Book 4: Chapter 15 - His Highness Xing Chuan Who Was Even More Clingy Than Harry

As the spaceship descended, Xing Chuan continued to come towards me, step by step.

When I took one step back, he took one step forward. He advanced one step for every step I retreated, following me closely. 

I stepped on the base of the spaceship, leaning back against the capsule wall. Reaching out, he placed his hands against the wall to either side of me, encircling me within his arms. 

I watched him with my guard up while he maintained his charming smile. The capsule began to descend. His red lips moved as he spoke, “You thought I would stay far away from you if you like men?” 

I clenched my fist, preparing to hit him.

He smirked lightly. Lifting the corner of his lips, he looked down at me and moved close to my ears. “Sorry… I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you…” His hoarse voice could make any girl’s limbs grow weak. “My relationship with men… is even better than with women...”

“Stay away from me!” Just as I raised my fist, two ropes uncoiled from the glass and instantly bound my wrist firmly. Shocked, I looked down at either side and saw that my hands had submerged into the glass! Xing Chuan’s superpower was more than changing the shape of plants!

I lifted my face in surprise. In the same instant, Xing Chuan’s cheek faintly rubbed against mine, the cool strands caught in between us tickling my skin. “Don’t force me to hurt you. I want to…  love you so dearly…”

“Don’t touch me!” I turned away, but he put his chin on the top of my head. Right before my face was his neck. His chest pressed against mine, causing my heartbeat to race really fast. Even Raffles had never been this close to me.

Humph…” He chuckled as though his plot had succeeded. “Your heartbeat became faster. Can it be that you have feelings for me too…”

*Lub-dub. Lub-dub.* I started struggling. Just as I was raising my leg to kick him, he clasped my leg and forced his right leg in between my legs, pressing me against the side of his body. The side of his leg pressed against mine as he tightly gripped the hair at the back of my head. His grip was so powerful it was as though he was going to pull out all the hair on my head!

“Don’t force my hand.” He gripped the long hair at the back of my head and lifted my face before him. “You are the person that I want. I don’t want to hurt you. So… I can only hurt Noah City.” His warning was terrifying. His body was burning hot but I felt cold as death.

He slowly relaxed his posture and removed himself from between my legs. His grip on my hair slowly loosened, his hand moving down my neck. Just as the spaceship stopped, he seized the back of my neck, then pulled me away from the window and pushed me out.

Stumbling, I ended up taking a huge stride out the door, my hair all messy. I barely registered Arsenal’s beautiful dress entering my field of vision.

“Oh my! It turns out that His Highness has been searching for a girl! No wonder His Highness thought about her for a whole year!” Gale exclaimed in surprise.

I glared at him. “You are a girl!” When I turned on him, Gale was stunned.

Sharjah and Blue Charm’s eyes landed on me at the same time. I saw relief in Blue Charm’s eyes, as though she was glad to know that I was a man.

Suddenly, that hand seized the back of my neck again. “Not a girl but a wild cat. But he should be an obedient one now. Isn’t that right, Luo Bing?” Xing Chuan’s grip on me was simply like a collar on my neck.

I reached back to claw at his hand, but he only seized my hand to “gently” pull it away.

“Your Highness, you shouldn’t treat our new member like this. He will be scared.” Sharjah flashed a charming smile.

B*stard! A bunch of b*stards!

“He is never afraid of me. That is why I… think highly of him!” His last few words were cold. Although he maintained a gentle smile, he’d practically gritted it out through his teeth. “Mm… I really should treat him better so that he could be a part of our big family…” Then, he let go of my wrist and neck. The moment I tried to run away, he grabbed my hair again.

Psst!” It really hurt when someone grabbed you by your hair.

“Don’t move. I only wanted to braid your hair for you,” he said in an unusually gentle voice, as if he was comforting a frightened kitten.

Sharjah’s smile stiffened, Blue Charm glanced at us in surprise, and Gale was dumbfounded. As if they were looking at something unbelievable.

When I stopped moving, Xing Chuan’s actions became gentle. He combed his fingers through my hair, and started seriously and carefully braiding my hair.

The entire world became quiet because he was braiding my hair for me.

At last he tied my braid with my hairband, then walked before me. I looked away coldly while he gazed gently at my face. “Mm. Now you look great.” He extended his hand to lift my chin. Immediately, *pak!* I slapped his hand. “Don’t touch me!”

“Ridiculous!” Blue Charm suddenly roared.

Xing Chuan smiled and stood by my side. He held my shoulder intimately and looked at Sharjah and the others who were still in disbelief with a smile. “Luo Bing doesn’t like anyone touching him. Remember that. Tell the others when we return to Silver Moon City. Do not touch him as they wish. If he is unhappy, I…” he narrowed his eyes and his voice deepened, “...will be unhappy too!” 

D*mn. You are touching me right now! I wanted to move his hand away but he clamped it firmly on my shoulder. “Luo Bing, aren’t you going to bring me around?!” He glanced at me with a smile. Blue Charm’s surprised gaze at me turned ghastly too.

I averted my eyes. “Isn’t Arsenal keeping you company?”

“Arsenal…” Xing Chuan glanced at Arsenal, who stood by the side. She hung her head low and looked only at the rose in her hand. “Arsenal, thank you for finding Luo Bing for me. Your coming-of-age ceremony is starting soon. Now, let Luo Bing keep me company."

“Get lost!” I roared.

“Alright.” Arsenal walked past me right away. As her blonde hair fluttered past my face, she murmured, “I’m sorry.”

I gazed at her, feeling complicated. Furrowing my eyebrows, I looked away.

Arsenal really left. She walked down the pathway alone as the sunlight poured over her lonely shadow. I watched as she walked away.

“I always thought you would like Arsenal.” Xing Chuan gripped the back of my neck tightly again, just like how someone would hold a kitten by its neck. “Because you asked if I would marry Arsenal.” Xing Chuan’s voice was cold. He’d finally revealed the other side of himself.

The second his voice grew deep, Sharjah had reined back his smile and taken a step back. His reaction seemed like an instinctive, fearful reverence towards death itself.

Blue Charm lowered her face too. Even the light-hearted Gale lowered his head and stood closely next to Sharjah.

“If you want to speak, then speak properly. Can you stop touching me?!” I extended my hand to shove his chest. *Pak!* Suddenly, I felt a human breeze blowing my fringe before my hand was locked in Gale’s grip. He narrowed his eyes and said, “Don’t be ridiculous!”

*Pak!* A hand moved swiftly before me, whipping up a gust of cold wind. Xing Chuan had hit Gale on his face.

Gale’s body stiffened and he quickly let go of my hand.

I was surprised.

Xing Chuan retracted his hand and looked at Gale coldly. “Didn’t you hear what I said? Don’t touch him.” A gentle remark, yet it contained a dignity that allowed no disobedience.

“Yes!” Gale immediately stood straight and lowered his head.

Sharjah and Blue Charm didn’t lift up their heads, but they had tensed after Xing Chuan’s slap.

“Don’t worry. I am here and no one will touch you.” Xing Chuan suddenly spoke gently again. I had yet to come back to reality after he’d slapped Gale.

Xing Chuan slowly bent down, coming closer to my face. “How I treat you… isn’t it better than how Noah City treats you? You will slowly realize who is truly good to you.”

I turned away and didn’t want to speak.

“Bing!” Suddenly, Raffles called hastily. I quickly looked up, only to see Raffles glaring furiously at Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan slowly straightened by my side. He didn’t hold me so I immediately ran to Raffles. “Raffles!”

Raffles ran towards me too. He spread his arms to pull me into his embrace. I hugged him tightly while he held me back just as firmly. “Are you okay?” He carefully caressed the back of my head. I shook my head in his arms.

“Let’s go.”


He let go of me and clasped my hand in his. 

“Luo Bing?” Xing Chuan called gently from behind. My body instantly stiffened. “Arsenal told you to keep me company.”

I immediately knitted my eyebrows.

“We will keep you company together,” Raffles said in a deep voice. He looked at me and nodded.

Raffles and I turned around to face Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan was still wearing a charming and friendly smile. “That’s good. I’d like to see Raffles’ recent invention.”

Standing at the side, Gale, Sharjah and Blue Charm were surprised and tensed when they saw Raffles and I holding hands together. Sharjah blinked and looked away. “Cough.

Gale continued to watch blankly while Blue Charm seemed to understand and lowered her head to avoid looking at us.

Xing Chuan walked towards us and smiled at Raffles. “Raffles, the technology in Silver Moon City can provide you with better support.”

“Are you serious?!” Raffles suddenly became excited. I tightened my grip on his hand at once, stunning him. He looked at me while I glared at Xing Chuan coldly. Xing Chuan smiled. “Can you bring me to your lab?”

“Sure.” Raffles turned to walk over to Xing Chuan. I let go of his hand and followed him. As we moved on, I could only stare at Xing Chuan’s back with rage.

Xing Chuan’s black robe showed off his trim figure with each step.

Xing Chuan chatted with Raffles as they walked. When he smiled at Raffles, he would glance at me out of the corner of his eyes with murderous intentions. However, whenever one tried to catch his eye, he would be smiling at Raffles. It was as though that murderous intention of his didn’t exist.

I was worried that Raffles would be bought over by Xing Chuan. Xing Chuan was too good at winning over people’s hearts. He could easily break Raffles’ defence line by offering Silver Moon City’s technology. Raffles would let his initial guard down when Xing Chuan introduced Silver Moon City’s technology to him.


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