Book 4: Chapter 29 - Couldn’t Sleep Soundly in Silver Moon City

Xing Chuan lifted his arm and rested it on his forehead. His messy hair hung down over his face, covering his plump lips as he turned his body.

His other hand held my leg and my leg suddenly felt strange. At once, I pulled the blanket away and had goosebumps all over me again. My legs were turning into the tentacles I had seen in my dream.

“Don’t force me to turn you into an octopus.” His lips moved under his hair when he spoke. His voice still sounded sleepy. “I didn’t get to sleep for four days because of that machine.” Then, his hand slipped down from my legs that had turned into tentacles. He then fell asleep again.  

I won’t fight back anymore because I was completely shocked by my legs that had turned into tentacles! 

My legs turned into huge tentacles! 

I had lost my legs. They had turned into slimy, soft objects. 

Are these my legs? 

No, I refuse to look at them.

I must be dreaming still! Yes, that’s right. I must be still dreaming! 

I laughed drily and turned around. My two soft legs landed on the ground. I must be dreaming. I can still stand up. 

I wanted to stand up but I fell down. My butt landed on the ground. 

I was utterly shocked. Turning around, I pulled the silk blanket away from Xing Chuan like how my mom had used to wake me up back then. I shouted, “Xing Chuan, return me my legs!” 

The silk blanket fluttered in the air. His fair body came into sight and I instantly blushed. He, he, he… sleeps naked!

His naked body was under the blanket!

I threw the blanket back and shouted, “Are you crazy?! You sleep naked!” 

The blanket landed on his waist and covered the indescribable bottom part, which I hadn’t even seen before. 

“I want to turn you into an octopus!” he gritted through his teeth. He rolled over to the side of the bed and pounced at me. His black hair fluttered in the air and his hand locked onto my neck while his face was right in front of me.

He stared at me fiercely while I stared back at him fiercely as well!

He narrowed his clear black eyes and fixed his murderous gaze upon my face. He didn’t actually turn me into an octopus like he said he would. Or at least, I didn’t feel it yet. 

I lifted my wobbly legs and glared at him. “If you want to live in peace with me in the future, give me my legs!” 

Looking away, he couldn’t help but laugh when he saw me lifting my wobbly legs. “Hahahahahaha…” He let go of my neck and laughed on my bed. Placing his hand over his eyes, he continued to laugh.

“Stop laughing! Give me my legs!” I shouted at him.

He sat up and laughed. His black, straight hair fell back to hang behind his back, finally revealing his handsome face. Turning to look at me, he seemed to be in a better mood. He beckoned at me and said, “Come up.” 

“I can’t!” I felt like I was paralyzed. I sat by the side of the bed and I couldn’t move an inch. 

He looked away and continued to laugh while covering his face. 

I glared at him with a glum look. 

He glanced at me and extended his hand to me. His long, black hair slid before his chest and revealed his full, plump shoulders. He smiled at me and said, “Come up here. My superpower only works when I touch it.”

I instantly blushed and looked away. Covering my blushing face with my long hair, I extended my hand.

He held my hand and pulled me up onto the bed. With the aid of his strength, I wriggled my way up onto the bed with my wobbly legs. 

Pfft.” He held me with one hand and covered his mouth with the other. His shoulders and his hair were shaking as he laughed. The pinkness on his chest was partly visible under his hair too.

I looked at him coldly and said, “Your Highness Xing Chuan, please take my feelings into consideration. I came to Silver Moon City to work for you. I’m not here for you to make fun of.” I tried really hard to contain my temper. 

He held back his urge to laugh and let go of my hand. He slowly placed his hands on my legs, his warm hands gently stroking my legs through the thin cloth. 

My heart instantly raced. I blushed and glared at him furiously. “Can you do it properly?!” 

He glanced at me playfully as though he was still making fun of me. He said, “You are blushing.” He leaned in closer to me, his hand that was supposed to restore my legs now stroking my thighs softly. “What do you mean by doing it properly? What do you want me to do?” His warm hands instantly slid down to my inner thigh. 

Ugh!” The anger that I was trying to suppress couldn’t be contained any further, and exploded from the top of my head like a volcano. I punched him in the face but he managed to block it. He smirked and said, “Your legs are back.” 

I looked down at my legs. They are back! 

At once I got off the bed and kicked angrily to make sure that my legs were perfectly fine.

Only after I’d realized that my legs had returned to normal, did I remember to guard against Xing Chuan. I quickly jumped far away from him and stared at him, on high alert. “What are you trying to do? Why are you sleeping on my bed?!"

Xing Chuan seemed relaxed. He was rolling his neck as he supported himself with his hands behind his back. “I wanted to bring you around Silver Moon City but I saw that you were sleeping so soundly. I couldn’t help but want to sleep as well. I haven’t slept for many days and your Princess Arsenal made me dance with her the entire night. I was too tired.” 

I instantly turned furious and spat, “You could have slept in your room! Don’t interrupt my sleep!” I looked at the edge of the bed and saw his clothes! His grey underwear was also in that pile of clothes! 

I am going to have a breakdown. I, Luo Bing, who have always been calm and steady, am going to have a breakdown with Xing Chuan here. 

“I was too lazy to go back. Plus…” He suddenly smirked maliciously. “it was nice to hug you to sleep.”

I held my head and shouted, “I want to kill you! I am going to kill you!” I couldn’t stand it anymore. I wanted to kill him!

Dropping my hand, I charged at him. He stood up immediately and the silk blanket slipped off his body. My brain exploded once again! 

He just stood up naturally and his black hair fell behind his back. Two enchanting spider lilies came into sight.

The two flowers were two fiery red spider lilies. They looked like they were growing on his back. When his back muscles moved, the flowers looked like they were dancing on his fair back, luring people in with its irresistible sexiness. 

He had two flowers on his back; one was growing horizontally on his waist while the other was blooming on his shoulder. The red anthers hung and swayed around. 

The black flower stem spiraled down his spine to the top of his bum. 

*Rustle.* He put on his black robe and covered the spider lilies on his back. However, the image of the seductive flowers had left a mark in my heart. It was simply unforgettable and lingered in my mind.

He didn’t put on his pants, only casually picked up his pieces of clothing. He walked out of the room as if he was in his own room, saying, “I am going back to my room to shower. I will bring you to the banquet later.” 

I was stunned. I quickly followed behind; he was already in my training room. He lifted a hand and placed it on the wall of the training room. A hole appeared in the wall. On the other end of the hole, was a room much bigger and more luxurious than mine. There was a huge prince’s bed in the room. 

“Xing Chuan! Your room is just next door and yet you were too lazy to go back!” I held my head in anger, at the edge of an explosion.

Mm,” he answered lazily as though he couldn’t be bothered about me. He said arrogantly, “The entire Silver Moon City is mine. Which room doesn’t belong to me?” He then placed his palm against the wall and the wall returned to its original state. 

Xing Chuan’s superpower was so practical! He could even go through walls! 

I immediately took off my pajamas and threw it against the wall! How can I possibly defend myself when he has that kind of superpower?! 

Holding my forehead, I walked back to my room. I took deep breaths to calm myself down. 

It’s very normal for guys to sleep naked. I had to first acknowledge this but I got nervous after acknowledging it. Was my reaction earlier too girly then? 

I was really mad earlier. I must have shown some flaws! 

But, I doubt there would be guys who enjoy sleeping naked with another guy, not most normal guys anyway. 

So, my reaction was probably normal.

The more I thought about it, the more nervous I got. I didn’t want to go to the banquet but I decided that it would be better to consult Harry about a situation like this. 

Quickly, I put on Silver Moon City’s uniform. Now, I felt like I’d gone back to my handsome self again.

I swiftly braided my hair. When I opened the door, I saw Xing Chuan again! 

My body stiffened. I tried really hard not to blush. I definitely can’t blush now. I have to be a man! Be a man! 

Xing Chuan had changed his clothes. Now he was wearing a white and red striped long formal robe like a western prince, as he leaned against the door opposite the room. His face looked impatient now. 

He lifted his head and glanced at me. He seemed to be complaining, “Why are you so slow? Are you a girl?!” 

I didn’t bother about him. Rolling my eyes, I turned around and left. “I’m not in the mood, don’t feel like going.” 

Humph, so why did you come out now?” He walked next to me. Both of us didn’t look like we were going to a banquet. We looked more like we were looking for a place to fight. 

“I’m hungry,” I said. 

I stood in front of that gazebo-like elevator. When the door opened, I walked in. He stood next to me while he adjusted his collar. 

The elevator seemed to be moving sideways. The gravity around here was very different. Some of the buildings were upside down too. Hence, it was hard to differentiate the directions. 

“I know that there are a lot of grudges between us.” He stood straight next to me. “So, can we forget the past and start all over again?” he asked. 

Pfft.” I looked away. 

He turned to face me while I watched him with my guard up.

He extended his hands and slowly placed them to either side of me. I backed off at once, and realized that there was a transparent wall behind me. 


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