Book 1: Chapter 29 - Barbette

Harry became excited, “That’s great! My wife is deaf since birth. Our healers can’t heal her ears. Silver Moon City has such great technology and you definitely can heal her ears. Otherwise…” Harry scratched his head bashfully and chuckled, “How could she hear the sweet nothings I say?”

I had goosebumps from head to toe. I looked at him and I could see his expression clearly! I was really stunned.

“Alright. I’ll bring our healer to see her next time,” Xing Chuan replied gently.

“That’s great!” Harry extended his fist and bumped Xing Chuan. Then, he hugged my shoulder and said, “Waifu, let’s go. Let’s go back to the room. I’ll give you something nice there.” He hugged my shoulder as we walked forward. Xing Chuan was getting further and further behind me, but my sixth sense warned me that he was still watching me suspiciously. 

“Harry.” Suddenly, Xing Chuan called Harry and asked, “Can I see your wife?” He seemed to be asking jokingly.

“How can I?” Harry turned and lifted his chin proudly, “My wife is very pretty. Raffles and the others are trying to fight with me over her. Although I don’t want to admit it…” Harry couldn’t help, but push his hair back when he said, “You are more charming than I am. Even our Princess Arsenal is in awe of you…” Harry shook his head and sighed. Then, he winked playfully at the person behind me and said, “Don’t you think about seducing my wife!” Then, Harry dragged me and sped up.

Although I hated Harry, I had to admit that he was the King of the silver screen!

Pfft. Sharjah chuckled, “Your Highness, you are becoming the mutual enemy of all men in this world. You stole too many girls’ hearts…”

‘Wretch! If only I could puke.’

Harry pulled me forward and I realized that the rooms in the underground city didn’t look like rooms. They looked more like the structure of the cabins. Rows of cabins formed areas and every area was segregated by walkways or piers. The walkways and piers were all built with metal, including the cabins. The entire underground city didn’t use cement or other building materials like how we did after digging underground; instead it was more like a huge metal city that was buried underground.

“Waifu, come with me!” Harry pulled my sleeve and I wasn’t at odds with him then. I shouldn’t act unreasonably before my enemy.

He dragged me into an alley. At the end of the alley, there was a cabin-like door. He opened the door revealing a tunnel that allowed only one or two people to pass through. In the tunnel, there were two rows of dim yellow lights that lit up when the door opened. These lights were set on the ground and were so dim, that people could barely see the tunnel clearly.

If not mistaken, the tunnel was made of steel too.

Harry led me into the tunnel and closed the door behind us. Harry smiled maliciously in the dim lighting, “Waifu, it’s just the two of us here. Aren’t you scared that… I will eat you up?” He made a gesture of a beast leaping at its prey.

I glared at him coldly, “Childish.”

Ugh…” He put down his hand embarrassed. He then turned and said, “Come on. I’ll bring you somewhere.” Then, he walked forward.

I followed behind him. This doesn’t look like the way to his room.

The only sound in the tunnel was that of our footsteps.

“Do you know what Xing Chuan was trying to do back there?” He crossed his arms and asked.

I looked at the back of his head, “How would I know?”

He turned to face me, while continuing to walk backwards, “Luckily I came in time! He was going to check if you were really deaf. That device of his can make high decibel noises.”

“As expected!” I clenched my teeth.

“You… are you sure you’re not Xing Chuan’s runaway fiancee?” He asked carefully.

I immediately stared at him, “You are his fiancée! Your entire family are his fiancées!”

“Calm down! Waifu, calm down…” He extended his hand forward as he lowered his voice to comfort me.

I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself down. He looked at me carefully and there was curiosity in his eyes.

I halted my footsteps and stood with my arms akimbo, while I took deep breaths. 

“It seems that Xing Chuan isn’t like the person that we usually see him as…” This pig brain finally realized. I looked at Harry while he rubbed his chin and was in deep thought, “I see. Xing Chuan is that kind of person…”

“He was the person who threw me off!” I glared at him and turned away. He looked at me in shock, “It was him!?”

Mm!” I nodded and looked at him, “Why do you think that I am Xing Chuan’s runaway fiancée? Did his fiancée run away?”

Harry was stunned. Then, he scratched his head and laughed, “I was joking. You are a girl and Xing Chuan was in a hurry to look for you. That’s all.”

I looked at him for a while, then I looked away, “I know. I am a troublesome person. When Xing Chuan leaves, I will leave too.”

“No way, waifu!” He quickly walked forward and grabbed me by my sleeves, “It is too dangerous outside. How can I let you go out? Don’t worry. Even if Arsenal does not protect you, I will!”

What he said moved me. Besides the part where he referred to me as his wife.

I swung his hand away, “Don’t touch me. I am not your wife!”

“Hehe…” He was just like Uncle Mason. He flashed the kind of silly smile that reminded me of the saying, ‘great wisdom has the look of the folly.’

I stared at him in annoyance, “Where are you bringing me exactly?”

He came back to reality and his amber eyes glistened under the dim lighting. He stuck his index finger up and said, “Shh…” Then, he turned around and continued to walk forward. I tried not to make any noise and tiptoed behind him too.

Finally, we saw another door at the end of the tunnel. The door was even smaller. It looked like only one person could walk through at a time. He pressed the button on the side and the door swung open. I could see a round cabin that held a cannon inside!

A ray of dim sunlight shined on the cannon that I had never seen before. It lay quietly in the cabin, just like a sleeping beast.

Harry walked over and beckoned to me. I followed him in. What exactly is this underground city? But it is perfectly normal if a city has their own weapon too. 

It looked like an ordinary scene but it seemed a little unusual.

I followed Harry into the cabin. Harry stepped onto the seat that was obviously designated for the artilleryman, and stuck his head out from an opening.

I couldn’t help but be attracted by the cannon. The cannon didn’t look like it used bullets, and to top it off, its gun muzzle wasn’t exactly big. Its gun body was slender and it looked more like a machine-gun. There were also small holes on the gun body, and their diameter was bigger than machine-gun. That was why I thought it must be a cannon. And the cannon was sealed off with a unique crystal.

What is this? It looks like a laser weapon.

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