Book 4: Chapter 11 - Xing Chuan’s Gaze

Although she wasn’t smiling, it felt different from Xue Gie’s expressionlessness. She was cold, she was a goddess, she was unfriendly. Glancing around, she walked past Arsenal to stand by the spaceship’s door, revealing the arrogance of a lioness meeting another lioness. She rolled her eyes at Gale who was wandering around. “Gale! Can you not embarrass Silver Moon City?!”

Gale smiled and instantly returned to the girl’s side. His movement generated a breeze that made the girl’s bright blue hair flutter.

I was surprised. This young man named Gale is a speed metahuman too? No wonder Xing Chuan didn’t force He Lei to return with him back then. Turns out that he already has a similar young man with him.

“Sis Blue Charm, I think the Princess of Noah City isn’t as beautiful as you are,” the young man named Gale said directly. He sounded more like he was sucking up to her.

Arsenal furrowed her eyebrows slightly. The people in Noah City began to whisper into one another’s ears, looking upset.

“Who says so?! Our Princess is more beautiful!” Mosie and the other boys were irritated but Khai and William held them back.

Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci didn’t look happy about it too.

“Shut up!” Blue Charm scolded Gale for being annoying.

Sharjah smiled and bowed before Arsenal elegantly. “Princess Arsenal is beautiful and mature. Girls are like flowers - they are all beautiful in their own ways. Arsenal, I hope you won’t take what Gale said to heart.”

Arsenal smiled. “Major Sharjah is so well-spoken. You know how to win a girl’s heart.”

Sharjah loosened the tension with just a few sentences without offending either girl. He really was a diplomat.

Then, Sharjah and Blue Charm straightened their posture. Even the annoying Gale stood obediently.

Just then, a figure walked out of the cabin and stood under the sunlight.

He’d grown taller, his appearance more imposing than before, his long black hair reaching down to his waist. Two locks of hair from both sides of his face were tied back in a bun behind his head, held in place with a silver-black hair accessory. A finger’s length-long black hairpin pierced through the middle of the bun, completing the look.

He was wearing a gentle and friendly smile while dressed in a long black robe, which was shimmering with silver starlight under the sun’s rays. A floral pattern played faintly across the robe’s surface.

His long robe had been made in a slim cut with a silky texture, hugging his body and revealing his figure. His chest muscles were faintly visible under his shirt, giving off a seductive vibe. A person who didn’t have a nice body figure wouldn’t have dared to put it on because its material would completely reveal one’s body figure. 

A silver necklace hung before his chest. The pendant was a silver moon embellished with crystals like stars, just like the star gemstones that Harry had given me. The necklace made the black robe look less dull, while also making him seem more approachable. Yet he also looked like a king who dominated over blackness itself, so aloof and high above all that you couldn’t move your gaze away from him.

He looked more mature than he’d been a year ago, like an adult man who had come into his own, full of manly charm.

Xing Chuan walked off the spaceship with a smile as he fixed a gentle gaze upon Arsenal. That gaze of his could make any girl’s heart race and cheeks blush as they would mistake it for a loving gaze.

B*stard Xing Chuan!

“Arsenal, you look beautiful today.” A compliment given in a gentle voice. Truly, he could make almost every girl leap into his embrace.

Still the same b*stard Xing Chuan!

Arsenal lowered her face, the corner of her lips lifting subconsciously. “Your Highness Xing Chuan, you are good looking yourself,” Arsenal said bashfully.

Elder Alufa smiled.

Blue Charm and Sharjah exchanged a glance and followed behind Xing Chuan. Gale quickly followed behind, although he continued to look around.

“Your Highness Xing Chuan, please come in.” Elder Alufa beckoned.

“Sure.” His Highness Xing Chuan bent his elbow and offered his arm to Arsenal like a gentleman. “Let’s go.”

Arsenal blushed slightly and held Xing Chuan’s arm. Xing Chuan smiled and followed behind Elder Alufa.

“Don’t mind him, Blue Charm. You know that there aren’t many girls who can resist his charm,” Gale said softly next to Blue Charm. Blue Charm blushed and looked away.

I immediately felt unhappy. I wasn’t unhappy because Arsenal had a love rival; that much was within expectations. I was unhappy because there were too many blinded outstanding girls who liked Xing Chuan!

I didn’t know what Elder Alufa was thinking. He’d actually allowed Arsenal to bring Xing Chuan to look around Noah City on her own. Any wise person would have been able to tell that Arsenal liked Xing Chuan. Did Elder Alufa think that Xing Chuan would marry Arsenal? Would Silver Moon City and Noah City unite in an alliance through marriage?

“Noah City has gone through quite the makeover,” Xing Chuan smiled and said.

“To welcome His Highness Xing Chuan.” Arsenal was still bashful.

Behind them were Sharjah, Blue Charm and Gale.

Harry watched them closely, along with the members of the scouting troop.

Sharjah looked left and right, then at Harry. “Captain Harry, may I ask where Xue Gie is?”

Harry smirked and answered, “Xue Gie is married. Her husband is our Bill.” Harry then draped his arm over Bill’s neck while Bill stared at Sharjah with a glum look.

Sharjah smiled faintly. When he turned away, his face was gloomy.

As expected, a b*stard’s man would be a b*stard too. 

Sharjah suddenly looked in my direction. He was looking at Little Carl. “This robot is well built. Raffles built it?”

“Major Sharjah…” Harry walked next to Sharjah and draped his arm over his shoulder. “You wouldn’t be interested in our Raffles, right? Is there no one else in Silver Moon City? Why are you aiming at Noah City’s people all the time?”

Sharjah smiled in reply but his smile seemed insincere.

“Who’s interested in your people? Pfft.” Gale rolled his eyes at Harry and looked away in disdain.

Sharjah’s words had caught Blue Charm’s attention. The moment she saw Little Carl, her arrogance vanished. She bent down happily to pet Little Carl. “So cute!”

“Don’t touch me!” Little Carl brusquely replied, just like how I would have responded.

I held my forehead. Little Carl was indeed raised by me.

Suddenly, Xing Chuan stopped and turned to look down at Little Carl. His gaze pierced Little Carl’s eyes, seemingly landing upon my face through the camera. At once I tensed up instinctively like I’d been threatened.

When Sharjah and Blue Charm had looked at Little Carl, their gazes hadn’t landed on my face. Why did Xing Chuan’s gaze pierce Little Carl’s and fall upon my face directly?

He smiled at me. “This is a robot of marked individuality. I’d like to see its owner.”

Humph…” Harry smirked maliciously and walked up to Xing Chuan. “I’m sorry. Its owner… is me.” Harry pointed at himself smugly.


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