Book 4: Chapter 27 - Xing Chuan’s Seven Knights

Now it made sense that Xing Chuan had said he wasn’t interested in our Princess Arsenal.

Harry was already dumbstruck by the side.

Irritated, I pinched Harry right away. Who would have guessed that he wouldn’t respond to the pinch!

*Ugh!* Guys are all the same! Losing their minds once they see beautiful girls! 

I looked away angrily and decided to ignore him for the rest of the day. 

“Aren’t they beautiful?” Sharjah suddenly asked next to me. He muttered to me softly, “They are the most beautiful girls in Silver Moon City.” 


I averted my eyes. 

“They are also the strongest girls,” Sharjah suddenly added as though he knew what I was thinking.

He managed to get my attention then. I glanced at him and he raised his eyebrows. “They are really strong. They are also His Highness’s knights. It takes much more than an ordinary superpower to be his knight.” 

I believed in Sharjah’s words. When I looked at the two girls again, I realized that not only were they sparkling in beauty, they were also carrying a heroic spirit. Like two female warriors, they walked steadily towards their Highness who had just returned in triumph.   

“The one with silver hair is Moon Dream and the blonde girl is Nora,” Sharjah continued to explain to me softly. 

“But His Highness hardly ever brings them along.” Blue Charm stepped up next to Sharjah as she interjected coldly. 

Sharjah chuckled. Then, he whistled next to me and said, “Someone’s jealous.” 

Blue Charm gave him a cold look and continued to stand arrogantly. 

Moon Dream and Nora came before Xing Chuan and the girls stopped cheering. They watched His Highness with respect.

Moon Dream and Nora raised the silver platter up. Turned out that it held a piece of clean cloth and a cup of clean water. 

“Welcome back, Your Highness,” Moon Dream said with a smile. Her calmness and steadiness weren’t inferior to Arsenal’s. She might even be more matured and steady than Arsenal. 

Xing Chuan nodded and took the piece of cloth from the platter to wipe his hand. It was like a ceremony. Then, he passed the cloth to me and told me, “Wipe yourself.” 

Everyone around us looked shocked by Xing Chuan’s gesture of passing me the cloth, as if it was an unprecedented honor. The two girls glanced at me simultaneously because of Xing Chuan’s action. 

I looked at the cloth disgustedly and complained, “No, I don’t want it. You just used it. I am going back to my room to rest up. I want to take a shower.” I wouldn’t accept Xing Chuan’s favor. Plus, he did use that cloth! 

Those girls looked even more shocked and they started whispering into each other’s ears.

“Who is he?” 

“How can he talk to His Highness Xing Chuan like this?” 

“I heard that Xing Chuan went to pick someone up during his trip. Could it be him?” 

“His Highness Xing Chuan picked him up personally!” 

“And welcomed him too!” 

“Sure!” Xing Chuan maintained his smile but there was a murderous look in his gaze. He took the water from the silver platter and put it in front of me. 

Is he offering me water? Okay, I will show you some respect this time. 

I raised my hand to take the water, but he abruptly raised the water above me and poured it over my head. The cold water instantly flowed down the back of my neck. 

“This is to welcome you,” he smiled and said gently. He then placed the cup on the silver platter that Nora was carrying. The sweet smile on Nora’s face vanished and she stared at me in shock.

“Everyone! He is Luo Bing!” Xing Chuan suddenly lifted my hand. “And this is Harry,” Xing Chuan said while raising Harry’s arm. That guy was still dumbfounded at the sight of the girls. “Everyone, let’s welcome them to our big family in Silver Moon City!” 

The girls were still in daze.

Sharjah suddenly clapped his hands, and the girls came back to reality and began to clap their hands. 

Xing Chuan let go of Harry’s arm but clenched onto my arm tight. “Follow me.” Again. He dragged me again. 

I am all drenched! 

At the end of the grass field was an exquisite Eastern European style gazebo. Xing Chuan dragged me in, then Nora and Moon Dream followed behind as well. 

Xing Chuan smiled and waved at those girls. The entire gazebo descended. 

I saw Sharjah and the others bringing Harry elsewhere. Harry watched me worriedly and I glared at him angrily. Now, you are worried!? You were only paying attention to all the girls just now! 

Harry seemed confused. His confused face disappeared as the gazebo fully descended underground. 

I flung Xing Chuan’s hand away and shouted, “Don’t touch me!” 

Xing Chuan grabbed a cloth to wipe my head. At once, I grabbed him by his collar. His originally open shirt spread wider and exposed his fair, muscular chest. 

Suddenly, my brain buzzed. I felt a drilling pain in my head so strong that I couldn’t stand straight anymore. Letting go of Xing Chuan, I hugged my head in agony. “Ugh. It hurts!” 

*Pak!* A clear slap interrupted the drilling pain in my head. Looking up as I panted, I saw Moon Dream holding her face with a frown, not saying a word.

Nora was stunned by the side. 

“Do not touch him! That includes the both of you! Do you hear me?!” Xing Chuan shouted, his voice reverberating within the gazebo-looking escalator.

“You, you hit a girl!?” I stared at him while I held my head. I seemed to understand Moon Dream’s superpower. She really was a very strong metahuman. I couldn’t even see her using her superpower yet she’d made me fall. 

Moon Dream frowned and kept quiet. She had a soldier’s arrogance about her. 

Xing Chuan glanced at me. “There are only metahumans around me. There is no difference between boy or girl.” He sounded relentless and cold. 

“You are right, it’s my fault. I acted presumptuously.” Moon Dream took Xing Chuan’s side.

I glared at Xing Chuan coldly and said, “You are at fault if you hit a girl! There is a problem with your attitude!” 

Moon Dream and Nora immediately glared at me like two tigresses that had locked onto their target. They probably would have torn me apart with their superpowers if not for Xing Chuan’s order. 

Xing Chuan smirked at me coldly and smoothed out his collar, “Don’t worry, next time…” He landed a heavy slap against the pillar by the side of my face, so loud that it sounded like it was going to shatter the pillar. Grabbing me by my collar, he almost lifted me off the ground.  

Looking down at me fiercely, he gritted through his teeth, “Only I will hit you!” He let go of me and wiped my face roughly with the cloth. 

I hit his hand away at once and glared at him. “I am gonna say this one last time! Don’t touch me!” 

Humph,” he chuckled. The gazebo stopped, revealing a long tunnel in front of us with a garden at the end. By the side of the tunnel, there seemed to be two rooms.

The room on the right had an exquisite, luxurious golden double door. It didn’t feel like a cabin or spaceship in here, but more like a moving castle. 

Next to the exquisite door was another room. Although it wasn’t a double door, it also had a white, delicate doorknob. 

Nora and Moon Dream stood by the side, looking shocked.

“If you want to protect the girls, defeat them first.” Xing Chuan held the back of my neck and shoved me out of the elevator. “Your reaction earlier was an insult to their superpowers. Of course they would be unhappy about it.” Xing Chuan then opened the smaller door and pushed me in. He adjusted his collar and said, “Show him around the room and bring him to the banquet later.”  

“Yes,” Moon Dream and Nora replied in unison. 

Xing Chuan then turned and walked away. 

*Bang!* I threw my luggage on the ground. I couldn’t care less about this room and just kicked an exquisite chair that was closest to me, before I shouted, “As*hole! As*hole Xing Chuan!” 

“Please don’t refer to our Highness that way. We would have already killed you if His Highness isn’t siding with you,” Moon Dream uttered calmly through her cold lips. Her words were filled with murderous intent. She wasn’t joking at all.

I turned to look at her. Her face looked like she would be loyal to him to her last breath. 

With one look, I could tell that the two girls were very infatuated with Xing Chuan! I could still understand why Arsenal was crazy for Xing Chuan, because Xing Chuan had always carried himself as a warm and sweet guy in front of her.

However, Xing Chuan had just hit Moon Dream! Why would she still be so loyal to Xing Chuan? 

“Since His Highness Xing Chuan has arranged for you to stay in this room, it means that he has chosen you as the Head of the Seven Knights. His Highness thinks highly of you and he didn’t mistreat you,” Nora said unhappily. 

I stared at her with a confused look. “What? What is the Head of the Seven Knights? 

Moon Dream glared at me coldly. Her expression simply looked as though she didn’t want to talk to me. She said, “What is your superpower? What do you have, to be able to become the head of the Seven Knights?” 

“Moon Dream, forget it,” Nora said as she put the silver platter down. “Don’t upset His Highness. We have to like the people who His Highness likes.” 

Moon Dream looked away coldly and arrogantly. 

Nora glanced at me faintly and said, “The Seven Knights are the seven strongest people chosen by His Highness, who together form the Seven Knights of the North Star. All this while, there have only been the six of us because His Highness couldn’t find anyone that he was happy with to become the head of the Knights. This room is prepared for the head of the Seven Knights - the North Star.” Nora gestured to the room. 

Now that I looked around the room and I realized that the room was exceptionally luxurious!

I should be in the living room right now. On one side of the living room was an exquisite antique sofa, with a beautiful carpet under it. An enamel vase stood on top of a beautifully carved table. The flowers in the vase were real, not dried! Every corner of the room was filled with royal poshness and classical elegance. 

On both sides of me were double doors. The doors were open now, so I could faintly see that one led to the bedroom while the other led to a private training room! 

Going into the bedroom, I saw how big it was! The bed looked even bigger! By the side was also an open-concept bathroom. The four walls were made from glass! 

Instead of advanced technology, everything in the room was all back to basics. It seemed that the people in Silver Moon City, who possessed the most advanced technology, were looking for the grounded feeling of living on Kansa Star. 

“You can go shower as you wish now,” Nora said and left the room with Moon Dream, closing the door behind them.

The two girls brought the murderous vibe along with them as they left the room. The room returned to its serenity and silence. They said Xing Chuan had his six knights. They were the six strongest metahumans that Xing Chuan had chosen on his own.

In that case, the six knights should be Sharjah, Gale, Blue Charm, Yama, Moon Dream and Nora. 


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