Book 4: Chapter 20 - The Blue Crystal Energy Mine

“Your Highness Xing Chuan.” Arsenal walked before the spaceship as she looked up at Xing Chuan. “I…”

Not waiting for her to finish her sentence, Xing Chuan turned and walked away. “Come with me.” He then pulled me into the spaceship by my arm, just like how he’d pulled Blue Charm to dance. His grip was so strong that it felt like a handcuff on my wrist. 

“Let go of him!” Harry caught up at once. No one heard what Arsenal had said because everyone’s attention was directed at Xing Chuan when he pulled me into the spaceship.

I turned back to look at Arsenal. As the cabin door closed, I saw Arsenal in low spirits, great disappointment showing on her face while the crowd burst out in applause. 


“Good one, Raffles!” 

Raffles, who’d been treated like Noah City’s mascot, now received cheers and applause from the people like a hero because he’d kissed me. 

“Don’t touch me!” I shook off Xing Chuan’s hand. How can this person act according to his will regardless of my opinion?! His dark face makes it look like he’s here to collect debt from me!

Xing Zhuan ignored me, and instead continued to stomp forward. He looked like he had already waited for too long and could wait no more.

The spaceship from Silver Moon City was fare more advanced than the ones in Noah City. The white cabin wall was almost transparent, faintly glowing in warm moonlight. Their spaceship looked exquisite, like a moving castle. 

“Let him go, Xing Chuan!” Harry dashed over. Gale suddenly appeared in front of him and blocked his way.

Sharjah and Blue Charm caught up and stood alongside Gale in a row before Harry. They formed a human wall behind us, separating Harry and I.

“Inform the rest of the people to gather in Valley Dust Ruin!” Xing Zhuan commanded as he dragged me along with one hand, his free hand unbuttoning his black robe. No emotion save impatience showed on his gloomy face.

“We are not going back to Silver Moon City? But there are people waiting to welcome Your Highness,” Sharjah spoke with caution.

“Let them wait then. I can’t wait anymore!” Xing Chuan pulled his collar open, exposing his fair skin and the curve of his collarbone, clearly annoyed.

Xing Chuan really is waiting for something.

He suddenly looked down at me from above and said, “Didn’t you think that Silver Moon City has been doing nothing? Now, I will show you what we have been up to!” He flung me onto the wall. Before I could stand straight, he pushed my shoulders against the wall. 

*Swoosh!* The wall behind me suddenly opened and he pushed me back. He then abruptly let go of me and walked in on his own. 

I stood aside as I massaged my shoulder, which was aching from his tight grip earlier. Only those who didn’t know him would think that he was an angel. He was actually an overbearing, rude devil! 

“Lil Bing!” Harry came to my side at once. Sharjah, Gale and Blue Charm rushed into the cabin too and the cabin door closed behind them.

The cabin looked like a meeting room. An egg-shaped object hovered in the middle, while white chairs surrounded it. 

“Show the scene in Valley Dust Ruin,” Xing Chuan commanded. The silver egg in the middle rippled like water. Then, an image of a ruin instantly appeared in front of me. Judging from the transparent border around the ruin, it should be the center of a radiation zone! 

Outside the border was a huge machine, which looked like a huge octopus sprawled outside the ruin. Numerous huge pipelines extended from its body, the ends of which held structures similar to octopus suckers. It clung onto the transparent border. 

“This is Valley Dust Ruin. It is located in Isamir Canyon,” Xing Chuan told me, his eyes on me. Glimpsing the seriousness in his eyes as I put down my bag, I also temporarily put aside my prejudice and defences against him. My instinct told me that Xing Chuan was about to tell me something very important. I, Luo Bing, had always drawn a clear distinction between public and personal interest. 

I walked before the image of the ruin. Harry let down his guard too as he put down his things and stood next to me, watching the image of Valley Dust Ruin in front of Xing Chuan. 

Xing Chuan pointed at the image of the ruin in front of him as he said, “What you are seeing is the center of the radiation zone. It is also where blue crystal energy is highly concentrated. The machine on the side is a blue crystal energy mining machine.” 

“What?!” I stared at him in surprise. It turned out that blue crystal energy could really be mined! 

Xing Chuan continued to watch the image as if he couldn’t be bothered with anyone while he was concerned with serious business. The collar of his black robe that had been pulled open by him had formed slightly untidy folds, showing how impatient he was at that moment. 

“The difficult part about mining blue crystal energy at the border of the radiation zone is that no one can enter the area. However, the Ghost Eclipsers are not humans…” He faced me with a solemn look, frowning so hard that deep valleys formed between his brows. “They are inhumane. They force metahumans with higher radiation resistance to enter the level nine radiation zone and build this mining machine. When a metahuman with power enough to resist level five radiation is equipped with the best anti-radiation suit, they can still only resist level seven radiation. But the Ghost Eclipsers didn’t even have an anti-radiation suit that could resist level seven radiation. Hence, those metahumans couldn’t survive for more than three days.” Xing Chuan knocked on the image and smirked coolly. “This machine has led to uncountable deaths. It has to be destroyed!” He sounded angry and his eyes were filled with fury. As if he couldn’t stand seeing that machine anymore.

“Why didn’t you save those people!?” I asked in shock. A metahuman with level five radiation resistance in an anti-radiation suit couldn’t survive for more than three days in a level nine radiation zone. Just how many people had to die in order to build this machine?!

“We tried and we failed,” Sharjah said solemnly. “The Ghost Eclipsers who guard the machine are very powerful. We can’t go near them; when we tried, we lost many men.”

What Sharjah said shocked Harry and I.

It turned out that Silver Moon City hadn’t been idle - they’d been fighting and losing lives.

We had experienced the superpowers of metahumans before. Just a few of the gigolos in Blue Shield City had been able stop our spaceship at ease and launch a painful attack on us.

“Their defence line is at the level seven radiation zone.” Sharjah pointed at Valley Dust Ruin as well as an area further away. “In the radiation zone after that are their armored vehicles. Our men in anti-radiation suits can at most resist level eight radiation in the anti-radiation spaceship. Once the spaceship is pierced, we’ll be hurt by the radiation and won’t be able to fight back. Many of our men have died in this zone.” Sharjah drew circles with his hand to indicate the entire level eight radiation zone. It meant that the defense coverage of the Ghost Eclipsers was wide!

Thus, it could be seen that the number of Ghost Eclipsers was absolutely not low!

They required an extremely strong military force to defend the entire radiation zone! 

Let alone the fact that defence  was from level seven radiation zone to level eight radiation zone!

I recalled that the last time I’d fought against the Ghost Eclipsers had been when I’d first come to this world. It had only been a small troop of them at that time, with only about three metahumans. He Lei had been so swift in action that he’d killed the other metahumans before they’d even had the chance to show their superpower. 

The last metahuman with explosive superpower had startled all of us!


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