Book 4: Chapter 16 - Raffles Who Was Clear In Mind

Just like how I was heavily guarded against Xing Chuan, I could feel Sharjah and the others taking precautions against me.

Sharjah walked next to me with a smile. “His Highness Xing Chuan is very friendly and treats us well. Welcome to Silver Moon City.”

I glared at him coldly. “Is that true? Humph. Then, what were you afraid of earlier?”

Sharjah’s smile stiffened. He blinked and lowered his head. He’d originally wanted to speak for Xing Chuan but in the end, he’d been done in by his own cleverness and revealed his master further.

“Master… Little Carl is scared…” Little Carl walked closely by my side. Ever since Xing Chuan had brought me out, Little Carl had been frightened.

Xing Chuan frightened Little Carl.

Raffles brought Xing Chuan to see his lab.

Xing Chuan stood before Raffles’ complicated formulas for very long. Then, he lifted a pen to add a few symbols on Raffles’ formula. Right away, Raffles became excited. He immediately picked up a pen and continued the calculation. 

Xing Chuan put down his pen and took a step back. He glanced at me with a disdainful smile as though he was trying to tell me that my Raffles was just so-so. Even if he was the smartest person in Noah City, he was still far behind Silver Moon City.

At the same time, he was also telling me that he could make anyone submit to him. He understood everyone’s hearts and desires. Even my Raffles would become his Raffles in the end.

I knew that Raffles had once had a great impression of Xing Chuan too. No one had had a bad impression of Xing Chuan. He had always been a saint, a gentle Highness, a handsome prince, a kind angel in everyone’s eyes.

I remembered that back when I’d first told Raffles about what Xing Chuan had done, Raffles had found it unbelievable. Of course, Raffles definitely believed in what I’d said now. However, I saw with my own eyes how Xing Chuan had bought him back in an instant and even I had to admit that I admired Xing Chuan’s people skills.

“Oh yeah, Luo Bing.” Xing Chuan looked at me and smiled. “Harry will be coming to Silver Moon City with you.”

I was surprised but at the same time, the heavy weight on my chest had instantly lifted. Harry will go to Silver Moon City with me. At least I’ll have a family member with me.

“Yeah, Elder Alufa said that Harry would be going up to learn.” Raffles wrote his formula as he spoke, his attention entirely on his formula.

Xing Chuan turned back again and continued to study the formula that Raffles had written. “When I return to Silver Moon City, I will share the technology of Silver Moon City with you.” Xing Chuan glanced at Raffles’ left hand that he’d placed on the board. The ring on Raffles’ ring finger was shimmering in the light from the board.

Raffles wrote, slowly revealing an excited expression. Raffles had always wanted the support of Silver Moon City’s technology. Knowledge was the resource that he desired the most now, but it was even harder to source than food at the end of the world.

Raffles, have you been bought over by Xing Chuan?

*Swoosh!* The lab door opened.

“Lil Bing!” Harry barged in. His gaze instantly fixed upon Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan smiled at him while Sharjah, Gale and Blue Charm looked through the door.

Harry kept staring at Xing Chuan. The tension was like a cheetah meeting a wolf.

Harry kept his guard up as he walked up to me. “I already found out. I will protect you.” He turned around to look at me. Those amber eyes of his made me feel safe.

“Harry, you worry too much. There isn’t anyone who would hurt Luo Bing in Silver Moon City,” Xing Chuan continued to say gently. He would always maintain his angelic image in front of the people outside.

“Stop pretending!” Harry smirked lightly. “You threw Lil Bing from the sky yet you say that there is no one who would hurt him?”

Xing Chuan maintained his smile but his clear eyes grew dim.

Harry stood before me and pulled me behind him. “Yes. In the entire Silver Moon City, no one would hurt Lil Bing because the only person who would hurt him is you!” Harry roared and pointed at Xing Chuan.

Raffles stopped writing and turned to look at Harry, his gaze turning solemn. “Harry. don’t worry, His Highness Xing Chuan…” Raffles stole a glance at Xing Chuan and his eyes turned gloomy. “... wouldn’t hurt Lil Bing now.”

Harry retracted his hand in surprise and looked at Raffles. “Raffles! Is offering you the technology of Silver Moon City enough to buy you over?!”

Raffles didn’t explain himself at once at Harry’s rebuke, only keeping his eyes on Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan smiled and walked to Harry. “Harry, there have been many misunderstandings between Luo Bing and I.”

“There are no misunderstandings,” Raffles suddenly spoke up. At his words, Xing Chuan angled his face back towards him slightly. Raffles glared at Xing Chuan’s back coldly. The excitement that he’d shown when Xing Chuan had solved his equation before had already vanished. “Because you used to think that Luo Bing has no value to you. But now, he is very valuable. Hence, I believe that you wouldn’t hurt him. If there’s a day when you think he is no longer useful to you, please don’t hurt him but just send him back to me. Because he is very important to me!”

Xing Chuan’s smile vanished as Raffles spoke and his eyes began to turn dark.

When Harry had reprimanded Xing Chuan directly, he could still maintain his fake gentleness. But when Raffles had spoken, his mask had been torn away bit by bit.

I understood then. It was because Raffles had seen through and revealed Xing Chuan’s lie. That had made Xing Chuan even more unhappy! Although he’d merely said a few sentences, it had embarrassed Xing Chuan more than Harry’s direct punch. 

Raffles was right. In the past, Xing Chuan had thought I was useless to him then but he thought I was useful now.

I had been overly concerned. It turned out that Raffles hadn’t been bought over by Xing Chuan at all; he had merely appreciated Xing Chuan’s wisdom for helping him solve his problem. He was excited that he could share the technology of Silver Moon City but he was also aware. He was well aware of the true reason why Xing Chuan had offered to take me back to Silver Moon City.

From another angle, if it hadn’t been for Xing Chuan, it would have been a great help for me if I were to go to Silver Moon City. Noah City really had nothing more that I could learn here.

A gloomy murderous intention spread from Xing Chuan’s body. Suddenly, he smirked in disdain. His frivolous chuckle tore away his hypocritical mask. Lifting his face in arrogance, he smiled. His burning gaze pierced Harry and aimed at me. “Isn’t me not hurting him just because… I like him?!”

“You dare to touch him?!” Harry immediately rushed forward. He’d been provoked by Xing Chuan in an instant. I quickly held Harry back. “Harry! He’s messing around with you! He does that for fun!”

Harry was stunned.

Xing Chuan liked to control people’s emotions. It showed that he could play about with anyone as he wished, like toys in the palm of his hand. He could play with people’s feelings, not only in terms of romance but any kind of emotion.

Hahahaha…” Xing Chuan suddenly burst out in laughter. Then, he shook his head and chuckled lightly. A glimpse of boredom crossed his eyes. He glanced at Harry and Raffles in disdain, before he humphed and turned to the door. As though Harry’s emotions were too easily affected that he’d found it boring and not challenging.

He stopped at the door. “Harry, you are also going to become mine soon.” He spoke like a victor, every word making others feel inferior.


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