under which I wore a white shirt. I rolled up my sleeves.  Fighting against such a brawny opponent, I couldn’t afford to be reckless. He had great strength and his body was firm. If I were to hit his chest, I reckoned it would be like scratching an itch for him.

I bent forward slightly, holding up my hands at a slight angle apart before my chest. Putting one leg back to steady myself, I rested my weight on the tip of my toes so that I could move swiftly in any direction the moment my opponent launched an attack.

Phew.” I steadied my breathing and heartbeat. “I am ready. Come on!”

Gale stared closely at me as though he didn’t want to miss any movement. He stepped back and raised his hand. “Start!”

Yama immediately charged at me. He was extremely fast. With that brawny build and those huge strides, it was as though he’d instantly appeared before me and punched in the same second.

The punch was swift enough to create wind, showing the explosive force of his strength. Even if he didn’t use his superpower, he was still a strong and powerful man!

When he punched at me, I immediately moved to the side to dodge. At the same time, I leaped and aimed at the popped up nerve on his neck, accurately slashing down with the side of my palm. 

*Pak!* Numbness spread through my hand from the hit against his firm skin.

*Bang!* Yama fell to his knees. Then, he fell forward onto the ground with his face down.

“You… You… You… You-!” Gale stared at me in shock, before he ran forward to check on Yama.

I stood straight and shook out my hand to relax my hand muscles. I hadn’t hit a sandbag for very long. My hand had turned numb from the impact of the hit.

“How did you do that?!” Gale gaped at me in surprise.

I glanced at him. “I hit his acupuncture point. If I were to hit him harder, he could die from the hit instantly.”

“Acupuncture point? What is that?” Gale held his neck. “Works on everyone?”

I nodded.

Gale grew pale and he looked down at Yama who wasn’t moving an inch. “Yama got knocked down with one hit. Can you teach me?” He immediately turned to me.

I thought for a while, then glanced at him. “Sure. You are fast with good speed. If you pick up this skill, you can suppress your enemy very quickly.”

He stood up in excitement. “Hurry up and teach me!” He could wait no more.

I looked at him calmly. “If you want to learn from me, you have to obey my instructions and call me your Master, and kneel down before me.”

“What?!” Gale jumped. “I have to kneel down?! There’s such a rule?!”

I didn’t bother looking at him but picked up my shirt from the floor. “If you don’t kneel, I don’t teach.”

Suddenly, a human breeze swept before me again. *Bang!* Gale really knelt down before me. “Master.” He extended his hands to me, an unnatural expression on his face. 

Stunned for a while, I tried hard to hold back the urge to laugh. “I was joking. You really knelt down?! Pfft.” I chuckled as I shook my head and walked away.

“What?” He hugged his head in distress. “How could you fool me?!”

“Since you knelt down, I’ll teach you.” I put on my outer shirt and turned to look at him with a smile. He put his hands down and happily looked back up at me.

Cough!” Yama suddenly coughed. He seemed to have woken up yet he continued to lie prostrate on the ground. His skin and blood vessels were thicker, so he should have been able to wake up faster than Gale.

“Yama!” Gale moved next to him and patted his body.

Yama raised one finger and said, “I’d like to be alone.”

Pfft. Hahahaha…” Gale burst out in laughter. He rocked back and forth as he laughed, while patting Yama’s back.

After a while, the three of us sat on the stairs outside the training room. There was a tray before us with cake and beer.

It was very quiet. Looking out across the lawn, it was still busy. The guys and girls chatted and danced.

*Clink.* The three of us drank a toast to each other; from now on we were brothers.

I really liked how men got along with one another. They became brothers after they fought. It wasn’t complicated at all.

“What superpower do you have?” Yama asked.

“Whatever it is, he can enter the center of the radiation zone without protection,” Gale answered.

“What?!” Yama stared at me in disbelief. “I only heard that you blew up the mining machine alone, and single-handedly settled the war we’d been fighting for so long!”

Gale shook his head continuously. “You don’t know the full story. His Highness said to let him head to the center of the radiation zone. Sharjah, Blue Charm and I were all dumbfounded. I thought His Highness was sending him to his death!” Gale said in disbelief, “His Highness didn’t let him wear any anti-radiation suit either. Even I don’t understand how he walked out alive.”

“I know!” Yama seemed to understand something. “His superpower is resisting radiation in the center of the radiation zone! Is it?! Is it?!” Yama pointed at me with the beer bottle.

I laughed and took another gulp of beer. To make myself look more like a man, I had to start with drinking.

“Oh! I see!” Gale seemed to finally understand it too. “We were honestly shocked speechless. How could anyone enter the center of the radiation zone?”

“No wonder His Highness had been searching for you.” Yama stretched out his neck as he furtively peered ahead, as though he was worried that Xing Chuan would see him. “It was the first time we’d seen His Highness search for a person. We were wondering if you were actually a girl. We’d never seen His Highness search for a person like that.”

“In the end, you weren’t. Sigh. I was looking forward to it too; I thought that a girl who His Highness took an interest in would definitely be more beautiful than Moon Dream and Nora.” Gale sniggered as he drank his beer.

I looked at them. “Which one do you like?”

Stunned, they turned towards me in unison. “What do you mean, which one do we like?”

“Between Moon Dream and Nora, which one do you like?” I winked at them.

Who knew that their faces would pale at once, even Yama whose face was red.

“How would we dare?” Gale draped his arm over my shoulder. “As a brother, let me remind you, you can’t touch those two women.”

“Including Blue Charm!” Yama quickly added.

 I blinked. “Are they Xing Chuan’s women?”

Gale’s face tensed as he looked around. “His Highness has a habit. He can only sleep when someone is next to him.”

“How old is he?! He still wants someone to sleep with him?!” I heard something amazing that I could use to make fun of Xing Chuan for the rest of his life.

Shh!” Gale immediately covered my mouth. “And, Nora isn’t His Highness’ woman but the elder Highness’ woman.”

“The elder Highness!” I stared at Gale in surprise, and grabbed him by his arm. “So, Silver Moon City does have another Highness! Does he have a long braid and wear a crown like this?” I got excited.

But he seemed to be even more surprised than me. “You have seen His Highness Cang Yu?!” They almost exclaimed at the same time.

I chuckled happily. “Oh, so he is called Cang Yu. Where is he?”

They raised their hands in unison. Gale looked as dumbfounded as he’d been when he’d first heard that I was going to enter the center of the radiation zone.

“Up there.” They pointed towards the high skies, which was pretty much an entire region in itself.

“The elder Highness is normally in his library,” Yama said. “But you can only enter if you have a special permit."

“How did you get to see the elder Highness before?” Gale couldn’t understand. He took a step back and measured me up and down with his eyes. “The elder Highness almost never leaves Silver Moon City or his lab. How could you have seen him before? The probability of seeing him is as low as being able to the center of the radiation zone. You are such a magical person! You scored both!”

I smiled happily. Lowering my head to look at my beer bottle, I raised it up and took another gulp. “You’ve to keep it a secret. In short, we met once. If it wasn’t for him, I might not have followed your Highness back to Silver Moon City when he asked."

“It’s unbelievable. How did you meet the elder Highness?” Yama was filled with wonder. “We hardly see him. Even though we are His Highness’s knights and already hold the highest power, we still don’t have the right to enter many of the places that the elder Highness frequents. Nora can only enter if the elder Highness looks for her. She is already considered the person who meets the elder Highness the most. Right?”

Mmhmm.” Gale nodded continuously. “The elder Highness’ superpower is as mysterious as yours.” Gale pointed at me with a ghastly expression. “No one knows his superpower. I heard that people who found out his superpower have died…” he said in an eerie voice.

I chuckled.

Gale rolled his eyes at me. “You better believe it, because it’s true. Anyway, besides His Highness, there shouldn’t be anyone in Silver Moon City who knows the elder Highness’ superpower.”

“Alright. I’ll be careful.” I smiled and got up, patting the dust from my bottom.

“Where are you going?” Yama asked me. “There are so many girls here tonight. Don’t be shy. Go and date one.”

Shh!” Gale rolled his eyes at Yama and pointed at my right hand. “Didn’t you see that he is married?"

Yama turned purple from embarrassment at once.

“But I think you can at least consider it. Noah City has few girls, but look at Silver Moon City, we have so many girls here. I can guarantee it!” Gale patted his chest. “After you date a girl, you wouldn’t want to date a guy anymore.”

Pfft.” Yama spat a mouthful of beer. 

Gale immediately jumped. “You spat on me! Dang!”

“So-, sorry. Cough.” Yama wiped his mouth. “What did you mean? You mean Luo Bing…” Yama was shocked.

Tsk. What is there to be surprised about? Isn’t it like that down there?” Gale complained, scorning Yama for making a fuss about something trivial, yet conveniently forgetting how awkward he’d looked when he’d seen Raffles and me in Noah City. 

“Oh, yeah. Luo Bing. Do you want me to introduce you to any?” Yama suddenly smirked maliciously. He stood up and pointed far. “I’m telling you. Some girls are easy to date and some are not. Some are picky and some are not. Some like strong ones like me…” Yama said excitedly and winked at me. “Your body wouldn’t satisfy them.”

I couldn’t take it anymore so I turned to walk away. “It’s okay. I’m tired today. I’ve no strength to wait on the girls.”

“We’ll walk you back, in case you take the wrong path.” Gale and Yama caught up and walked on either side of me.

On the way back, they advised me to date a girl again. Even if I was a guy, my body wouldn’t be able to follow through even if I had the mind to.


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