Book 4: Chapter 30 - Guys are Shameless

He smiled at me and slowly looked down at me, his long hair falling across his cheeks. At once I went into defensive mode. I would definitely hit him if he touched me. 

Not because he was a boy but because I was afraid that he would turn me into something weird again!

“We can nurture our feelings again.” He looked down and flashed a gentle smile at me, putting on the gentlemanly image that he used in front of other girls. 

I looked at him coldly. “Stop pretending.” 

Humph,” he chuckled lightly, then shook his head with his chin hung low. Looking at me again, his gaze became distant. “Do I still need to pretend in front of you? Didn’t you…” He leaned down closer to me, his hair brushing against my face. I dodged to the side, only to touch his arm by accident. I stiffened as he whispered into my ear softly, “...see me naked already?” 

Pfft.” I flung his hand away and finally managed to keep a distance between us. I had to make sure that I didn’t blush. “I am a guy and so are you. What is there to see? You’re not a girl.” 

“Since we are both guys, why do you get so afraid when I come close then?” He put his arms around me and pulled me close to him. Truly angered now, I lifted my arms and pushed him away. Glaring at him, I said, “Because you turned me into an octopus! You turned me into a disgusting octopus! I am scared of you. Okay?!” He really disgusted me. 

He smiled and retracted his hands. With a pleased expression, he stood next to me and adjusted his collar. “You don’t have many girls in Noah City, so men would choose other men as their sexual partners.” 

“Raffles and I have mutual feelings for each other! We are not as filthy as you think.” I knew what he’d meant. He thought Raffles and I were only together to fulfill physiological needs. 

“Oh? Have you done it yet?” He brusquely asked without so much as blushing.

I tried very hard to not blush. I knew that guys would discuss this kind of thing between themselves. That was why guys were cheap. They were shameless. 

I looked away and said, “This is none of your business.” 

Humph. You have never done it before, right?” He smirked in disdain. 

I had no intention to carry on the topic. Although I am trying very hard to be a guy, I am still a girl after all. I am not shameless. I replied, “Idiot.” 

“I can tell that you have never done it because you blushed.” He said it so lightly, as though he could see right through me. As if no one could ever hide anything from His Highness Xing Chuan’s sharp eyes.  

I gritted through my teeth, “When did I blush?!” I was sure that I wasn’t blushing right now.

“When I slept with you,” he said. 

Cough. Cough. Cough.” I held the side of the gazebo, feeling like a thousand swords had pierced into me. “I see. So, the guys in Silver Moon City like to sleep naked together?” 

“I have never slept with any other guy. You are the first one.” 

Heh.” I found it both displeasing and funny. “So, should I tell every girl who wants to climb into your bed that it would be easier to sleep with you if they turn themselves into a guy?” 

“To be honest, I prefer to sleep with women. What happened today was unexpected.” He smiled. 

“Yeah, it was out of my expectations too!” I took my hands back and turned away. “I was very surprised by Your Highness’ extraordinary fetish.” 

“You don’t like to sleep naked?” He pursed his lips, measuring me up and down with his eyes. “You should try it. The bedsheets in your room are made of silk. When your entire body is in contact with silk, it feels like…” He deliberately moved closer to my face. “...sleeping on a girl.”

“You’ve slept with one?” I turned to look at him askance, no longer close to blushing. “A girl?”

He smirked maliciously and said, “I will choose a girl for you tonight. To rectify your sexuality.” 

“No, thank you.” I took another step to the side and continued, “I didn’t get enough sleep. I want to be alone tonight.” I added coldly, “I will head back once I finish the food.” 

“Adequate release can only have positive effects for men’s bodies.” He placed one hand against the wall next to my face again as he looked at me smilingly.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. Men simply wouldn’t stop once they brought up this topic! 

“Oh, right, you have never done it before. Is it because you don’t know how?” He sounded malicious. “Do you want…” He moved closer to my ear. “ to teach you? 

I shoved him away and retorted, “Sorry. Not interested.” Why hasn’t the elevator stopped yet? I turned and looked up at his charming smile, my eyes cold. “Your Highness Xing Chuan, there is no way we can develop any feelings between us. From now on, you give the commands and I will carry them out. Please do not bother me at other times.” 

He narrowed his eyes, his murderous intent resurfacing. 

I turned back and did not look at him again. He then put his hands behind his back. 

“That does make things simpler,” he said. 

“Yes, don’t worry. I definitely won’t tell anyone about your inhuman side. I am afraid that you’ll turn me into an octopus.” 

Humph,” he chuckled lightly. 

It had been quite tiring for him to pretend that everything was good between us.

“Spare me my reputation,” he suddenly said expressionlessly as he faced forward. “At the banquet later, besides celebrating our victory, we are also sending off the warriors who have sacrificed their lives. Don’t embarrass me at the ceremony later.”

I kept quiet for a while and nodded. 

He smiled and stepped forward. The elevator stopped and the door opened at once. The army and girls of Silver Moon City were already standing on both sides. 

They stood there in neat lines. Moon Dream and Nora were at the front, followed by Sharjah and Blue Charm. Then, Gale and Yama. Finally, I saw Harry. 

Harry had changed into Silver Moon City’s male outfit too. He nodded and smiled at me. 

“Wow!” The crowd applauded and cheered, very excited. It was obvious that they were really proud of their victory. 

Xing Chuan raised his hand and the crowd immediately quieted. Everyone, regardless of whether they were men or women, looked at Xing Chuan with reverence. As though he was their spiritual leader and their beacon light. 

Xing Chuan strode out of the elevator in silence and I followed behind him. Once we walked out of the elevator, Moon Dream and Nora followed closely behind me, followed by Sharjah, Blue Charm, Gale and Yama. 

Everyone was looking at Xing Chuan but they were also glancing at me curiously. But now, they were only looking at me. They didn’t whisper among themselves and discuss my identity like before. 

I looked around. This seemed to be the grass field because I could see the other end of Silver Moon City in the air. There were many buildings, with facades dotted with balconies. 

In front of us were the dark universe and the crimson Kansa Star. Some parts of the crimson were fading, revealing the blue ocean. 

On the other side, I saw a huge grey moon. It looked very different in the dark universe, as compared to seeing it from the earth. The moon that I saw from here seemed lonelier and further away. 


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