Book 4: Chapter 26 - The Girls in Silver Moon City

“I saw soldiers dying next to me. Although they were not my brothers, I…” His hands began to tremble. “I still couldn’t save them…” 

I held his hands and looked at him worriedly. “Harry, stop!” 

“Don’t worry. I’m okay.” He put down his hands and started consoling me instead. Looking down, he said, “Just go wash your hands.” Seemingly calmer now, he stood up and walked to the side where the sink was.

He put his hands into the sink, which overflowed at once. The clear water instantly turned grey and brown, with traces of red spreading across the murky water. 

I didn’t know what Harry had experienced out there, but what we had seen and experienced today was something we would never have seen in Noah City.

We had been like children who were hopeful towards the new world. We’d laughed and welcomed the new world ignorantly, and hoped for our new world to give us an embrace fueled with motherly love. 

In the end, the new world had turned around to hit us hard in our faces and given us a brutal kick too. It told us to go back and grow up. Then, we would have a chance to survive under its tyranny. 

Most of the time, hearing it would be entirely different from experiencing it. We could watch war movies and would think that it was not scary at all. But how about when we were really there? We would probably be scared to death then.

I could imagine how shocking the experience had been to Harry, judging by how affected Harry was.

Seeing my clothes on the other chair, I opened the zip of my flying suit and Harry’s back instantly stiffened.

I took off the heavy flying suit while Harry buried his face in the water. 

After changing, I realized the spaceship had stopped.

Harry lifted his face out from the water, shaking off the droplets. 

The wall next to us turned transparent. When the scenery outside appeared before us, Harry and I walked towards the transparent wall. Before us was the earth!

Oh no. They call it the Kansa Star here.

A thin, white gas wafted across the surface of the planet, just like a ghost hovering in a white veil. The supposedly dark blue planet had turned crimson. All I could see was a stretch of crimson. I wasn’t sure if it was land or ocean. 

The spaceship was very close to the Kansa Star because I could only see a region instead of the entire planet. 

A huge galactic city appeared in front of us. It looked like a piece of planet debris that floated in the gaseous substance. 

The silver shell shimmered brilliantly, like the inspiration for a grand space opera. 

A protective wall encircled the huge galactic city. It was shaped like a moon in the middle of the dark universe. The buildings there looked like space warships yet also like tall skyscrapers. Those lights flickered from time to time, like a bustling city at night. 

As we got closer, I saw a huge stretch of green land that looked like an island. It was located on one end of  Silver Moon City. I could even vaguely see a colorful field of flowers on that green land. 

*Swoosh!* The door behind us opened. 

“Prepare for landing on Silver Moon City. Bring your luggage along,” Sharjah said. 

Harry and I came back to reality from the shocking view. We exchanged a glance and picked up our luggage.

Sharjah smiled at us with pride. “Aren’t you surprised? There will be more surprises in the future.” Sharjah’s smile was fueled with the pride and arrogance of the people in Silver Moon City. 

Harry and I followed behind Sharjah, heading for the main cockpit. 

As the door to the main cockpit opened, the huge Silver Moon City outside got closer and closer in sight. It was really eye-catching. It wasn’t a city but instead looked more like a satellite. A piece of land that had been abandoned by the Kansa Star. It would definitely require strong energy to drag along this huge piece of object to accomplish a space leap. 

A gap slowly opened up in the protective shield that encircled Silver Moon City. The piece of green land was above us now. The flowerbeds had become clearer too. We could even see people walking on top of it. They looked like people who were hanging upside down. But I knew that it wasn’t antigravity, and merely appeared so because of our approaching angle. 

“Welcome to Silver Moon City,” Xing Chuan walked up to me and said. He glanced at me, no longer wearing his usual fake smile. He looked weary. “Follow me.” Then, he walked past me in his usual sweeping manner. However, it was obvious that he looked less impatient compared to when he’d taken me away from Noah City. 

Xing Chuan’s mood seemed to be better now, since the war was over and the machine had been destroyed. 

Blue Charm, Gale and Yama still looked at me in doubt. They had yet to know what kind of scary creature I was, who was able to enter the center of a radiation zone. 

They glanced at Sharjah, who only raised his finger and smiled mysteriously.  

Harry and I followed behind Xing Chuan. Spaceships from Silver Moon City began to land outside of the main cabin’s window, one after another. They carried the soldiers from the frontline.

The spaceships finally came to a stop. Once the hatch of the spaceship opened, I could hear people cheering outside, “Your Highness, Your Highness…”

Xing Chuan smiled softly again and walked out. Harry and I followed behind him. The moment we stepped foot on the ground, we realized that we were stepping on soft green grass. 

Harry and I looked at the ground in unison. It was grass, real grass. It wasn’t thinly scattered like a bald man’s few strands of hair, but fresh soft green grass. There were even wafts of fresh grass in the air. 

Lining both sides of the grass, dressed neatly and mainly in white, were… girls!

Both sides of the grass were filled with girls!

Surprised, Harry’s eyes shot open. This was his first time seeing so many girls! 

Girls with long hair, short hair, straight hair, curly hair, black hair, blonde hair, colorful hair! They were all girls! 

And, they were all beautiful girls! 

Xing Chuan smiled at them warmly, as if the girls were all his concubines. 

Two girls in silver print maxi dresses walked towards us from the front. The two girls were as pretty as goddesses. 

One of them had long silver wavy hair, cascading down like a wave from her head to her ankles. Her hair was softly bundled up with a fine and delicate silver chain studded with gemstones. It was hard to differentiate between her bright silver hair and the silver accessories on her head.

She exuded a dream lover’s charm. Her sophisticated features made her look like the beautiful girls in Eastern Europe. Her deep-set eyes were clear silver. She walked towards us slowly and elegantly, just like the Greek moon goddess, Artemis. In her hand she held an exquisite silver plate. 

Next to her was an equally beautiful girl, who had a nice curvy body. Her light golden hair was far brighter, softer, and finer than Arsenal’s hair. It was enchanting, like golden chiffon covering her head. 

Her Persian features were enough to win over all the blonde girls on the ground. Her sweet smile reminded me of the sweet grapes in Xinjiang, while her two cute dimples made her smile even sweeter.


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