Book 1: Chapter 30 - Regardless of Life and Death

“Waifu, come up here,” Harry lowered his voice and called me. I glanced at him and held up the bottom of my dress and stood on the artilleryman’s seat next to Harry, and stuck my head out. Immediately, I could feel a breeze blowing against my face, and saw  weeds right in front of my face!

I was stunned. I got down and looked up at the holes again. They popped up just like… the earth mounds outside the underground city!



Those are actually gun muzzles!

No wonder they were lined up so neatly!

I popped out my head once again. The range of sight was very limited, but it was just nice to see Xing Chuan’s spaceships. There was only one spaceship that was like the one Xing Chuan had used previously. It was a small spaceship for two to three people. The other one was three times its size, and it was probably carrying Xing Chuan’s soldiers.

“That spaceship is awesome!” Harry complimented as he looked. His eyes were fueled with envy, “It would be great if I could have one of those ships. I hope Raffles could make one for me using that escape pod…”

Suddenly, we could hear footsteps from the side. The soldiers came out and Harry immediately stopped talking.

Then, we saw Arsenal sending Xing Chuan and Sharjah off.

The location of the gun muzzle was good. They could see everything that was happening outside their gate.

“Your Highness Xing Chuan, here is some clean water for you. Please excuse us,” Arsenal passed Xing Chuan a bottle of water bashfully, while she hung her head low.

Xing Chuan accepted it with a smile on his face, “Thank you. Water is very important. Arsenal, please do watch out for strangers. It is for Noah City’s safety too.”

“Thank you for your reminder, Your Highness,” Arsenal continued to hang her head low bashfully. She didn’t dare to look at Xing Chuan in his eyes. She was a maiden after all.

“Arsenal likes Xing Chuan?” I lowered my voice when I asked.

Harry nodded and said softly, “Xing Chuan had saved Arsenal in the past.”

Humph, looks like he has saved many people,” I humphed coldly. Only those who were abandoned would know his true colors.

“Arsenal, goodbye,” Xing Chuan turned around and walked towards the spaceship that was in front of us. Arsenal took a step forward and lifted her face. She looked at Xing Chuan’s receding figure. She seemed reluctant to see him leave but Sharjah walked up next to her and blocked Arsenal’s view, “Princess, please head back. It is really windy outside.” 

Although it was a gentle reminder, to my ears, it definitely sounded like he was shooing her away.

Arsenal nodded politely, and then turned to walk back to the underground city. Military Instructor Ceci was standing by the gate and closed it behind her.

The spaceship let out a buzz and the white cabin door opened. It was a cabin that was glowing with blue neon lights, and it looked very clean and tidy.

Sharjah chuckled as he joked with Xing Chuan, “Your Highness, Princess Arsenal is very beautiful and kind. She…”

“I am not interested in her,” Xing Chuan cut him off coldly, and threw the water to Sharjah. Sharjah looked at the water and shook his head. Then, he looked at Xing Chuan with a malicious smile, “Your Highness is more interested in Luo Bing? Luo Bing is a guy,” Sharjah ruminated over his remark.  

I suddenly got pissed off. The people from Silver Moon City do have a different side!

“I see, Sharjah is a crooked person,” Harry sighed emotionally, while he shook his head, “Tsk tsk tsk. All this while, I thought he was a good man and he treated Xue Gie with care. Every time he visits, he brings her a present. Sigh… The people from Silver Moon City are not at all trustworthy.” He once again sighed and looked at me, “Waifu, you made the right choice to leave.” 

I’m exhausted. What can I do to make Harry stop calling me his wife? He looked at me with a cheeky smile and winked, “My wife is so cute. Even when you were a guy, you won His Highness Xing Chuan’s heart.”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at him. I was too lazy to explain myself.

“There is no one who can steal Silver Moon City’s property from me!” Xing Chuan was really angry. There was purple light glowing in his eyes. His eyes dilated in anger and his gaze became sharper. They looked even more savage than before, “I want him! No matter whether he is dead or alive!”

No matter whether he is dead or alive… No matter whether he is dead or alive…. No matter whether he is dead or alive… What he said reverberated and replayed in my head over and over again. He really is merciless.

I suddenly understood that he was hunting me down, not because I was important to him, but because my disappearance had fooled, infuriated, and provoked him.

In simpler terms, my disappearance with the escape pod had made it look like the supreme Xing Chuan had made a mistake in front of the whole of Silver Moon City, and he was obviously embarrassed by this demerit.

The biggest problem was that Harry was the one who had stolen the escape pod. He was standing next to me and Raffles was the one who had disassembled it! But I was the one being thrown under the bus instead, on behalf of Noah City!

“Your Highness, don’t worry. If they want to steal Silver Moon City’s information through the escape pod, they have to connect to Silver Moon City’s server. By then, we will know their location,” Sharjah was confident. In other words, as long as Raffles didn’t connect to their server, it would be difficult for them to find the location.

Mm,” Xing Chuan flung his sleeve and turned to walk to the bigger spaceship. When the cabin door closed, the spaceship buzzed as it elevated from the ground. I saw that there were round plates underneath the spaceship, like the suckers on an octopus’ tentacles. The round plates started glowing with blue lights. These blue lights were similar to the blue lights on the flying vehicles in the Ghost Eclipse City.

Suddenly, the blue light shimmered, and the spaceship flew up into the sky in an instant. Sharjah’s spaceship followed closely behind Xing Chun’s.

Sigh… If we have enough blue crystal energy, we could also leap over the radiation zone. Pfft. The stingy Silver Moon City,” Harry pouted.

However, I wasn’t at all concerned about the blue crystal energy that Harry was talking about, instead I was more perturbed by Xing Chuan. I fixed my gaze on their spaceships until they were nowhere to be seen, and then I sighed in relief. He finally left. I don’t need to see him ever again in my life…

I am finally safe.

“Waifu, let’s go,” Harry jumped off the seat.

I stood on the spot dumbfounded, “I want to… be alone…” The wind blew against my face and the withering weeds in front of me became blurry.

It had been ages since the bright sunlight had showered upon me. This warmth gave me a more realistic feeling. I lowered my gaze, and in that moment, I wished for everything that was in front of my eyes to be just a dream. 

Harry stood on the ground as he looked up at me. Suddenly, he grabbed me by my wrist and said, “Why do you want to stay alone? Follow me!” Then, he ignored my request to be alone and pulled me down from the seat forcefully. He pulled me and started running along the dim corridor.

*Clomp. Clomp. Clomp. Clomp.* We ran along the corridor, and passed through places that I had never seen. We ran across many platforms, and finally I was in an area that was familiar to me. This was where Harry lived.

We ran up the stairs until we were on the third floor, in front of his room. He pushed the door open and turned on the dim lights. Then, he pressed me down cheekily, on the one and only chair in his room.

I was panting but he was perfectly fine. 

He has a big lung capacity.

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