Book 4: Chapter 13 - You Are Who I Want

However, merely turning wheat to roses would be too weak as a superpower. Frankly it seemed impossible for Silver Moon City’s lofty His Highness Xing Chuan to only be able to turn wheat into roses; it would simply be the biggest joke. 

Metahumans’ superpowers manifested in different degrees, and some could be developed further than others. Take shape-changing type mutants as an example, some shape-shifters could only take on a specific shape. For instance, Pink Baby could only turn into a girl, while some other shape-changing might only be able to turn into a jaguar.

Likewise, there were some mutants who could change into many other shapes. Since such mutants were few in number, they were seen as more powerful. 

Hence, Xing Chuan’s superpower should be similar to shape-changing. Although he wasn’t changing his own shape, his power could possibly be to change plants’ shapes.

Arsenal slowly opened her eyes, and gazed upon the rose in her hand for very long. She was wearing a bashful smile. Yet after a while, her smile slowly faded and she lowered her face as she said gently, “Follow me.” Then, she turned and continued to walk forward.

Xing Chuan smiled and nodded. Then, he continued to follow next to Arsenal. However, Arsenal was no longer smiling.

Sharjah and Gale quickly caught up, but there seemed to be a strange shift in their attitudes after they’d exchanged a glance. Now they were careful and alert. As though they were preparing to hunt down their prey under the lead of their alpha wolf.

Blue Charm placed her hand on the holster on her waist as she followed closely at Xing Chuan’s other side. Her alert expression made it seem as though she was making sure no other woman could approach her Xing Chuan.

Oh no. They will be at our greenhouse if they continue forward!

Xing Chuan will see the sunflower!

However, even if he saw the sunflower, he wouldn’t be able to prove that it was the one that He Lei had given me.

As they got closer, I instinctively went on alert. I couldn’t help but place my hand over my waist, only to be stunned because I’d never carried my weapon when walking around Noah City.

But why would I suddenly be on my guard?

The greenhouse slowly appeared in front. The white apple flowers tinted with pink looked extremely eye-catching against the black wheat field.

“It’s so beautiful.” The beauty of the apple tree flowers made the usually cool Blue Charm let down her guard. Sharjah was right about every girl having their own kind of beauty. Blue Charm was very beautiful, especially her brilliant blue hair that made her stand out from everyone else.

Xing Chuan stopped to look at the greenhouse. The sunflower in the greenhouse had yet to bloom. It stood there like an arrogant child, its stem proudly straight under the sunlight without leaning against any nearby trees.

But at its side, there was a small sapling leaning towards  it. It was the orange sapling that we’d fought against the robot from Silver Moon City for.

“Gale, isn’t that the orange that you lost?” Sharjah teased Gale.

I was surprised. There had really been someone controlling the robot. I’d never thought that it would be Gale. Was that why he’d come here with Xing Chuan? He’d actually come to see Harry who’d defeated him and to seize the opportunity to pick a fight again?

Gale’s face instantly grew dark. The young man who had been wearing a beautiful smile earlier instantly released a malicious vibe. The sunny-looking young man was actually not a person you would want to pick a fight with.

Sharjah continued to smile.

Gale gave him a glum look. “I’ll find a chance to win it back! Humph!

“We came here today as guests. Don’t carry such an imposing manner.” Blue Charm rolled her eyes at Gale again. The way she treated Gale was like an elder sister disdaining her own younger brother. “Harry is the strongest metahuman in Noah City after all.”

Pfft.” Gale crossed his arms on his chest in denial. “What ‘strongest metahuman’, I think that’s just a rumor. It’d been the two of them against one of me the other day. It was unfair!”

“Harry is the strongest metahuman in Noah City!” Arsenal suddenly lifted her head from the rose and looked at Gale darkly. “Metahumans have superpowers that might counter each other. Your superpower might not be the same type as Harry’s. However, if you don’t use superpowers, you’ll definitely not be Harry’s match.”

Arsenal’s stern reply revealed the dignity of the Princess of Noah City, not allowing anyone to doubt Noah City’s metahumans.

Gale turned away resentfully. He’d definitely come here just to pick a fight. However, if he dared to do so for real, I was certain that I would be able to make him regret it. 

Metahumans had different superpowers and some might even restrict each other. Hence, it was difficult to compare and determine who was stronger or weaker. However, the one who could fully utilize his superpower would definitely be the stronger one.

Hence, there were many metahumans who would be simply nothing without their superpowers.

“Harry’s superpower is very strong. I’ve been thinking highly of him all this while,” Xing Chuan spoke. At his words, Gale suddenly became obedient. I could faintly feel that Xing Chuan’s men were actually afraid of Xing Chuan. Maybe, they also knew about the other side of Xing Chuan, like I did.

Sharjah smiled and nodded. “We in Silver Moon City have always thought highly of the metahumans of Noach City. We once invited Harry to Silver Moon City too but he hadn’t been willing to come. I believe that as long as he is willing to, His Highness would definitely bring him up to Silver Moon City.” Sharjah smiled at Arsenal.

Arsenal smiled faintly and admired the rose in her hand again. Her beautiful eyes began to look absent-minded.

Sharjah wanted to speak but Xing Chuan raised his hand to stop him. It became unusually quiet. Xing Chuan seemed to be waiting for Arsenal to speak patiently in silence.

Arsenal’s expression became more and more depressed. Finally, she bit her lips and said, “Walk till the end and you will find the person that you are looking for.” Just as she muttered in a low voice, my head instantly began to buzz.

*Buzz.* My head went blank. Arsenal has betrayed me.

“Thank you, Arsenal. You made the right choice.” I faintly heard Xing Chuan’s voice. He smiled and walked past Arsenal, his black hair gently fluttering in the air.

Arsenal looked at Little Carl with great guilt. “I’m sorry. I know you have been watching. You belong to a broader sky. You once said that you aren’t against going to Silver Moon City since that place can make you stronger.”

My heart beat strongly against my chest. The heavy rock that had been pressing on my heart became weightier. I sat heavily on my seat and took deep breaths. My eyebrows were tightly knitted.

Arsenal, do you really think this will be good for me?

To send me to Silver Moon City? To put me in Xing Chuan’s hands?

“Hey! You should feel honored!” Gale’s face spread over the screen and I glared at him coldly. He grinned happily but there was coldness in his narrowed eyes. “There has never been anyone who made our Highness unable to forget them for a whole year. But I think you’re just so-so. What tactic did you use to deceive our Highness?!”

“Gale! His Highness wouldn’t pick the wrong person. Anyone who His Highness picks must be very strong,” Sharjah rebuked him sternly. 

Pfft.” Gale stood up and looked at Sharjah in disdain. “Have you seen Luo Bing before? I have seen him. Isn’t he that person who fought me over the seed with Harry?”

I instantly looked at Gale. Could it be that they already knew that that was me?

“You knew long ago that Luo Bing is in Noah City?” Arsenal looked at Gale in surprise.

Humph.” Gale let out a light chuckle. “If it wasn’t because I lost, our Highness wouldn’t have paid attention to you.”

Arsenal clenched her rose and looked down. “Why didn’t you come back then?”

“Because our Highness needed to calm himself down, in case…” Gale narrowed his eyes, “... he destroys Noah City by accident.”

Fear instantly flashed across Arsenal’s expression.

“You have so much nonsense to say!” Blue Charm suddenly came forward to nudge Gale. Sharjah held his forehead and shook his head. Blue Charm rolled her eyes at Gale. “Our Highness is gentle and kind. Why would he do such a thing?” Blue Charm sounded impatient, like she was trying to cover up an obvious truth.

Stunned, Gale immediately covered his mouth, a flash of panic and anxiety running across his eyes.

Sharjah chuckled and looked at him. “Now you know how to be afraid? Be quiet when you’re out in the future.”

Gale covered his mouth and let out a muffled reply, “Oh.”

Arsenal’s face was pale. She lowered her head slightly to look at the rose in her hand. Forcing a smile, she said, “Yeah, His Highness Xing Chuan is so gentle and kind. He wouldn’t do such a thing.”

Blue Charm looked at her, a flash of sadness crossing her emerald eyes. That sadness was strange, as though she was sighing over how she was in the same situation as someone like Arsenal. She looked away, her arrogance replaced with disappointment.

“And…” Arsenal’s eyes gradually turned dim. She lifted her head to give Sharjah and Gale with a sombre look. “If you were to fight against Luo Bing, you might not live!”

Arsenal’s extremely sombre remark and gloomy vibe instantly deterred Sharjah and the conceited Gale. Gale was stunned as Arsenal glared at them coldly and turned away.

Arsenal’s unexpected imposing bearing made Blue Charm’s eyes twinkle in surprise at how the bashful and gentle Princess had a different side to her.

I slowly calmed down in the capsule. Elder Alufa and the others had definitely contributed to Arsenal’s decision. It was such a huge decision that Arsenal definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it on her own. She had definitely been supported by Elder Alufa or maybe it had been Elder Alufa’s decision in the first place.

That was why Arsenal had told me to put on man’s clothes that day. That was why Elder Alufa had told me to forgive Arsenal. That was why Arsenal had directed Harry elsewhere.

*Swoosh!* The door behind me opened and the screen before me disappeared. I clenched the armrest.

My heart tightened  as I heard the approaching footsteps. He slowly walked before me, his black robe filling my sight.

He didn’t speak nor did I look up at him. But I knew that his eagle eyes were staring at the top of my head.

“You blocked my view,” I said coldly.

Humph,” he humphed coldly and turned away. I stood up and walked past him. Stopping at the observatory window, I looked afar. “You are so insincere. You should have given Arsenal nine hundred and ninety-nine roses.”

Suddenly, there was a burst of breeze and an arm slammed past my face against the observatory window in front of me. I moved my shoulder sideways and someone pressed on it harshly so that I couldn’t leave. I was instantly overwhelmed by an intense murderous will.

“No one had ever made me think of them for one whole year,” he whispered into my ears as he pressed on my back, leaning his face close to mine. His hoarse voice sounded as though he was suppressing the urge to kill me.


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