Book 4: Chapter 25 - Back to Silver Moon City

“Hey! I am asking you a question. Say something!” he roared. He was courting death recklessly, so that he could end the torture brought upon him by the radiation energy. 

“Bring all your men and prepare to leave this place,” I said as the air in the sky began to swell. I heard the humming engine of the spaceship. Everyone looked up in shock and they reached out their hands in surprise.

I lifted my chin and saw a spaceship from Silver Moon City land behind me, the wind it kicked up fluttering my braids. 

The dust gradually calmed down.

The spaceship hatch opened and two small robots came out to carry Xing Chuan’s robot back in hastily. Silver Moon City had always prioritized their own assets. 

I glanced at Gru and said, “Let’s go.” 

Gru came back to reality and turned to walk back into a fortress.

“Where are you going?” I asked. He looked like a boy, his figure coming up to around Joey’s height. 

He stopped and said, “There are a lot of people in there. They can’t walk anymore.” He spoke sorrowfully with his hoarse voice, before he walked into the fortress. 

His frail body looked stronger than any adult even if they were brawnier than him. 

Everyone stood up and staggered into the fortress at their fastest speed. Then, they helped the miners out one by one. 

“Go and help too,” I said to the two robots. They ran behind them and carried two miners back to the spaceship.

I went up to the miners who walked towards me. Their masks were filled with dirt. It was so disgusting. The faces couldn’t be seen through those stained masks covered with filth. 

I walked through the only tiny black door in the fortress. Lights shone down from above. Everyone’s movements seemed to be slowed down under those lights. The place was filled with people!

My nose began to swell, my head becoming heavier as it started to ache. I turned away, a heavy rock weighing down on my chest

“You are the first person from Silver Moon City who has been willing to save us,” Gru said hoarsely while he helped another person. Suddenly, he bent down in pain and spurted a mouthful of blood before he fell back.

“Quick! Gru is dying!” Everyone held him up immediately and ran out of the room. 

“Gru is actually in a more severe state than us,” someone said while weeping. “But he kept encouraging us, telling us there is still hope. Perhaps, it is because he is the youngest and he still wants to live.” He paused as he choked with sobs. “You don’t know how happy we were when we saw you destroying that machine. At least, it put our torture to an end. We never even thought about still getting the chance to live on.” 

I glanced at the other people that were lying down in the house. I could count them on my fingers.

“The other houses are all dead people. Those who are alive are all here,” he said sadly. He then helped another person up and walked past me. 

This world was filled with deaths. 

I blew up the fortress after the spaceship took off. It blazed in the smoke and dust, burning the corpses within altogether. 

There had been a saying in my original world: Dust returns to dust and soil returns to earth, humans need to be buried in soil for reincarnation. Now, they had been buried in this place. I hoped that they would be able to live in a beautiful world in their next lives. 

Sitting in the cockpit, blue light spots began to converge towards me from all directions. I sat there idly. This had been my first time participating in a war. It had been my first time facing so many deaths. It had been my first time seeing the ruthlessness of the Ghost Eclipsers. It had been my first time seeing how cruel this world was. I had never seen any of these in Noah City before. 

I had only heard of how cruel the world was and how scary the Ghost Eclipsers were back then. Now, I finally saw it with my own eyes and it shook my soul fiercely. 

Noah City was the wonderful side of this world. There were the kind Elder Alufa, the honest people of Noah City, and the carefree children. There were sufficient resources for the people to sustain themselves. 

When I’d left that wonderful small world and came to the big world out here, it was like tearing off the beautiful surface and seeing the hell full of blood that was shocking to the eyes. 

Both my arms turned blue and transparent. I was like a huge blue crystal energy battery that madly absorbed all the radiation in this spaceship.

“Your superpower is to absorb blue crystal energy?!” Xing Chuan’s image appeared before me as he said in shock. 

*Humph.* My superpower is not only to absorb, but it is also to release. However, I will not tell you nor will I show you. 

I sat still idly and didn’t want to speak to him. 

He became quiet. He stood in front of me for a very long time until the spaceship began to descend. Then, his image disappeared quietly before me. 

I immediately left my seat and walked to the rear cabin. The rear cabin was filled with wounded people. They seemed to have yet to come back to reality as they looked down at their own bodies.

“You have arrived in the safe zone. You are saved now,” I said. The hatch opened the moment I finished talking. Sunlight poured in and lit up their faces. 

They slowly looked up at the sun in disbelief. Helping one another up, they took off their helmets. The stench instantly filled the entire cabin. 

Another hatch opened, blowing away the stench in the cabin. I hopped off the spaceship and was greeted with fresh air. There was a clear and clean lake by the side!

Countless spaceships had been stopped nearby, and there were also army troops shuttling to and fro. They had already set up a temporary base camp. 

A bunch of people walked out of the base camp hurriedly. Soldiers were protecting Xing Chuan, who was walking at the front.

He took huge strides towards me, Sharjah following closely behind him. 

The miners walked out of the spaceship one by one, and knelt on the ground. They were crying with joy. 

“Your Highness! They just came back from a high radiation area. They have yet to be cleansed!” Sharjah quickly held Xing Chuan back.

Xing Chuan flung his hands away and said, “They don’t need to be cleansed.” Xing Chuan continued to walk forward and stood before me. He was still wearing the same black robe. 

I looked up and said,  “Now, you can save them.” 

He nodded and said, “Bring everyone for cleaning and healing!” 

“Yes!” The soldiers brought the stretchers and transported the survivors, who numbered over twenty metahumans. 

Sharjah was dumbfounded. He slowly came back to reality. Then, he ran up to Xing Chuan and measured me up and down. Blue lights swept across his eyes as though he was scanning through me. 

He then asked me in disbelief, “Why is there no radiation on you?” 

“Everything that has happened to Luo Bing today has to be kept secret!” Xing Chuan abruptly commanded. His eyes were cold and black, as if he would kill anyone who dared to leak any news. 

Sharjah was stunned. He immediately bowed and replied, “Yes, Your Highness.” 

Xing Chuan then pulled me by my shoulder and said, “Follow me.” This again.

I glared at him coldly and asked, “Where are we going again? I need to rest.” I was feeling a little exhausted.

He looked down and smiled. “We are going back to Silver Moon City. I am bringing you to rest properly. Luo Bing, this is what you deserve.” He spoke so gently, as if he was trying to appease a grumpy child. 

“What about them?” I glanced at the miners who had been sent to the base camp. 

“They will receive the best treatment. Just like what you wished for,” Xing Chuan said with a smile. 

“And after that?” I continued to stare at him. I wouldn’t be fooled by his smile and gentleness.

He kept quiet and removed his gaze from my face.

“Luo Bing, these people only have a relatively higher radiation resistance level. They do not have any strong combat skills.” Sharjah seemed to be explaining for His Highness. 

“Send them to Noah City. I’ve thought about it for you.” I glared at Xing Chuan coldly. He looked back at me and I moved my shoulder away from his hand. “Stop dragging me. I won’t run away! Because…” I clenched my fists and lowered my head. “I can only do more if I follow you!” I then turned and walked to his spaceship.

If they recruited me to fight against the Ghost Eclipsers, I would join them and fight along with them. I would first work with the b*stards to destroy those who were worse than the b*stards.

No, referring to the Ghost Eclipsers as b*stards would imply that they were humans. They were demons!

Besides Blue Charm and Gale who were staring at me blankly, there was another redhead guy who welcomed us back. He was unusually tall and brawny, probably the same size as Fat-Two after losing weight. His face was flushed and his red hair stood up like flames. 

Both Blue Charm and he stared at me weirdly. 

“Your Highness.” They bowed at Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan glanced at them and said, “Back to Silver Moon City.” 

I followed next to Xing Chuan while Sharjah walked on the other side. He kept peeking at me in disbelief, just like Gale who was behind us. Blue Charm and the redhead guy were also peeking at me with a weird expression.

Xing Chuan brought me back to the meeting room. I picked up my bag, patted it and took Harry’s bag along. 

“You should go change first,” Xing Chuan said to me. 

I nodded. Sharjah walked me out of the meeting room, glancing at me out of the corner of his eyes. “No wonder His Highness Xing Chuan wanted you alive. You can enter the center of a radiation zone!” Sharjah said with a smile. He was a little like Xing Chuan. They always wore a smile on their faces. 

He opened up the door in front of me, revealing a cabin. Harry was sitting dumbfounded on the chair inside. 

“Harry!” I ran in and Sharjah closed the door. 

Hearing my voice, Harry looked up. His face was covered in dust. I put down my bag at once and wiped his face, but he hugged me all of a sudden. 

“Let me hug you for a moment.” He hugged me tightly and said softly, “Hit me later!” He sounded exhausted, as though something had drained off all his energy.

I stopped talking and stood in front of him quietly. The usual Harry who would always be cheerful and happy was exceptionally quiet now. He was breathing quietly while hugging me. Like a lost kid in the middle of the night who was hugging me to keep warm. 

“Lil Bing, I only realized now that what I’ve experienced before wasn’t war!” He let go of me and looked down at his hands. His fingers were covered with dirt and bloodstains.


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