Book 1: Chapter 3 - I Have to Save Myself

Cough Cough! I felt an itch in my throat and it was very uncomfortable. On top of that, I felt a burning pain, and there was a strange foul smell in my mouth. It almost felt like I had eaten rotten eggs that were cooked with sulfur dioxide. My throat must have been burned by something. Could it have been the acidic chemical substance in the soil?

However, my hoarse voice made me seem even more like a guy in puberty.

Suddenly, everything that happened before I was knocked out started replaying at fast-forward speed in my head like a movie! And then I thought of the sphere that I saw at Mount Putuo’s parking lot, and the extremely realistic feel of the journey thereafter, and an absurd thought struck my head. I looked at my feet awkwardly, and as expected, I was barefoot! I had obviously lost my shoes! In Mount Putuo’s parking lot?

So, was I really… !?






A terrifying explosion went off in my head, as though the universe had just exploded and vanished into thin air. 

No… no way!

*Rip! Rip!* Suddenly, the sound of clothes being torn rang out from the direction of the bonfire, “Ah! Ah! No! No!”

The girl’s scream rang in my head and brought me back to reality again. But, there was still a ringing noise in my head. I was panicking! Ever since the first time my dad hit me, I had never experienced such tension before, mostly because I got used to these occasional beatings[1]. While I was growing up, my dad also trained me to calmly deal with all kinds of situations—however sudden these were.

Kidnapping, armed robbery, survival skills during earthquakes and fires were just a few of the situations he had trained me in. He had even trained me for the most impossible situation—a terror attack. He even used to call his friend to fight with me during these training sessions. However, he never trained me for transmigrating!

But this time, the sight in front of me made me lose my usual cool. I was so tense that my heart was beating hard, my face was burning up, and my palms were drenched in cold sweat. How was this possible? If this was actually real, the situation that I was in was ridiculously bad, to say the least!

Getting captured by an unknown group of people who were obviously harboring ill-intentions was already bad enough, but also being imprisoned in a cage made it even worse for me. By now, I was panicking in the worst possible way. I was still very unclear about the situation in front of me, but judging by the guns that the enemy was carrying, it definitely didn’t look like my era. I didn’t even know where I had transmigrated to! How was I supposed to return home!?

Luo Bing, you have to calm down! Have to calm down!

Think about what dad used to teach regarding danger management! At such a crucial time, self-rescue is the most important thing! But without acting like an idiot by panicking or shouting!

Self-rescue first. Once I survive, I can get to know the situation in detail!

I have to calm down! Calm down! Calm down! Hurry up and think about what Dad taught about dealing with dangerous situations!

Right! This is closest to being captured alive. Luo Bing, you can do it! You can do it!

I closed my eyes and clenched on the cage bars as I took deep breaths. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, Breathe out. I tried my best to calm myself down in the face of such an unbelievable situation.

“Catch her! Don’t let her run around!”

“Ah! Please, have mercy and let me go… Let me go… Ah! Don’t touch me. No! No!” The entire world was filled with the girl’s hysterical screams and cries, and also the bastards’ atrocious and lascivious laughter.

I opened my eyes. That girl really is too pitiful, I have to save her!

He Lei clutched at his head in anger and her cries made him suffer even more. He was resentful like a trapped beast that couldn’t shake off its shackles.

The girl’s frantic cries calmed me down. I had to figure out a way to rescue myself. It was obviously unwise to deal with the situation by staying in the cage.

I had two pieces of information to work with.

First, the girls here seemed to be extremely valuable and could be sold at a good price. If I were to stay here, my true identity as a girl would be discovered. It was merely a matter of time. Then, my condition would be no different from that girl’s!

Second, the guys here seemed to be absolutely worthless and they might possibly even get eaten. Although I still couldn’t believe this, any information however unbelievable should still be considered under such unique circumstances. Especially when I had been put in a cage with these guys named Ah Xing and He Lei. They were obviously different from the others. The cage that I was in also seemed to belong to some VIP status. Staying in a VIP cage wasn’t good at all!

I have to flee.

And, I can’t just sit and watch a girl like me being violated.

I immediately looked around and realized that there was no one keeping a watch over us, leading me to believe they were short on men. There was only one man nearby, who was leaning against the cage in front of us with a malicious smile. He licked his lips and gulped as though he was waiting for his turn.

I turned to look at my other two fellow prisoners in the cage. “Hey!” I caught their attention with my hoarse voice, “He Lei, you look like a fighter. Can you fight?”

He Lei looked at me in suspicion. His sharp gaze glanced outside and said, “I can’t go out.” He squinted his eyes that were burning with rage as if a flame had been kindled within them. “If I can go out, I can kill all of them!” He clenched his teeth and repeated, “Kill all of them!”

“Kill all of them?” I looked at him in shock. He looked at most two to three years older than me. How can a young man about eighteen years of age keep saying the word ‘kill’? Just what kind of a world was I in?

I had no time to think. I asked softly, “There are many people outside. And they even have guns. Are you really confident?”

He Lei clenched his fists and looked down with his angry face, “I know how to use a gun, but they confiscated the one I had!”

“But we can’t get out…” spoke Ah Xing who was still curled up in the corner. He looked just like a young master from a wealthy family. His body stopped shivering and he lifted his head slightly. He was still holding himself tightly but looked at He Lei through the gap between his arms. It seemed as though something was bothering him. His hair was very clean, and in this dim environment, it seemed to almost shimmer.

I took another look at the bad guys on the outside and turned to flash a smile at He Lei. “I’ll get you a gun.”

He Lei was shocked, “How?”

“Wait and watch.” I turned around and slammed the cage. I said with my hoarse voice, “Hey! Hey!”

The soldier ignored me. He extended his neck to watch the girl as he grabbed his groin impatiently. It seemed that he already couldn’t wait.

I picked up a stone from outside the cage and threw it at him. “Hey!”

The soldier immediately turned to stare at me. “What’s wrong with you?”

I immediately took off my jacket and left it hanging by my waist. “Stop watching. Come and have some fun with me.”

He Lei and Ah Xing stiffened at the sight. I stole a glance at them, then continued to look at the soldier. He was smiling lasciviously, “You too?”

“Come on. There are hardly any women here. I’ll keep you company. All you have to do is feed me well.” I twisted my body suggestively as I unbuttoned my summer school uniform. I pulled down my shirt, revealing my fair and smooth shoulders that were still clean.

The soldier immediately walked towards me lecherously. “You really are filthy. I reckon you really wanted to be with a man all this while. Fine, I shall satisfy you then!” He took out his keys and opened the prison gate in a hurry. I looked at him seductively and said, “Come here.”

He leaped at me and I lifted my legs to step on his shoulders.*Pak!* I pushed him against the cage door, and put my leg right next to his face while everyone in the prison looked at me in shock. The soldier got so aroused at this point that his nose started bleeding with excitement.

1. In Chinese culture, it is normal to sometimes get hit by your parents, as part of being disciplined during childhood. 

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