Book 4: Chapter 22 - Destroying The Big Octopus

The shield suddenly zoomed into the view, and I could see what was happening in more detail! 

Hovering in the sky was a row of metahumans, spaced evenly apart!  

They stood arrogantly in the air, not affected by the high altitudes at all. One of them raised his hand, and the entire layer of cloud began to churn, instantly forming a dark tornado!

I was stunned, like a village mouse that had ventured into the big city for the first time in its life. The shock was as if I’d just seen devils from hell!

Seeing him perform his superpower, I felt that this was what a real metahuman was. The metahumans in Noah City seemed like kids before them.  

I had always heard of how powerful the Ghost Eclipsers’ superpowers were. But this was my first time seeing it with my own eyes. Now, I finally understood what a real war was! 

In the blink of an eye, countless metahumans flew down from the clouds above. All of them were wearing Silver Moon City’s black battle suits. Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck the metahuman who’d been controlling the tornado. It was an astonishing battle scene. I felt like I was watching a battle of the gods!

As I descended, the view began to gradually pull further away. Eventually I could only see the darkness in the sky and some twinkling from afar. 

“I am aimed. Prepare for landing.” The robot behind me spoke in Xing Chuan’s voice. I could see the center of the radiation zone below us.

“Destroy the machine with this.” The robot placed a huge handgun in my hand. Then, I suddenly saw missiles around me, drawing a long white line across the blue sky. 

“Be careful,” Xing Chuan exhorted before he let go of his hand around my waist. I fell at once. 

I twisted to look at Xing Chuan’s robot. Missiles from all directions crashed right into it. *Roar!* It instantly exploded like a firework above me, those white lines of smoke like streamers from the firework. The robot’s parts began to shower down from the sky. 

At once I turned away and spread my arms, the gliding wings smoothly opening below my arms with my movements. I was flying in the sky like a black swallow as I shuttled between the falling parts.  

Xing Chuan’s robot had been destroyed just to send me into the center of the radiation zone. At the end of the world, it wasn’t easy to build such a robot and it would cost a lot too. Silver Moon City had sacrificed a lot to destroy the machine. No wonder Xing Chuan hadn’t been able to wait but went directly for war after I’d gotten on the spaceship.

Stiffening my body, I pulled both arms in close to my sides. I closed my legs together too to speed up my dive. The target in front of me was getting closer and closer. 

“There is a missile aiming at you!” Xing Chuan’s image appeared on my face shield. He instructed, “Speed up and dodge it! The flight suit has a voice-controlled thruster!” 

With his reminder, I saw a white line cross the blue sky out of the corner of my eye.  

“Activate thruster.” My entire body increased in speed at once with my command. 

The border came closer before me. I extended my arms forward and entered the border like I was diving into the water. The thruster stopped accelerating automatically. I spread my arms again, slowing my landing speed by gliding.

*Rumble!* There were muffled explosions outside the border. It was as though the explosions had been blocked by layers of bulletproof glass. 

As I glided past the Valley Dust Ruins below me, I saw a beautiful ancient city. The entire city was like a totem collection. Unique and colorful buildings stood like totems in various sizes. The cylindrical high rise buildings were painted with magical and gorgeous patterns, adding a mysterious feeling to the city. 

Locating the machine, I retracted my wings and landed steadily on the ground. A familiar huge blue and purple tree with blue flowers stood in front of me.

The memories in Kro replayed in my head. I would never forget the Queen’s pleading gaze and everyone’s tears. They would always be in my heart. 

Frowning, I suppressed the pain that I was feeling. Then, I walked towards the machine that was much bigger than I’d imagined. Its suction plate looked like a huge cave. Those suction plates made the barrier wall in front of me look like it was covered in a thousand boils and a hundred holes.

I lifted the huge gun in my hand and aimed at the machine in front of me. 

Suddenly, a blue figure flew past before me. I put down my gun at once. Around me was still the quiet world, and before me was that well-functioning machine.

I frowned and stood for a moment. Then, I turned around and immediately countless spirits appeared before me. 

They were either surfacing from the thick tree trunks or running over from far away, trailing tails of blue crystal energy behind them.

They stood before me and stared at me, on high alert. As though they would pounce at me and pierce my body to absorb all the blue crystal energy inside me if I so much as touched their machine.

A spirit landed in front of me, a long tail of blue light sweeping across the air behind him. He stood straight, looking like a boy. His long blue hair was fluttering in the sky, just like a blue translucent tentacle. Looking directly at me, he raised up his tail of blue light slowly, like a huge scorpion ready for war. 

I stared at him quietly for a while. Then, I put down my gun, removed my face shield and exposed my face. 

The spirits in front of me were immediately shocked. As though they had never expected a human to enter this place. 

I extended my right arm with my palm facing up. 

He was stunned. 

“Do you want to be free? I can help all of you,” I said calmly. 

They stared at me blankly.  

I slowly pointed at the machine behind me slowly and said, “But that machine has killed many people, it shouldn’t be used by bad people.” 

The spirits before me hesitated. They tilted their heads, measuring me up and down with their gazes curiously. It seemed that no one had ever talked to them face to face, or treated them like humans. 

Suddenly, another spirit appeared by the first spirit’s side. He charged at me harshly, obviously unwilling to listen to my explanation. 

He pounced at me and I didn’t stop him. I stood still on the spot, only lifting my hands and facing my palm towards him when he got closer. At once, he was sucked into my palm. The surrounding spirits backed off in horror.

Before the spirits in front of me could react, the spirit before my palms was already screaming in agony, “Ah!” The scream of pain sounded too familiar to me. 

His scream instantly brought me back to that other night in Kro. The pain that I had been suppressing in the bottom of my heart suddenly broke through its seal and turned into tears. I couldn’t stop my tears from flowing out and rolling down my cheeks

I didn’t want to cry but tears rolled down anyway. 

In the end, he vanished like smoke in my hands. I tried to calm myself down but my tears dripped from my chin. I tried to force a smile as I faced them. “Look, I can free all of you.”

Those spirits retreated one by one. Most of them ran back to hide in the tree trunk. 

They were dying to be free but they were terrified when they saw what they had to go through to be free. It was my bad, I’d scared them away. 


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