Book 4: Chapter 32 - Another One Asking For Beating

“If he was five foot nine, it would be perfect! He’s like a dwarf next to His Highness Xing Chuan.”

Forget it. I’d better not listen to them here. Feels like I am humiliating myself.

I am considered tall among girls, okay? You are the dwarfs!

“How did you do that?!” Suddenly, a human breeze blew my fringe up. It was Gale.

I didn’t bother with him, only continued to eat my cake. “I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

“In the blink of an eye, I-!” He glanced furtively to the left and right, then blushed and lowered his voice. “-I fainted from just one hit.”

I took another bite of my cake and looked at him. “You want to know?”

Mm!” He became extremely serious.

I turned and leaned against the side of the table. “Be more polite to me if you want to know.”

Pfft.” He rolled his eyes in disdain. “I won’t admit that you are stronger than me.”

“Gale is also a little too short. Sigh. He actually looks quite cute.”

At once I saw Gale’s expression turn suffocated.

“He was originally the shortest guy in Silver Moon City, but now he has Luo Bing to accompany him.”

Gale held onto the table with one hand to his chest, while I held my forehead too.

“The men in Silver Moon City are all five foot seven and above. Do you think the two of them will grow taller?”

I looked at Gale. “Do you want to talk elsewhere?”

“My thoughts exactly.” Gale and I walked to the side. When we passed the girls, both of us walked with our chest out. We were actually taller than them! Taller than them!

Why would they ask for five foot seven and above? How can a girl ask for so much?

Hold on. I am a girl.

I held my forehead as I thought to myself. I used to ask for five foot nine too. I seem to understand how a guy feels now. Five-foot nine guys are rare after all. As long as we like one another, height doesn’t matter. Wong Cho-lam from Running Man and his wife look sweet together. 

I looked around and realized that the guys in Silver Moon City were all really tall.

“Is everyone in Silver Moon City a metahuman?” I asked Gale.

Gale nodded. “Yeah. There are no ordinary people here. Oh, besides the people in the scientific research group,” he added.

No wonder.

Metahumans’ genes were more outstanding than ordinary humans’. Five-foot seven was considered short among metahumans. In Noah City, only Joey and Moorim were a bit shorter. Williams and Khai were taller than Harry; they were almost six foot two. However, Joey and Moorim were about my age. We were all still growing.

Suddenly, a human wall appeared in front of me with an air of burning rage. I looked up to see that it was the tall Yama. His red short hair was standing and burning like a crown of flames.

He knitted his eyebrows and stared at me with his flame-like red eyes. “What right do you have to be the North Star? Show me your capability so that we can all be utterly convinced!”

Gale immediately went forward. “Yama, don’t touch him. His Highness will be furious.”

Yama looked away in annoyance. He cracked his neck and spat, “I won’t concede to this.” He spoke in a low muffled voice, but it was loud and clear.

“Neither do we. Come over here. Don’t talk about it in this place.” Gale looked left and right. Everyone’s attention had already been drawn over here.

He quickly pulled Yama to the side, but Yama swung his hand away. Gale really looked like a dwarf next to Yama.

Gale beckoned at me again as he lowered his voice, “Luo Bing… Come here…”

I glanced at them coldly and walked over to them. I wasn’t afraid of them.

Gale was obviously much more polite to me after I’d knocked him out.

They stood in the corner. Gale glanced at Yama, then at me, then back at Yama. “Are you upset?”

“Of course!” Yama pointed at himself and said, “The candidate for North Star should have been me!”

Pfft.” Gale found it funny and rolled his eyes at him. He looked at Yama with disdain. “It should have been me!”

“Both of you want to fight for it?” I asked.

Gale and Yama were stunned and embarrassed. They seemed to have forgotten that their mutual enemy was me. Before they’d even challenged me, they already had an internal conflict.

Gale raised his chin as he looked at me. “I wasn’t ready that day. I refuse to admit defeat just like that. If you can defeat Yama today as well, I will admit defeat.” He pointed at Yama. Yama’s brawny build was like a wall before me.

Yama immediately stretched his neck and approached me in an imposing manner. He spread his hands and his chest muscles bulged, straining his clothes. A button popped off.

“This time, we’ll fight one-on-one without using superpowers,” Gale said.

Yama stared at him dumbfounded. “No superpower?!”

I smirked coldly. “Are you scared?”

“Who’s scared?!” Yama pushed his chest out again.

Gale looked around, before he pointed to the side. “Come on. Let’s go to the training room!”

“Sure!” Yama began to unbutton his shirt. It was obvious that the clothes in Silver Moon City obstructed his movement.

A row of glass training rooms stood at the side of the lawn. Every training room was an independent building. 

Gale constantly looked back over his shoulder as he walked. He got into one of the rooms sneakily, as though he was afraid to be discovered by Xing Chuan and the others.

Yama quickly walked in too. He was so big-sized yet he hunched his back too.

Standing in the training room, I noticed that the ground was springy and not slippery. It was made of some kind of special material. The entire training room was empty with nothing in it. Streaks of lights started to flow across the surrounding glass.

“The people outside can’t see us now,” Gale said. Then, he stood in between Yama and me. “Let’s make this clear. This battle can’t be found out by His Highness Xing Chuan.”

“You wouldn’t report against us, right?!” Yama looked down at me and spoke in an imposing manner. He was just like a dignified general.

I couldn’t be bothered to look at his red face that resembled a drunkard’s. “Don’t tattle to him if you lose.”

Hahaha. Me losing? I! Won’t! Lose!” Yama clenched his fists. In an instant, churning flames covered his fists and the temperature in the training room rose sharply.

“Yama!” Gale immediately shouted at him. “We agreed! No superpowers. The differences in superpowers between metahuman would make it difficult to determine victory and defeat.”

Yama pouted and spread his palms that were even bigger than my face. The flames were put out while his face darkened. “I know. I’d get worried about killing him with one punch.” He unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it to the side, revealing a black singlet underneath.

His muscular chest bulged under his singlet. The straps of his singlet even stretched slightly when he flexed. The way his chest was popping out made me even more confident in my male disguise. In order to show his chest muscles, he’d even squeezed both arms together before his chest, inadvertently showing off his cleavage.

Yama was red all over. With his red skin all oily and shimmery and those two bulging rises on his strained singlet, it was truly a difficult sight to bear.

His muscles were sharply defined, like stones piled together. He’d looked better when he still had on his outer shirt since it hid that greasiness from sight.

“How many ab muscles do you have?” I couldn’t help but ask curiously when I saw his figure.

He smugly took off his singlet straightaway and threw that to the side too. Straight away his eight abs and sexy merman line were revealed. 


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