Book 1: Chapter 28 - Pretend To Be Deaf

“Waifu! Waifu! Don’t ignore me! I apologize to you!” Harry followed closely. He is so annoying. Everyone was looking at him and laughing secretly. He even pointed at the others and said, “All of you don’t fight with me. This is my wife.”

“Harry!” Raffles pulled Harry and said, “Stop pestering Anlee! She has finally calmed down!”

Harry was held back by Raffles, while I sped up to blend in with the crowd. But Harry shouted, “Waifu! Waifu! Raffles! Let me go! Waifu!”

I sped up even more, but the people around me gradually dispersed; they either entered the cabins that were like their homes, or they walked elsewhere.


I heard Harry’s voice once again. I saw that there was another platform by the side and I immediately jumped over it. I hugged my knees as I leaned against the chilly metal wall. I was very annoyed and I couldn’t imagine having to live together with such an annoying person.

But, where else can I go?

I saw that this world was very barren when I was on Xing Chuan’s spaceship. There wasn't a mountain or lake in sight. If I were to leave this city, I might not even live for more than three days.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps over the platform and they came to a stop right above me. It wouldn’t be Harry, right? He’s such a pain in the ass.

“Xue Gie.” It was Sharjah’s voice from above the platform. He did not get any reply, except silence. Then, Sharjah spoke again, “Will you return to Silver Moon City with me?”

“No,” the reply was quick this time. I could tell it was Xue Gie’s voice. Once again I heard footsteps, as someone left the platform. I saw Xue Gie’s cold back, when she passed by the walkway.

I see. Sharjah is trying to poach. This further verifies that Xue Gie is a very powerful metahuman, due to which she has caught Silver Moon City’s attention. She is definitely not an ordinary metahuman.

“Don’t waste your energy. Xue Gie wouldn’t leave Noah City,” Suddenly, it was Xing Chuan’s cold voice. He seemed to have no interest in Xue Gie. Dang, why would it be him!? I subconsciously pulled the hood over my head.

“But I think she has great potential,” Sharjah’s voice sounded gentle.

“You like her?”

“No, your Highness must be joking,” It looked like Sharjah was panicking. Hey, hey, hey! Isn’t it too obvious? Even I could tell, let alone Xing Chuan, the mind reader.

“Your Highness, why are you here?” Sharjah was obviously trying to change the topic.

“It is very annoying up there, so I came down for a break,” Xing Chuan sounded as though he was moody.

“The thruster in the escape pod was damaged. He shouldn’t be far from here.”

“No one can escape from Xing Chuan’s hands!”

*Bang!* Someone slammed the railing of the platform heavily. “Sharjah, you have to find Luo Bing. I want him.”

Shh! His Highness Xing Chuan from Silver Moon City is very serious. I think Luo Bing is in big trouble.” The way Sharjah joked about my situation, sent chills down my spine. From Sharjah’s tone, it sounded like offending Xing Chuan was equivalent to receiving death through torture.

“But Your Highness, we already searched through three cities. According to geographical location, Noah City is the most possible place. Where can Luo Bing hide?”

There was a deep breath, “Phew… I feel that this city has its secrets."

“Your Highness, every city has its secrets.”

Humph! That’s right. For Silver Moon City, all of them have secrets."

“There are not many people in Noah City. I have already sent people to investigate. Our detector can find every human in these buildings. As long as there is someone who hides intentionally, then that person must be Luo Bing. The moment we find Luo Bing, we will be able to find the escape pod.”


F*ck… No wonder Military Instructor Ceci told me to stand among the crowd. As Xing Chuan didn’t know that I am a girl, he wouldn’t be able to tell that I am Luo Bing even if he saw me in person. Luckily, I didn’t hide.

“Your Highness, are you sure that Luo Bing is not a metahuman?”

Shh…” Suddenly, Xing Chuan signalled Sharjah to stop talking. There was some movement above me and I could hear the footsteps descending the platform. I turned around anxiously, and became highly alert when I heard footsteps right behind me.

“It’s a girl!? How long has she been here!?” Sharjah exclaimed in surprise.  Obviously, it would have been an unwise choice to run away at that moment. I suddenly thought of Raffles!

I was originally sitting on the ground hugging my knees. So wouldn’t it seem rather natural if I were to draw on the ground?

“Who are you? Hurry up and get up!” Sharjah roared. I continued to draw on the ground. I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you.

“Sharjah, you must be gentle with girls,” Xing Chuan spoke softly. However, I felt that he wasn’t gentle in his tone at all, as there was a tinge of chilliness in his smirk. He was just like a poisonous snake who would smile and approach you in a deceiving manner.

“Your Highness, I don’t think she can hear us.”

“Oh? She’s deaf.” I heard someone leap down and land behind me. I continued to draw on the ground. Then, someone pulled my hood back, and my body stiffened. I immediately replied in my girly voice, “Don’t disturb me! I am calculating the sun’s angle! I have finally found a place without any people. Go away!” I pulled down my hood and covered my hair.

“Heh, Your Highness, this girl seems to be hot-tempered. You’d better not disturb her,” Sharjah joked.

Humph… You know I like to disturb hot-tempered people the most.” Suddenly, a hand was getting close to the left side of my face, and it put something next to my ear!

“Waifu! You are here!” Suddenly, Harry landed in front of me as he looked behind me in shock. Instantly, the hand next to my ear slowly moved away, and Harry reined back his suspicious look. He immediately ran to me and pulled me, “Waifu! Don’t run around, you can’t hear and I won’t be able to find you! Waifu! Look at my lips!” He cupped my face through the hood. He looked extremely serious and slowed down his lip movement as he said, “Don’t, run, around, there, are, outsiders.”

I looked at him, and I was stunned for a while. I thought to myself and I realized that I admired the annoying Harry at that moment. He was too good at acting. That very moment, I gave my full cooperation in front of the enemy. I blinked and said, “Oh. Is it dangerous?” I asked clearly so that the person behind me could definitely hear that I was a girl!

Harry pursed his lips and nodded with an exaggerated solemn expression when he answered, “Very, dangerous.”

“Let’s go home then,” I quickly replied.

“That’s my good girl,” Harry seized the chance to pinch my face, and I glared at him.

He pretended that he couldn’t see the scene behind me very clearly and asked,” Your Highness, what did you put near my wife’s ear earlier? Are you trying to heal her ear!?”

There was silence from behind me. Was he surprised at Harry’s arrival and the fact that I was deaf?

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