Book 4: Chapter 28 - Xing Chuan Who Sleeps Naked

Looking around the living room, I saw a huge curtain right across the far wall. 

I walked towards the curtain, which opened slowly as I was walking closer. The boundless universe stretched before me. 

Surprised, I continued forward. The glass door before me moved to the side, revealing a round UFO-like balcony without railings outside. Standing at the end of the balcony, I could see the boundless universe and the crimson Kansa Star in front of me. 

Kansa Star was right before me, seeming so close it was as if I could touch it. 

Where am I exactly? 

Below me, I could see the green field and the flower nursery that I’d seen outside of Silver Moon City earlier, which had been on the other end of Silver Moon City. So, I was actually on the other end of Silver Moon City. Plus, I wasn’t facing down and the grass wasn’t on top of me, so I should be on the opposite side of the other end. 

The magnificent view stretched in front of me. This seemed to be the place with the most beautiful scenery in Silver Moon City. Just like how the most beautiful vistas were always on top of the hills. 

I leaned out and looked down. There weren’t any other rooms below, which meant any other rooms should be behind me. It gave me the illusion of limitless space out here.

Turning around, I walked back to my bedroom again. The curtains slowly closed behind me.

Xing Chuan was cold and ruthless. Now, I was of good use to him, so he gave me a really nice room to live in. On the day when he needed me no more, he’d throw me off Silver Moon City.

If so, I had to cherish my time on Silver Moon City to learn more and see more of this place. I had to get to know Silver Moon City’s technology on Raffles’ behalf. 

I picked my bag up and went into the room. A door in the wall opened automatically when I walked close to it. Inside was Silver Moon City’s uniform, similar to Xing Chuan and Sharjah’s white with blue stripes, while carrying Silver Moon City’s badge on the chest. 

I looked down at Noah’s badge on my chest. The badge was useless in Silver Moon City because the signal would be cut off by the atmosphere of the Earth. 

I hung my own clothes in the wardrobe, then took out my pajamas and a change of clothes. I wonder how people shower in Silver Moon City. 

I took off my clothes. I wasn’t used to the open-concept bathroom. It felt like I was running around the room naked, and I wasn’t a person who enjoyed being naked. Hence I felt a little awkward. 

The glass door of the bathroom moved up as I walked in, then slid down shut behind me. Water sprayed from all directions, surrounding me and wriggling down like thin water snakes. I was stunned at the magical scene. Are the people in Silver Moon City so particular about how they shower? 

Suddenly, I felt the gravity grow weaker and I began to float. 

The water surrounded my body and engulfed me within. My feet and shoulders were exposed above the water surfaces. The height of the water wouldn’t drown you while the strength of the gravity was just nice and within control.

When I curled up my body, I would be immersed in the water. As I began to move along with the water, I extended my arms to hold onto both sides of the glass to stand straight. Now, I was hanging upside down. 

But I didn’t feel like I was upside down due to the unique gravity environment. I only felt the organs in my body floating about. It was an uncomfortable feeling but it was bearable. 

It might be because I had done weightlessness training during my training in Noah City. 

I curled myself up again and returned myself to an upright position. It felt like the warm and hot water was cleaning me up like a washing machine. The water seemed to contain some cleansing liquid and it had a nice fragrance to it. 

Then, the gravity came back all of a sudden and the water dripped onto the ground. Small holes appeared on the floor and drained off all the water, which was followed by a blow-dry. Yes, that was right, just like how Noah City had dried me. It was an all-directional blow until I was completely dry. 

I felt really comfortable after I’d walked out of the shower. I put on my singlet and my pajamas. Then, I threw myself in bed and fell asleep right away. 

The soft bed was made of a solid yet soft mattress and silky cushions. There was no advanced technology involved, only the ordinary things that were the toughest to get in this current world. On the contrary, this ordinary bed was far more precious than those high technology bedding. 

The room was filled with a faint fragrance from my shower. I’d felt exhausted after I’d cleansed all the radiation off the miners. I fell asleep almost immediately after I lay in bed. I was usually a very alert person in a new environment, but right now, I was too tired. 

Hazy with sleep, I felt a little cramped. Both my legs felt like they were being weighed down by a huge rock. I tried to turn around as I felt uncomfortable, but couldn’t. It felt like there was a wall blocking me from behind and I wasn’t able to turn over.  

I moved forward uncomfortably but the huge rock on me was too heavy. Looking down, I saw a huge octopus, its tentacles entangling with my feet. 

I found the tentacles covered in slimy liquid disgusting. It gave me goosebumps all over. 

“Let go! Let go of me!” I struggled but the tentacles tightened their grip and the huge suckers climbed up my body along my legs. Then, it spread those huge suckers with slimy liquid in them, wriggling their rims. It felt like a huge abalone was trying to suck me into its body. 

I awoke with a start. My heart was racing! 

It was just a dream. 

But, why does my body feel so heavy still? It feels like something is on my waist!

I touched my waist subconsciously and my brain exploded! 

I felt… a naked arm! 

An arm! 

An arm! 

An arm! 


I suddenly felt something against my back, before it immediately moved away. Then, a warm breath fell on my neck. It felt like someone was breathing! 

It was someone breathing!! 

My hands continued to move lower stiffly. I felt another large patch of naked skin. One moment of touch was enough for me to feel his smooth, cold skin.

The huge rock above my legs was actually a human leg! A naked human leg! 

I sat up immediately and that arm slipped off from my waist to my legs. Looking to the side stiffly, I saw a head of long black hair. I was stunned. 

The silver silk blanket moved as I sat up in shock. It slipped off his shoulder and exposed the naked skin below his shoulders!

His messy dark hair covered his face and he looked as scary as the Sadako climbing out from the TV!

“Xing Chuan, are you a creep?! You are sleeping in my bed!” I shouted. Goosebumps popped up all over me. I kicked my legs to move them out from under his legs. In the end, the blanket fell lower again. Now, he was exposed all the way down to his waistline.

“Keep quiet!” An unhappy mutter came from the pile of darkness. He turned around and I immediately saw his fair chest. Instantly I blushed at the sight! 

Even though Raffles and I were an engaged couple, he had never slept naked next to me. 


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