Book 4: Chapter 21 - Attack Valley Dust Ruin

The capability of a small troop of metahumans had already been enough to suppress us. The capability of those metahumans who were guarding the blue crystal energy must have been even stronger. 

Raffles had guessed correctly. The reason behind the Ghost Eclipsers’ expansion had really been because they mined blue crystal energy.   

“Blue crystal energy can actually be mined?” I was stunned. It would be great if the equipment was given to Noah City. 

“The center of the radiation zone is actually just exposed cohesion energy.”, Xing Chuan covered the layer of border using both of his hands. “This is one such cohesion energy.” Xing Chuan touched the huge border wall. 

Through the movement of his hands, we saw the entire radiation zone. What he’d said was true. Back when I’d gone to Kro, from the moment I’d passed through the border, the inside world had been filled with blue crystal energy, including the border wall. 

But there had been no overflowing or dispersement of blue crystal energy because the magical light wall had contained it. I called it a border and Raffles had adopted the same term too.

“So, what you see is huge blue crystal energy. Silver Moon City has been researching how to mine it. We realized that it would be really difficult to mine it, but it can recharge the simulated blue crystals. Hence, we invented a prototype charger, which is this machine” Xing Chuan pointed at the huge octopus. 

“Silver Moon City built this?!” I pointed at the ugly big octopus in shock.

Xing Chuan’s gaze turned gloomy. “A part of it. They intercepted our core machine during transportation.” Xing Chuan pointed at a square machine at the huge octopus’s bottom. There was a long pipe in the machine. “The blue crystal energy converter-transmitter. This machine can absorb the blue crystal energy and transmit it out. So, it can recharge the simulated blue crystals.”  

I stared at it in shock then I looked at Harry. Harry was surprised too.

We were astonished by Silver Moon City’s technology. It was beyond our expectations. While we’d been getting excited over the fact that we’d collected more simulated blue crystals, Silver Moon City had already invented a blue crystal energy mining machine, instantly leaving us in the dust.

It made sense that Xing Chuan looked at Noah City with disdain. Maybe it was true that we had been too full of ourselves, just like the frog at the bottom of the well. We’d never thought that Silver Moon City’s technology would have been so advanced. 

“This machine is our prototype. Initially, we were doing experiments in other areas and we used robots for assembly,” Xing Chuan continued. “But we dissected it and brought it back due to its instability. We were going to scrap it. But in the end, we got ambushed by the Ghost Eclipsers and the machine was taken away. They moved it here and reassembled it. It emits strong radiation even if it is only recharging the simulated blue crystals, so it requires robots to operate. However, the Ghost Eclipsers do not have that many robots, so they use metahumans to transport the simulated blue crystals. There are uncountable captured metahumans who died on this road.” Xing Chuan frowned and lowered his hand, his finger gliding off the image from the edge of the machine. 

“What I want you to do is very simple!” He lifted his face and glared at me. I understood the restlessness and anger in his eyes now. It was because of this machine. It was because someone had stolen things from Silver Moon City. It was because the machine had cost great losses to Silver Moon City. His eyes grew gloomier as he said, “Destroy the machine from inside out!” He suddenly thrust his finger into the center of the radiation zone, landing on the layer of the border wall.

Sharjah, Gale and Blue Charm were stunned when Xing Chuan spat angrily. They looked at me in shock.

Harry looked at me too. He then began to lift the corners of his lips.

I stared at Xing Chuan seriously and asked, “How do I destroy it?” He had hatred because someone had stolen his things. Knowing Xing Chuan, he wouldn’t have gotten angry over the loss of innocent miners. But it was plausible if his fury stemmed from how people from Silver Moon City had been sacrificed.

While I was upset because of the innocent people who’d died because of the machine! 

Regardless, I now shared the same goal as Xing Chuan. We both wanted the harmful machine gone! 

Xing Chuan directed his gloomy gaze towards the machine and said, “What I mean by the machine is unstable, is that hitting it will lead to an explosion of blue crystal energy. It will cause fatal damage to almost two radiation zones!” 

“It’s too dangerous! We can’t let Luo Bing go! What happens to Luo Bing if it explodes?!” Harry immediately held my arm.

“He will be fine as long as he stays within the center of the radiation zone.” Xing Chuan pointed out the center. “Our scientists have found out that any explosion will not enter the internal area when the blue crystal energy is highly dense. Metahumans’ superpowers will also be nullified. In other words, blue crystal energy is immune to destructive explosions and metahumans’ superpowers.” Xing Chuan pointed at the center of the radiation zone, which was the area encircled by the border.

I remembered that Raffles had once referred to the center of the radiation zone as God’s seal, because it protected everything that was inside.

“Alright, I’ll go,” I said without hesitation. Sharjah, Gale and Blue Charm continued to gawk.

“Luo Bing!” Harry looked at me hastily.

I shook my head and patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry. Raffles once predicted this.”

“What?” Harry stared at me in shock. 

“I will tell you in further detail when I come back.” Raffles had made the speculation based on the Day Monsters’ sudden paralysis during the hunting trip with the birds.

The end of the world, which had brought metahumans and metahumans’ genetic mutation, had been caused by blue crystal energy. That was why he’d suspected that there was minimal blue crystal energy within the cells of metahumans. He’d called them the blue crystal mutated cell. This was the metahumans’ source of power, enabling to perform their superpowers.

He’d been guessing that I’d inadvertently absorbed the blue crystal energy from the Day Monsters’ bodies while I’d been cleansing the soil the other day. By doing so, I’d ruined the blue crystal mutated cells in their bodies. As a result, the Day Monsters had suddenly lost their strength and became paralyzed. 

Raffled had needed to do further research and experiment before he could make a concrete analysis.

In short, he’d reckoned that since the blue crystal energy was the source of power for all metahumans, highly condensed blue crystal energy should be immune to metahumans’ superpowers according to reverse calculations. You could say that blue crystal energy was like the mother cell to all blue crystal mutated cells.

With Xing Chuan’s clarifications now, we’d verified Raffles’ inferences. So, I believed I could complete the mission of destroying that deadly machine. 

“Why didn’t you send the robots in?” Harry gave them a confused look. He still seemed like he didn’t want me to carry out the mission. 

Xing Chuan became annoyed and said, “I don’t know why but the spirits in there seem to be protecting this machine. We realized this behavior when we were testing this machine at the other ruins as well.” 

I looked away as my heart sank. “Maybe they think this machine can relieve them.” They had been relieved when I’d sucked away the blue crystal energy from the spirits’ bodies.

Maybe, the spirits in Valley Dust Ruins had realized that too. They thought they would be free after the machine absorbed all the blue crystal energy.  

“When do we start?” I turned to look at Xing Chuan. His gaze became sharp as he watched the image. The sky above Valley Dust Ruin was filled with all sorts of spaceships. “Our people are here. Harry, you are assigned into Sharjah’s knight troop.” 

Harry nodded. 

Xing Chuan glanced at Sharjah but Sharjah and Gale had yet to come back to reality.

“Sharjah! What is wrong with all of you?!” Xing Chuan was immediately upset. 

Sharjah and the others came back to reality at once. Blue Charm continued to stare at me in disbelief. 

Sharjah looked at Xing Chuan stiffly and said, “Your Highness, we don’t have such a powerful anti-radiation suit for Luo Bing.” 

Xing Chuan looked agitated as he said, “He doesn’t need any. This is none of your concern.” Xing Chuan’s words made Sharjah dumbfounded. Xing Chuan continued to order, “You are responsible for commanding. Gather all the forces and distract them. I want to send Luo Bing in!” Xing Chuan gave Sharjah a glum look when he failed to respond. “What are you waiting for?” 

Sharjah stood straight at once and replied, “Yes!”

Xing Chuan took huge strides towards me and instructed, “Follow me.” He began to drag me as he walked again. He always worked immediately and resolutely, yet he was also barbarous and overbearing.

He pulled me out of the meeting room. I didn’t look around anymore. The mission was more important. I walked faster alongside him and asked, “Can you stop pulling me?” 

He shot a glance at me but still let go of my hand. He continued to walk forward without saying a word. 

The door in front of us opened and I followed behind him. The cabin began to rise and we arrived at a different floor. When the door opened, there were robots! 

The cabin was really big and there was a chair right in the middle. 

He walked before one of the robots and placed his hand over the chest of the robot. The robot turned on immediately and looked down at Xing Chuan. 

Xing Chuan took a glance at it and walked to the side. The translucent wall moved, revealing black uniform behind it. He flung it at me and said, “Change into it!”

He then sat on the chair, and our surroundings in the cabin immediately turned into blue sky while beneath our feet, Valley Dust Ruins was faintly in sight.

“Hurry up and change!” He urged, looking at me impatiently. As if he couldn’t wait to throw me out like a grenade and explode the machine that he had tolerated for a very long time. 

I glanced at the uniform in my hand. There were batwings on it. It was a flight suit! 

He asked, “Do you know how to use it?” 

I nodded. I had been trained in Noah City. 

“I will try my best to send you to the lowest point in the center of the radiation zone. The Ghost Eclipsers’s defence line would surely see me and they would try to blow me up. You will have to fly in after. Be careful,” he exhorted. Then, he looked away and extended his hand. Two transparent tiny robots flew out from both sides of his seat. The tiny robots shot out two rays of crescent lights around his head, forming a halo. 

He clenched his fist and the robots immediately followed. By now, I couldn’t be bothered to be surprised about how advanced Silver Moon City’s technology was.

I turned around and swiftly took off my top. Beneath was the black singlet that Raffles had made for me. Then, I put on the flight suit on top of it, pulling out my long braid from the back of my neck. 

Just as I zipped up my suit, a pair of hands hugged around my waist from behind. It was Xing Chuan’s robot. 

“Let’s go,” he said. Then, we were in free fall. 

*Swoosh!* A transparent shield extended from the flight suit and covered my face. It blocked off the cold air in the high sky, protecting me from the harsh conditions that ordinary people found difficult to bear.

I could see far away from my vantage point high up in the air. There were spaceships shuttling through the clouds. Then, missiles began to appear and I could faintly see humans in between the missiles!


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