Book 4: Chapter 12 - Xing Chuan’s Superpower

Arsenal smiled faintly by his side and reminded softly, “Your Highness Xing Chuan, in front is our ecology zone. Please follow me.”

Xing Chuan smiled at me. The coldness in his eyes felt like the greed of a beast locking its gaze upon its prey. It sent chills down my spine. Was it an illusion? Why do I have a bad feeling? It’s like Xing Chuan… knows that I am here.

I got terribly upset.

I connected a call to the meeting room. Elder Alufa, Uncle Mason, Sis Ceci and Raffles were all there.

“Oh, Xiao Bing, you hid so far away! Hahaha…” Elder Alufa laughed.

However, Uncle Mason turned away as though he didn’t want me to see his face while Sis Ceci quickly turned around too. What’s wrong? Uncle Mason who is always light-hearted looks solemn. Sis Ceci… why is she avoiding me?

Raffles seemed confused about their unusual behavior too.

“Elder Alufa, you know that Arsenal likes Xing Chuan. Are you intentionally giving them a chance to cultivate their feelings?” I couldn’t help but ask. I was frustrated to see the b*stard flirting with Arsenal. Wouldn’t it just make Arsenal fall harder for him?!

Elder Alufa flashed an unfathomable smile. “If Noah City and Silver Moon City could unite through marriage, it’d be great.”

The old man really had the idea!

My face grew glum. “Elder, how could you sacrifice Arsenal?!”

“Is this a sacrifice, Xiao Bing?” Elder Alufa suddenly became solemn. It was his first time speaking to me so solemnly. “Arsenal does like Xing Chuan. Even if she didn’t like him, it would be her obligation to make sacrifices for Noah City because she is the Princess.”

His reply of “because she is the Princess” made me have no words to respond with.

The title ‘Princess’ was also a shackle. Just like the emperors back where I’d come from, who had lost too much freedom because of their title.

Raffles, who was sitting next to Elder Alufa, knitted his eyebrows and lowered his head.

“Plus, feelings, can be cultivated slowly…” Elder Alufa retuned to his playful self and chuckled. “How are things between you and Raffles?”

“Elder Alufa?!” Raffles blushed hard. “We are fine, don’t worry about us.” I reckoned Raffles was worried that I would be embarrassed so he hastily replied first.

“How could I not be worried? Xiao Bing is meant to do great things. Noah City isn’t suitable for her. She has to go to a bigger place. By then, what can you do? Raffles, I am worried that you’d be all alone…” Elder Alufa abruptly choked with sobs. He held Raffles’ shoulder as though he was about to start wailing in tears.

I rolled my eyes speechlessly. Elder Alufa liked to act too much. “Elder Alufa, I wouldn’t go.”

“Xiao Bing.” Elder Alufa suddenly shed his superb acting skill and looked at me solemnly. “You are like the birds. You need to spread your wings and fly. You need a bigger sky, instead of staying in the bird’s cage like Arsenal. Xiao Bing, no matter what Arsenal does, she is doing it for your own good. I hope you can forgive her.” Alufa’s voice suddenly became deep. Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci looked at me simultaneously, their gazes complicated.

Raffles looked at them suspiciously. Faint insecurity surfaced in his grayish-blue gaze.

I looked at them even more confusedly. “What’s wrong with all of you today? Why are you acting so strange?”

Elder Alufa smiled at me. “Xiao Bing, you belong to the world. We can’t selfishly monopolize you.” Then, Elder Alufa ended the connection, leaving me confused and insecure.

My heartbeat began to speed up as I was filled with foreboding. I began to feel a heavy weight on my chest. There’s something going on today. They are hiding something from me!

Especially that last part. Why did he ask me to forgive Arsenal?

“Harry, the banquet hall needs some help. Bring Khai and the boys to help,” Arsenal said to Harry.

I glanced at the image on the other side. Arsenal was leading them to our black wheat field.

Harry gave Xing Chuan a smile then looked down at Little Carl. His gaze fell upon my face. “Little Carl, watch them closely. Don’t let them wander around to pry out Noah City’s secret.”

Pfft. What secrets would you have for us to pry?!” Gale replied in disdain. He seemed to have something against Harry.

Harry glanced at Gale as though he was looking down at a childish kid. He humphed and brought Khai and the guys with him.

“Your black wheat is very famous in many cities.” Xing Chuan suddenly spoke. He pulled a tuft of black wheat and looked at as gently as if it was his beloved woman. “It has a strong life force. It is suitable for all kinds of soil and it grows well. Although it tastes bad, it is no doubt the greatest invention in the world. Raffles would leave a mark in history.” 

Go away!

My Raffles doesn’t need you to comment on him.

“But he isn’t perfect enough. He isn’t adequate for Silver Moon City…” Xing Chuan slowly lifted his head, his smooth lips smirking under the bright sunlight. The black ear of wheat dropped on the tip of his nose as the golden sunlight poured over him. His black robe was shimmering in warm golden light under the sun.

Suddenly, the black wheat was tainted with a brilliant redness. The wheat in his hand began to change in shape. An ear of wheat slowly transformed into a red flower petal from the middle outwards. In the blink of an eye, a rose had slowly bloomed in his hand!

Blue Charm and Arsenal looked fascinated. They stared at Xing Chuan who was now holding a rose under the sunlight. He continued to look up, raising the rose to his nose before he took a whiff. The original black had instantly turned into red, marking a strong contrast to his black robe and stimulating one’s heart. He stood there beautifully like a painting.

*Pak!* He plucked the rose gently and placed it before Arsenal. Arsenal stared at him, lovestruck. She could no longer hide her feelings, revealing all entirely before Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan maintained his smile. “Arsenal, I know that you like roses.”

Arsenal couldn’t hold back her excitement as she lifted her dress and bowed politely. Raising her hand to take the rose that Xing Chuan held out to her, she closed her eyes and smelled it.

B*stard! B*stard! B*stard!

The b*stard used such an outdated method to capture Arsenal!

If it was me, I would have definitely torn it into pieces on the spot. I would have thrown it on the floor and stepped on it!

I took a deep breath to calm myself down. Looking at my best friend falling for the b*stard’s gentleness, I was furious. However, I couldn’t tell that to Arsenal because she’d rather fall for the beautiful illusion before her, even though she knew the truth deep down.

But, how had Xing Chuan done it?

I looked at the wheat. It was really gone. Hence, it proved that it hadn’t been mere magic tricks when Xing Chuan had turned it into a rose; it had been his superpower. His superpower was to turn wheat into roses.


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