Book 4: Chapter 19 - Goodbye Kiss

I put it into my mouth at once. Raffles handed me a cup of water. I swallowed the pill as he watched me with his forever worried gaze.

After that, he placed the upgraded equipment into my bag, one by one. Raffles protected me in silence, in his own way. 

Although he couldn’t protect me by my side or hit anyone who wanted to hurt me like how Harry could, he’d upgraded my suit, my weapon, and my spaceship. He’d even transformed my body into a male body for my protection. On my body, in my body, everything that I would bring with me, were shaped by Raffles’s thoughtfulness and guardianship. 

“Thank you, Raffles.” I looked at him gratefully. His grayish-blue eyes gazed deeply into mine under the dim lights. 

Slowly, he leaned in closer to my face. My heart skipped a beat. My thoughts slowed down as he came closer to me, turning me slow-witted. His fringe lightly brushed against my hair, and his eyes were right in front of mine. Slowly, he closed his eyes and the tip of his nose brushed against mine. Then, our breaths and lips collided. Instinctively I turned away. My heart immediately raced and my brain was in a mess. 

He stopped by the side of my face but didn’t move away.

The lights dimmed gradually. It was almost time for the lights to go off. 

He touched my braid gently, then he slowly took off my hair tie, letting my long hair hang loosely by the side of my face. His warm fingers glided along my ears softly as he tucked my hair behind my ears. 

I became more nervous, my heart beating so fast that I couldn’t think straight. I could only stand by the bed without moving an inch. My eyes were filled with the sight of the starlight dress shimmering in the dark. 

*Pak!* As the lights went off, Raffles suddenly held me around my waist and pressed his body against mine. At once, I lost my balance and fell onto the bed. 

*Bang!* Raffles hugged me tightly from behind, burying his face in the back of my neck. “I want to be with you tonight,” he murmured in his deep voice, his warm breaths blowing against my neck. My brain went blank. 

He merely hugged me from behind and laid in bed with me quietly. His hands wrapped around mine and he pulled me closer to him. This was the first time that it’d been so silent between us, like how Bill and Xue Gie were.

Raffles stopped talking. He laced his fingers with mine and our rings met.

His chest stuck closely against my back. I could clearly feel him taking every breath. When a soft kiss landed on my hair, my heartbeat sped up again. Ever since we’d gotten engaged, we had never kissed nor had we ever gotten this close. 

Raffles was reluctant to let me go. But at that very moment, I suddenly wanted to go up to Silver Moon City right away. It wasn’t because I wanted to leave his embrace or run away from his kiss, but I was worried that whatever happened later tonight might make me embarrassed. 

Such as more kisses, more intimacy, and more other stuff. 

*Gulp.* I swallowed my saliva. What am I thinking about? Raffles definitely wouldn’t force me. But as lovers, we would have to face that matter. But why didn’t I feel like how my cousin had said it would feel like with Raffles, the feeling where everything would happen naturally?

My cousin had told me that two people would get together naturally if it was true love. It wouldn’t feel forced or reluctant. In that moment, the heart would be longing for it, and it would be sweet. 

But, now, if…

This is so annoying. Raffles definitely wouldn’t be like this. What am I worrying about? 

I should trust him. I slowly closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep in his arms. 

I should trust him. 

Trust him. 

I could faintly feel someone touching my earlobes.

The room was bright. It was morning. 

I opened my eyes. The finger was touching my neck softly. My heart immediately raced again. 

“You have to protect this. You can feel the voice changer if you touch it carefully,” Raffles said behind my back.

It turned out that he’d actually been checking my voice changer. The new voice changer was even more concealed than the previous version. Plus, it was worn at the front of my neck, which made it easier for me to protect it. 

He stood up behind me and said, “I am going to pack Harry’s bag.” He then left the bed. I felt relieved when he left. 

Why would I feel relieved? Shouldn’t I be reluctant to leave Raffles’ arms? 

I watched him walk to the door, his shadow looking lonely. I suddenly felt like I’d left him out in the cold. Should I do something? Otherwise, we wouldn’t seem like an engaged couple. 

I left the bed and leaped at him. Hugging him from behind, I said, “Raffles, I will miss you.” It was a  heartfelt remark. Although I didn’t want things that made me feel awkward to happen between us, it didn’t mean that I wouldn’t miss him. I was still reluctant to part with him.

His body stiffened. The next moment, he turned around and hugged me tightly. “Lil Bing, you must miss me.” He buried his face into my neck, his warm lips pressing on the side of my neck like he was leaving a kiss. 

“Hug! Little Carl wants a hug too!” Little Carl and the other birds came back and ran up to Raffles and me excitedly. The birds were about the size of a husky. With that size and weight, they almost made me and Raffles fall over. 

After a while longer, the birds should grow up to the same size as a tiger. By then, we would most likely fall over from their pounce.

The people in Noah City finally found out that Harry and I were heading to Silver Moon City. 

They were really proud of us and they also envied us, because from their point of view, going to Silver Moon City was a glorious matter. Not many people would recall that I’d been put on the wanted list by Xing Chuan a year ago. 

They’d probably assumed that some misunderstanding had been resolved and now I was thought of highly by Xing Chuan. Hence, I had been recruited to Silver Moon City. 

Xing Chuan stood before the spaceship, waiting for Harry and I with Sharjah, Blue Charm and Gale, who’d finally woken up. 

Princess Arsenal was also standing next to the spaceship with Elder Alufa, Sis Ceci, and Uncle Mason. They were sending us off. 

Harry was bidding farewell with Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci.

The people of Noah City stood on both sides of the walkway to bid farewell to us. They waved quietly as they bid us goodbye. Some raised their fists as they cheered for me to continue making them proud in Silver Moon City. 

“The Princess is so bad! She betrayed Brother Luo Bing!” Da Li said angrily. Sis Meizi was shocked and quickly covered her mouth. Xiao Jing looked angry next to Sis Meizi too. She spat, “You could have left alone. Why did you have to bring Brother Harry with you?!” 

“Xiao Jing!” Sis Mei Zi quickly covered Xiao Jing’s mouth, then added, “Harry made Noah City proud by going to Silver Moon City!” 

Xiao Jing kept quiet before she started wailing in tears. 

Da Li cried as well. She said, “Brother Luo Bing, don’t go. Please don’t go.” She hugged my legs.

I picked up Little Carl and placed it before her. “I am not leaving for good. I am only going to Silver Moon City to further my studies. I will pass Little Carl to you. Please take good care of him. I will come back when I am done with my studies.” 

“Okay!” Da Li wiped her tears and carried Little Carl in her arms.

Xue Gie, Sis Cannon, Ming You, Xiao Ying, Khai and the other guys sent Harry and me off with pride. 

Raffles and I walked up next to Harry. 

Xing Chuan smiled and went into the spaceship. It was but a small action, but it showed that he was getting impatient from the wait.

Raffles passed the luggage quietly to Harry and said, “Harry, please take care of Lil Bing on my behalf.” 

“Don’t worry. No one can even dream about coming close to Lil Bing while I am around.” Harry sneered at Xing Chuan and his men. 

Xing Chuan maintained his angelic smile as he stood in the spaceship. 

Arsenal stood by the side. She was looking to the side, refusing to look at me. 

I glanced at Raffles, then walked towards the spaceship with Harry. I didn’t plan to say goodbye to Arsenal. 

It was a complicated feeling. Although I knew that she only hoped for me to do greater things in Silver Moon City, she shouldn’t have done it this way. She made me feel like I’d been betrayed. 

“Lil Bing!” Raffles shouted behind me. As I turned around, Raffles was already standing in front of me. Without warning, he reached out to hold my chin and swiftly leaned in to kiss my lips. 

I gasped a breath of cold air, dumbfounded. My heart started racing and all I could hear was my heartbeat, *Lub-dub. Lub-dub.*

Harry dropped his luggage on the ground. 

I stared at Raffles’ closed eyes. All I could see were his quivering eyelashes. He slowly opened his eyes, his expression hiding nothing but instead openly showing how reluctant he was to part ways with me.

His lips were pressed on mine for a very long time. It was an innocent kiss, and yet it made my body temperature climb sharply. I almost lost control of the churning blue crystal energy inside me. 

Slowly, he pulled away from my lips. With how tightly our lips had been pressed together, our lips were slightly stuck together when we parted. I clearly felt his soft lips gradually unsealing from mine, as though there were tiny hands pulling against my lips and not wanting to let go. 

Raffles blushed hard too. As soon as his lips left mine, he quickly looked down and let go of me. Seemingly noticing that Harry’s bag had fallen on the ground, he picked it up and shoved it into Harry’s arm with his head hung low. “You dropped this.” 

“Ah, ah.” Harry took the bag. Then, he held my dumbstruck body and made me turn around. He was a little stiff too. “We should go.” 

I was still dumbfounded. Raffles’ kiss had been entirely out of my expectation. It had also surprised everyone else. Who would have expected Raffles, who once hadn’t even dared to talk to girls, actually had the courage to kiss me in front of everyone! 

He kissed me on my lips! 

*Buzz!* My brain suddenly exploded in hindsight.

I followed behind Harry and got into the spaceship, walking past Sharjah and the other crew members. Sharjah and Gale, who stood in front of the spaceship, seemed stiff while Blue Charm looked awkward as well. 

Xing Chuan’s smile gradually faded. He looked away. His expression had instantly turned gloomy and annoyed the moment he’d entered the spaceship. He was getting impatient from the wait, and almost couldn’t maintain his angelic image anymore. 

Sharjah, Gale and Blue Charm got onto the spaceship in the awkward mood. 


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