Book 4: Chapter 17 - Vent Anger By Hitting Someone

Xing Chuan raised his hand to press the button by the door. He shook his head and commented, “Your door controls are so far behind; they still require manual effort. Yet you are so full of yourself. You think you can surpass Silver Moon City like this? Humph.” He humphed coldly and turned to open the door. In a blink, he’d already reverted back to his gentle and kind expression.

“Your Highness, the banquet has started.” Blue Charm came forward, stealing a glance at me.

Xing Chuan turned to look at me, wearing a gentle smile again. “Luo Bing, you’re not coming with me to your… Princess Arsenal’s coming-of-age ceremony?”

He emphasized that she was my Princess Arsenal.

“Let’s go.” Raffles put down his pen. Not once did any expression of worry about whether Xing Chuan would hurt me cross his face, only the certainty of a wise man who had already seen through everything. He’d stated the most fundamental reason why Xing Chuan wouldn’t hurt me - I was very valuable to him.

I also believed in what Raffles had said. Somehow I was important to Xing Chuan, although I had no idea yet how he intended to “use” me.

Raffles and Harry guarded me on my left and right as we walked towards Xing Chuan. Xing Chuan glanced at Harry and Raffles at either side of me, then chuckled lightly.

Raffles walked forward and gestured like the Prince of Noah City. “Please, our Princess Arsenal has been looking forward to your arrival.”

Xing Chuan nodded and smiled. Then, he walked at the far front next to Raffles, with Blue Charm on his other side.

Blue Charm walked next to Xing Chuan, her bearing arrogant as she advanced. As if she was his woman and she wouldn’t allow any other woman to replace her, nor would she give any woman the chance to get close to Xing Chuan.

Sharjah smiled and followed behind with Gale. Gale turned to glare at Harry and I, his expression filled with provocation. He seemed to be refusing to admit defeat.

Harry lifted his chin and stared back at him, as though he accepted Gale’s provocation.

Sharjah extended his hand to hug Gale’s shoulder, gently tapping a finger on his shoulder gently like he was telling him to hold his horses.

Gale then turned back to face the front, and didn’t look at us again.

Silver Moon City was definitely a place packed with hidden talents. It wouldn’t be like how Xing Chuan had said, where they would welcome us to join their big family.

Silver Moon City had been eyeing Harry’s superpower since long ago. But they hadn’t forced Harry to follow them back to Silver Moon City, just like how Xing Chuan hadn’t forced He Lei to either.

I reckoned that they hadn’t used force because they’d known that metahumans like them could be kept under surveillance at all times. Hence, it didn’t make much difference to Silver Moon City, whether the talents they sought went to Silver Moon City or not. Because they would always be within Silver Moon City’s gaze, as long as they didn’t join the Ghost Eclipsers and become Silver Moon City’s enemy.

In the banquet hall, the party had already started. Two rows of tables were covered in beautiful table cloths, the tabletops decorated with delicate dried flowers. The roof of the banquet hall had been opened entirely, forming a huge vault. Above hung a beautiful and romantic night sky with two bright moons.

Everyone was wearing a mask as they ate, drank and celebrated. The melodious music reverberated throughout the entire banquet hall. The children were so excited that they were running all around. It was a bustling scene.

A huge banquet platform stood at the front. On the platform was a table where Elder Alufa and Princess Arsenal were seated.

Raffles brought Xing Chuan to Arsenal.

The moment Xing Chuan appeared, the entire banquet hall had become quiet. Watching Xing Chuan with reverence, Noah City’s people stood up in unison to salute.

We stopped at the end; only Raffles brought Xing Chuan up to the banquet platform.

Xing Chuan smiled at the people of Noah City on both sides. His friendly expression made the girls feel even more thrilled, while the guys in Noah City looked as excited as if they were looking at their heroes.

Xing Chuan was really good at winning people’s hearts.

Arsenal stood up. She had changed into another evening dress. Her golden dress was luxuriantly beautiful in the light.

Standing next to us, Sharjah told me, “Your Princess Arsenal looks quite beautiful.” 

“Who says so? Sis Blue Charm is more beautiful than she is, let alone Moon Dream.” Gale looked arrogant.

Blue Charm’s expression tensed and looked away. Seeing that, Sharjah smiled. “Gale, don’t even compliment another woman’s beauty in front of a woman.”

Gale raised his eyebrows at Blue Charm and sniggered.

I faced them with a glum look. “This world cares about superpowers, not beauty. The same applies to women. A woman can survive in this world only if she is strong."

Blue Charm turned to look at me in surprise. Meeting her emerald eyes, I could tell that she agreed with me.

The music gradually stopped. Xing Chuan stood before the banquet platform and looked at Arsenal.

Arsenal was still holding his rose in her hands.

Elder Alufa chuckled and stood up. He looked at Xing Chuan. “Your Highness Xing Chuan, it is Arsenal’s coming-of-age ceremony. May I ask if she has the honor to have her first dance with you?”

“Of course.” Xing Chuan behaved politely. He extended his hand to Arsenal like a gentleman. Arsenal’s coming-of-age ceremony would be perfect.

Lifting the bottom of her dress, Arsenal walked before Xing Chuan and placed her hands in his. Then, the music began to play again. Xing Chuan then danced with her.

I watched for a while before I turned to leave. I was not in the mood to join any banquet.

“It isn’t a nice feeling to be sold by your own people,” Sharjah said gently. Harry glared at him coldly but he only chuckled, “We, Silver Moon City, never sell our people.”

“This is so strange. Why does His Highness think so highly of you?” Gale measured me up and down with his eyes. “If it was Harry, I would find it easier to believe. Harry’s explosion of power is too powerful…” He stole a glance at Harry and Harry laughed lightly. Gale turned back to me. “I can’t see which part of you is strong.”

“That’s because he hasn’t used his superpower!” Harry took a huge stride forward and looked down at Gale, his grin becoming malicious. “Now that I take a closer look, you are… quite short.”

“You!” Gale immediately dashed to Harry but Sharjah stopped him.

Harry humphed coldly and his gaze turned cold. “Believe me. You wouldn’t want to see her using her superpower.” Harry’s warning gaze stunned Gale.

Harry returned to my side and left the hall with me.

“That’s strange. My robot didn’t detect any of his superpowers.” Gale’s confused voice resounded from behind us. We turned a corner but we could still hear them talking.

“Are you sure?” Blue Charm was surprised.

“No superpower?! Then… Why would His Highness bring him up to Silver Moon City?” Sharjah’s voice was gradually overpowered by the music.

Harry walked along with me. He wouldn’t stop if I didn’t.

We walked in the tunnel that had become quiet. Everyone in Noah City had joined the banquet today, leaving the other places deathly silent.

“Lil Bing, if you don’t want to go, let’s leave now!” Harry pulled my arm.

I stopped, feeling a heavy weight on my chest.

Harry knitted his eyebrows and held my arm tight. “I know that you are angry at Arsenal. I am angry too. Regardless of whether she was thinking for your own good, she should have still told you beforehand.”

I glanced at Harry. “She didn’t dare to.” I understood Arsenal, just like how she understood me. She didn’t dare to tell me ahead of time, because she was worried that I wouldn’t accept it. Still, if it wasn’t because of what’d happened today, I wouldn’t have taken the initiative to go to Silver Moon City since I hated Xing Chuan.

“Stop right there!” Gale suddenly appeared in the tunnel. Sharjah and Blue Charm followed behind him.

Gale walked up to us, staring at us with a dark look. “We are not done yet! Last time, you made me a joke in the knight troop. Today, I must regain my reputation. Which of you wants to take the challenge?!”

Sharjah chuckled behind him. “Gale, you shouldn’t do this. We are still at their home ground.”

“I’ll do it!” Harry walked forward. I stopped him and looked at Gale. “Do we use superpowers?”

“Of course not.” Gale rolled his sleeves up and mocked, “If I do, would you still have any chance of winning?” Grinning at us, he took two steps forward and took on a fighting stance.

Pfft… No superpower. Lil Bing, he’s all yours.” Harry patted my back. He looked like he was ready to watch a good show.

“Thanks.” I began to roll up my sleeves too. I couldn’t hit Xing Chuan but I could vent out my anger by hitting his man.

“Gale!” Blue Charm looked at Gale with concern. “Have you already forgotten how His Highness Xing Chuan gave you a tight slap this afternoon?”

Gale touched his face and his gaze turned furious. “Yeah… You made me take a slap from His Highness. Humph! That makes me want to take it out on you even more!” Saying so, Gale rushed at me.

I stood calmly at my original spot. As long as he couldn’t use his superpower, his movement would be just like ordinary people’s. As he threw out a punch, I locked his wrist, twisted my waist and immediately pulled him to my side. While he was surprised at being unable to control his own body’s momentum, I raised my hand and pressed on the acupuncture point under his ear with my thumb.

*Pak!* He fainted before me.

I let go of him and he landed heavily on the ground.

“Gale!” Sharjah came forward and held Gale who’d fainted. He stared at me darkly. “What did you do to him?!”

Surprised, Blue Charm was dumbfounded as she looked at us and the fainted Gale.

“He will wake up half an hour later,” I said coldly.

Sharjah’s face grew grave. He furrowed his eyebrows and carried Gale on his back.

“You’d better join the banquet and not run around.” Harry smirked maliciously at them. “Noah City is very dangerous.” He then draped his arm over my shoulder and we walked in the direction of our home.

On the way back to Love Hut, we passed by above the banquet hall where everyone had tied ribbons earlier in the morning.

Harry and I were walking on the second floor, while downstairs was the banquet hall.

Xing Chuan had already stopped dancing and he bowed at Arsenal, like a gentleman.

The music suddenly became cheerful. Everyone stood up and cheered, “Kiss her! Kiss her!”

Arsenal instantly blushed and lowered her head.

I looked at Brother Qian Li, who sat by the side. He was smiling while looking far away.

“How does it feel to watch a person you like be with someone else?” I couldn’t help but ask Harry.

Harry was stunned. He looked away as he answered, “This… judging from Brother Qian Li… he seems happy for Arsenal…”

“Brother Qian Li is such a great man.” Just how forgiving is his love? Brother Qian Li’s love towards Arsenal had never held any high hopes.

As the crowd cheered, Xing Chuan smiled then lifted Arsenal’s hand as he bent down. From my angle, I happened to see him placing his thumb over the back of Arsenal’s hand just before he landed a kiss. His long hair covered his action but I saw disappointment flash across Arsenal’s face.


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