Book 4: Chapter 24 - Rescue The Miners

I ran out of the art gallery. The sky outside was bright once again, but it was still filled with dust to the point where I could barely see the sun. 

A robot flew down from the hazy sun and landed before me. It extended its hands and hugged me immediately. The shield fell into place above my head and I reached out to hold its neck. It took off instantly, showing Xing Chuan’s thunderous way of working, always acting without hesitation. 

The Spirit Prince kept running beneath us. He leaped onto the tree vines that climbed up the walls of the tall building, watching me leave from far away while he stood at the highest point. He watched me until I couldn’t see him anymore.

“Valley Dust Ruins was the highest institution of art in this world. All the best artists in the world had gathered at this place.” Xing Chuan’s voice came from the robot in front of me. “I really wish to bring a painting back but Silver Moon City is not safe.” 

I looked up with a confused look. “Silver Moon City is not safe?” It was hard to believe that the arrogant Xing Chuan, His Highness of Silver Moon City, would actually deign to say that his Silver Moon City was not safe. 

“There is no other place in this world that is safer other than the center of a radiation zone,” he said and kept quiet after. 

I suddenly recalled what Elder Alufa had said. He’d said that Silver Moon City was floating in the galaxy, and they would never feel as anchored as us on the ground.

Xing Chuan didn’t bring me back to the spaceship; instead, we kept flying forward. As the dust thinned, I saw the mess down below us. Everything had been completely razed. It was just like another hit by the end of the world, everything had been wiped out. Leaving behind only a bare scorched land with sparks.

One explosion of a blue crystal energy machine had caused such a destructive explosion of a large area. One could simply imagine how scary the blue crystal energy was. 

This kind of energy had already become an essential energy in our lives. I’d lost sight of its danger because we had been using it. Now, it showed its destructive side to me so I wouldn’t dare to underestimate it.

However, this energy was an energy that I could absorb. My body was filled with this scary energy, the blue crystal energy. 

Burned tree trunks gradually came into sight. After flying for a while, the tree trunks below us were no longer scorched, but instead looked like they’d been chopped off by strong air currents.

Xing Chuan flew with me for a very long time. Now, I realized how destructive the two radiation zones could be!

Next was what should have been the enemy’s fortress in the level seventh radiation zone. It had also been destroyed, their defence line collapsed entirely.

What Xing Chuan had gotten me to destroy was not just the machine, but also the enemy’s defence. An explosion of the machine had ended the war here once and for all. 

Suddenly, people came running out of the fortress. They were wearing dirty and ugly anti-radiation suits.

“Ghost Eclipsers!” I exclaimed in surprise.

“No, they are miners,” Xing Chuan corrected. 

“What?” I looked at them in shock. They looked up at me too as they sat down in the dust. They seemed to be on their last legs, waiting for death. 

“When are you rescuing them?” We flew past from above. Although they were wearing helmets, I felt like their gazes were filled with despair. Now they looked down and didn’t look up at us again.

“They can’t live anymore.” Cold words came from the robot’s mouth. 

“Why?! Don’t you guys have healers?!” I couldn’t stop my anger from raging. I was sure that it must have been the cold-blooded people in Silver Moon City who had let these people wither there.  

“Their bodies have been severely corroded by the radiation. Our healer won’t be able to heal them,” Xing Chuan said calmly, revealing how merciless Silver Moon City was to let these people die. “We can only cleanse the radiation on the surface of their bodies but not the radiation inside them.” 

“Put me down.” I suppressed my raging anger. Although Silver Moon City wasn’t entirely merciless, it was still true that they were willing to let these miners die there.  

However, Xing Chuan did not listen to my order. *Humph.* He would never listen to anyone’s orders. 

“Put me down! Didn’t you want to know how I kill those spirits?!” I shouted. 

He paused then. The huge robot face looked down at me. I glared at him sternly and said, “Put me down and I will show you my true superpower.” I stared into the silver mask of the robot. 

He began to fly back. He brought me back to those people who were sitting in despair. 

They slowly looked up in surprise. 

Xing Chuan let go of me and I retracted my face shield. I walked towards them and they continued to gawk at me in surprise.

I squatted in front of the first person. Through the dirty mask, I saw a rotten face covered in blisters.

One of the workers by the side suddenly threw up, puking in his own mask. 

Everyone else immediately rushed to him and held him up. He laid among them as he breathed heavily. He had been tortured by the radiation.

I stood up and looked towards Xing Chuan’s robot. “What is the difference between Silver Moon City and the Ghost Eclipsers?! Both of you let them perish by themselves.” 

“We can’t save them!” Xing Chuan seemed to be angry as he shouted at me. “We would have made arrangements for them if we could save them!” 

“Send a spaceship here,” I said. I didn’t want to listen to Xing Chuan’s explanation. 

The huge robot stood in front of me and stared at me coldly. 

“I said, send a spaceship here!” I said sternly as I stared into his face.

He suddenly walked towards me and dragged me up. “Follow me back!” 

I grabbed onto his body. Then, blue light spots began to twinkle. The surrounding people retreated in shock. I held the robot’s arm firmly while the blue light spots flowed out of him like blood, entering my body as I absorbed it.

The robot slowly knelt before me, his huge hand sliding off my body. He was like the dying people whose limbs had turned weak in their last breaths. 

I retracted my hand and left it the last bit of its energy. Looking down at him coldly, I said, “I will say this one last time! Send me a spaceship! I will heal them!” 

Turning around, I faced the miners. They’d been startled into retreating, kicking the ground as they scurried back away from me. 

I’d scared people again. 

I kept my slightly translucent hand that was now filled with blue light spots. I looked down and said, “I am sorry if I scared you but I am here to save all of you.” 

They stopped kicking, looking up at me from the ground. 

The person at the far front stumbled and stood up. 

“Gru!” Someone shouted  at him and extended his hand to him. “He is very dangerous!” 

Heh.” The guy named Gru responded with a hoarse chuckle. He looked at everyone else at the back and said, “Can he be more dangerous than the Ghost Eclipsers? We are already dying. What’s there to be afraid of? He said that he can save us. I’d like to try.” 

He staggered towards me and said, “How can you help us? Is it like that robot?” He turned to the robot and said, “That would be great too. Give us a quick end.” 

I did not say anything, only looked at him. 


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